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088: Upgrade Your Appreciation


Today’s show is about appreciation…. but not in the way you’ve heard about appreciation before! I share my morning routine with appreciation so you can hear how it really works and see how it may make you feel.

This quick episode is great for anyone that wants to raise their vibration of happiness and appreciation in the morning or someone who wants to shift or implement their current routine.

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Welcome to the art of living day. I’m your host, Betsy Pake. And this podcast is designed to share interviews and new ideas to help you redefine what could be possible for your life. Now, let’s go live big. everybody. Welcome to the show. All right. So today I wanted to do this show, because I met with a girlfriend this morning, we went out for coffee, I hadn’t seen her, like in a couple years, and we got talking about morning routines. And I was saying that several years ago, probably three or four years ago, I had a very specific morning routine that I did, right. So I would get up, I would feed my dogs, you know, that whole rigmarole. And then I would read for 20 minutes, I would meditate, I would visualize, like I had these very strict and structured way of doing things. Now at that time of my life, I was pretty strict and structured about lots of things. And that’s okay, that’s the season I was at in my life. But since then, I’ve learned a little bit more, I’ve learned to relax a little bit about things. And I’ve learned that things that make me happy, may not always be the same every single day. And I was doing that morning routine, so that I would get happy, right? So that I would be doing something that would be helping me that I would be learning something new every day, all of those things, which are super important. But every day, it really changes for me. And so I wanted to talk about that a little bit. Because the way that I do one thing in particular, sort of surprised her. And I thought, in a good way surprised her in a good way. And I thought I’m gonna share that with you guys. Because maybe you’ve heard of this thing that I’m going to tell you about, but you don’t do it in the way that I do. And maybe the way that I do could help you. Okay, so here’s the thing. So now in the morning, when I wake up, I get up and I do my deal with my animals and feed them and all of that stuff. But instead of having like a super structured like I read, I do this, I meditate, blah, blah, blah, I really do the next right thing that feels good, because my goal every morning is to get in a really happy place. So that when I start work, I have energy behind it, that comes from a place of alignment and joy and happiness. So I was telling her that I will not record a podcast if I’m not feeling happy. That’s what comes sometimes my podcasts come out on Tuesdays and sometimes Wednesdays and sometimes. I mean, I think a couple weeks ago, there was even one that came out on a Saturday morning, because I wait until I feel really good. Now I have the flexibility to be able to do that, right? Because it’s my podcast is my show. But my point was I wait until the energy behind it is really what I want it to be. Okay, so here’s the thing that I do that’s different. We talked about gratitude. And I think that gratitude is

underappreciated. I also think that people may do gratitude in a way that doesn’t really bring them the full amount of joy that it could. So back in the day, when I was really structured, I would write down 10 things I was happy for typically, it would be about 10, you know, eight to 15 things that I was happy for. And I would write down stuff like I’m really grateful for my animals, I’m grateful for their love. Like I’m grateful that my daughter’s healthy, like those kinds of things which are true, like I am grateful for all those things. And then I get to the point where I would write, like, I would get a notebook and I would write like an entire page or even two pages, like I would just write and I like you’ve heard me talk about this weirdly before. But I like writing with pens, right? So it felt good to write with pens. Anyway, what I realized was that it was good. It was making me feel good. It was also it felt a little bit limiting. Now I’m a big abraham hicks listener, if you’ve listened to my episodes on law of attraction, you’ve heard about Abraham Hicks. But one of the things that Abraham talks about his rampages of appreciation. And so what I started to do is something a little bit different. And what I wanted to do is actually do it for you on the show, so that you can hear how it goes. Now I did this for my girlfriend this morning when we were drinking coffee. And she said oh my gosh, this raised my level of energy and my level of vibration just listening to you. So maybe it’ll do that for you too, which would be pretty cool. So here’s what I do. So I get up in the morning I deal with my dogs I get my coffee and for me this is part of the ritual of like feeling in the moment I make for SIG Matic mushroom coffee with lards lyrids Coffee superfood coffee creamer. Okay, so that’s just what I like in the morning. After I feed my dogs and I let them out, I go out. And I put bird seed out on my deck for the birds. Now I do it very it’s very redneck I just put it on my railing in my on my deck because I can see it from my kitchen window. Okay, so I got the bird seed out there, I got my coffee, which is yummy, and I feel good. And this is what I do. So I’m so happy that the birds are able to get their food this morning. Oh, I love that I’m able to feed the birds, I like that I’m able to give them food for their bellies. So I like that I’m able to buy food that I can share with the birds. And then I’m actually feeding them every morning. I like that I have such a big bag of birds eat. I like that I’m not going to run out anytime soon, I’m grateful that I got such a good deal on the bird seed. I really like being able to feed the birds and having my animals be able to watch from the window. I like the sounds that they make. I like that there’s so much more activity in my backyard. I really like that the birds and the squirrels start to come I like to see all the different kinds of birds, I didn’t realize there were so many different kinds of birds out there. I like that there’s little birds, I like when I can try to identify the birds and give them names. It makes me laugh to be able to name the birds. I like that I’m able to watch the birds from my kitchen window and have my coffee and I like how the coffee feels on my hands. I like having the warm cup in my hand. And I really like that I’m having the mushroom coffee because it doesn’t have as much caffeine. And I really like the thought of putting something in my body that is, is good for it with the superfood, the Laird superfood that feels really good. I like taking care of myself, it feels really good to be able to take care of myself, I like that I’m able to create a morning ritual where all of the animals and the birds and me are all connected in this way I like being able to participate in this, it feels really good to be connected. I really like the thought of being part of nature and being part of this whole system where they’re getting to eat. I really like the sound. I like that I could close my eyes and feel this feel the sound of the birds in my ears. I really like how the different sounds that they make. I like hearing them in the trees. I like that my dogs get really excited when they hear them. I like that my cat can watch from the table and see all that activity outside. I like that they seem entertained. I like that they seem to be really energetic and focused in on something. I like that there’s so much activity and I like that I can go about my day and I can still hear the birds. I like that more animals. Now. I could keep going and going and going. But this is what I do for about 20 minutes. So whereas before I would write, I really like feeding the birds in the morning, do you see how that feeding the birds really, there was so much more to appreciate there. Like it was so much deeper, there was so much more to get into so much more that I really appreciated that I may not have even really recognized, like it may have been there underneath. But I wasn’t consciously bringing it to the surface at all. So I go around my house in the morning. And that’s how I do everything. That’s how I do my appreciation. So my appreciation may last, you know, 20 minutes, it might be all when I’m getting ready in the morning, it might be when I’m sitting down at my desk to do my podcast, like I have this candle here. And I really love how the candle smells. And I love the container that it is in I love that it looks sort of marbleized I love when that candle is gone, then I’m able to put another candle in it or I could use it for something else. I really like having pretty things on my desk, do you see how one thing where I would have just written I like the smell of the candle on my desk actually leads to more of a rampage of appreciation for things. So I leave that with you. Because maybe that’s something you want to try. I don’t start work until I start feeling really high vibration. And I don’t usually feel really high vibration until I go through a rampage of appreciation like that. Now I’m gonna give you one caveat. If I wake up, and for some reason I’m in a bad mood, because sometimes that happens, like you wake up. And you’re like, I don’t know why I feel so awful. Like something must be going on in the back of my head. Now, I have a whole bunch of other things that I do to try to change that because I really don’t. I really won’t live my whole day being in a bad mood, like I just won’t. But if I start out that way, I am not going to immediately get into a rampage of appreciation because it’s really not going to work. For me. It doesn’t feel the same. It feels really hollow and I struggle with it. So instead I try to find other things and what I do is I just sit and go what would feel sort of fun right now. Like what feels fun. Sometimes it’s listening to a YouTube video like Abraham Hicks video. Sometimes it’s reading something. Sometimes it’s just writing or journaling doing my scripting. If you’ve listened to the episode on scripting, you know, some days I have this box of pens. Someday I’ll be sponsored by a pen company. I’m sure of it because I always talk about my pen But I love my colored pens. And I have this box here and in it all different kinds of colored pens, and gel pens, like I love the Uniball Signo gel pens, the 207 if you’ve ever had those, they have different colors. And I get a pad of paper and I literally just doodle and I write and I write my name a lot for some reason, and I try to pretend I can do calligraphy, right. So whatever however silly that sounds, I get that puts me sort of in a good mood, then I do the rampage of appreciation. And that’s what brings me really high. So I wanted to share that with you. Maybe a new way to look at your morning routine, and maybe a new way to look at appreciation. So I hope that you have an awesome day. I hope that that suggestion serves you and helps you to continue to live a big life. Thanks for listening. See you next week. Thanks so much for listening. Remember you can find me all over social media at Betsy Pake and, as always, here’s a little message from my husband.

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