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145: Brain chatter & how it can serve you


Episode 145


You’re listening to Episode 143 of The Art of Living big. I missed last week. I never miss. I’ve had this show for over two years, I guess going into three years. And I’ve never missed. But I don’t know if you can still hear it in my voice. But I have been sicker than maybe I’ve ever been ever in my life. So it is the 14th today, Happy Valentine’s Day, y’all. And on the first the week before that I was really tired. And I kept thinking that maybe I needed like a vitamin or something like I was like, What is wrong with me am I like one of those people that now I have no energy, like, it just was weird. And I was wanting to like nap. And by the first, I was really tired. And by the first evening, we went to Costco, and I was like, we’ve got to get out of here. I don’t feel good. And it was like downhill quickly from there. And so

I ended up with that.

I guess it was bronchitis and it moved into pneumonia. And now we’re on like, the third week, and I feel like I’m finally starting to come out of it. So I have some things that I want to share. Because you know, I’m always like thinking of stuff I want to tell you guys. So before we get into the show, I want to share two things that I found. Okay, the first thing is this stuff called boom. And if you don’t follow me on Instagram, because I when I find stuff that I like, I like to share it on Instagram, but boom, because I’ve been sick. This is why I’m telling you about the boom, boom. So I’ve been sick. And I mean, I can’t breathe, and I’m coughing a ton. I mean, it was awful, right? pneumonia, it’s like all in your lungs. And like all of that, and I had breathing treatments and two rounds, antibiotics and like all this stuff. But I found this stuff called boom, boom, it was on Shark Tank, and it looks like inhaler like not afrin because it’s not like a two but you know, like the little tubes it. I remember in the 80s like where you’d have where you’d open it up. And it was like this tube that you’d stick by your nose and breathe in. And it was to help clear your nose, right. But this is got like essential oils in it. And it’s like a shot of like peppermint or a shot of

berry breeze. But it’s

minty. And so it totally clears out your whole face hole. And so I tell you this, because I don’t think you have to be sick to have to like this. I think it is even better as I have gotten better and not been sick. Because it’s like, whoo, it’s like you take a shot. You know what I mean? You’re like, whoa, I’m wide awake. And so this is sort of my new thing, instead of having like coffee in the afternoon or something like that. I’m just gonna be like, trying to smell these things. Anyway, I thought they were fun, and I wanted to share that with you. And then the other thing I wanted to share with you is, you know, when I was sick, and I’m gonna stop talking about how I’ve been sick in just a minute, because nobody really wants to hear about that. But I couldn’t. I actually you know how I talked about how I don’t like to watch TV, all I did for like four days was watching Netflix. And I watched a ton of like design shows, like I tried to watch stuff like that, because I could not concentrate. And I couldn’t sleep. It was like this awful in between place. And so finally I was able to like meditate and do stuff like that which in the beginning, I really couldn’t like I was just in such a misery and out of it, which leads into my show, because there’s a lesson in here I want to tell you about. But there’s an app called beat fulness. And it’s a cool little logo. It’s like ombre a purple logo with a triangle in it. And it is by neural beats. And if you’ve never used by neural beats, the idea is that you have to use headphones. So there’s one beat in one side of your ear and then on your other ear is a different beat. And what they found is that your brain will create the beat that connects them, basically. And so if you have different tones and different ears, you can actually create an environment in your brain for healing or for awareness or for you know, sleep or whatever it is. And so I started using that app. I really like it. I’ve been using it every single day. I bought like the lifetime I mean it’s free to use like a couple of them. And then it’s like nine bucks forever to get them all downloaded. So that’s what I did. But I think you could do it for like $1 99 a month and try it. But anyway, it’s called beat fullness. And it was awesome and I thought you might want to try that. So alright. Which kind of leads me to the show. So today, I want to talk to you about something that happened to my brain when I was sick, and a little something that I have learned from it. Now, if you’re inside my facebook group, if you go to a platform to profit.com, you can go to my Facebook group. It’s a free group, and usually in there like coaching and talking, it’s for coaches, and healers and entrepreneurs. And I talk about sales. And I talk about mindset around all that stuff. It’s mindset and strategy for people that have their own business. But I’ve been like absent. So if you’re in there, I am coming back. I just have been so sick. So anyway, find me inside platform to profit. So you can join us in there. And now let’s go to the show. Welcome to the art of living big.

I’m your host, Betsy Pake.

And this podcast is designed to share interviews and new ideas to help you redefine what could be possible for your life. Now, let’s go live big. All right. Hey, everybody, welcome to the show. All right. So I have been sick, I’m gonna stop talking about it. But it has something to do

with this show today.

So here’s what i think i think that when ever we experience something, there can be lessons or something that we can get from it that kind of help us on our journey. Right. And I know for me, this whole being sick thing was that it, there was a lot of things that happened in my brain that I want to share with you. Because I think that when we share our journeys that can all help each other, right. So I do think that right now, in our world, we can disconnect from things that are happening so easily, right? Like with technology, it gives us a real way to disengage, and not look at what’s really happening in our lives. And I think we and when I say we I’m referring to myself, and I’m just assuming that you are there with me. But I think that we miss some of the moments. And it’s interesting, because I’ve been sort of thinking this lately, over the past few months in my life. And if you have followed the show at all, you’ve heard me talk maybe about how my daughter was sick. So okay, so I’m gonna bring it back for one second. And I’m going to just talk about that for a second. Because this will kind of it all leads in together. Okay, it’s my journey, y’all. So my kiddo was sick, she ended up going away and getting some help. And she just had really bad anxiety basically, is what it is. But it got so terrible bad. It was unbelievable. Okay, so she went somewhere. She’s doing great now. But after she left, and she went to like a six week program to help her and ended up staying down there because her dad lives down closer to Atlanta. So she has not come back to live here. I just go and I see her more. And it’s better because she’s in such a great place.

So that’s all

great. But here’s what happened is she left. And then as soon as she left, I thought because I’m a Dewar and a goal person that I’ve got to focus. And I’ve got to so I hired a coach to help me do something in my business that I was wanting to do, which was really incredible. And it was life changing. And I’m so grateful that I did that. But the timing of which I did, it was looking back like a lot, right? Like I had a lot of things going on. And then I poured myself in to this really intense coaching program. And then it was the holidays, and I’m still in the coaching program and the holidays. And like, it was really overwhelming. And there was a lot of things that were getting churned up for me. that had to do with like, my mindset and how I was thinking about things. And I was having a lot of those moments where, you know, I like to evaluate my, what I’m dreaming about or what my brain goes to when I’m in a lull, right. So like the, the cringe worthy moments that your brain brings up when you something you did when you were 20. Like, is there a lesson in that is your brain I believe your brain is trying to close a loop. And there’s something in there. That is it’s bringing it up to you for a reason with your current life. Okay, does that make sense? So, two kind of things happening here. One is like I have maxed myself out emotionally. And I’ve gone from, you know, stuff with my kid to having this really intense, intensive coaching experience, to the holidays to like life, right and all the other regular things of life. And then on the other side, I’m like really getting intense into my mindset and like trying to shift things and understand things, which That in itself, and I know you guys have probably done this, it can be exhausting because you’re like, Holy smokes, like I am so done thinking, like, I just want to be I’m done thinking I’m done like evaluating, but my brain is just sort of like that now, right? So, like, I’m so used to doing it for clients

asking questions. Why did you say that? What does that mean? That it, I do it to myself all the time. Okay, so with all of that, I started getting sick. And it was interesting, because when I look back now, the day that I finished that intensive coaching program, is the day I started getting sick. So I think my body was like hanging on for dear life. And then it was like, Okay, I can’t do this anymore. And so, so a weird thing happened. Okay, so all that. And then one more thing, just to set it up. The past month, I’ve been doing some things differently in my business. So I have been putting myself out there in different ways. And I knew it was going like butting right up against what was comfortable to me. And I kept just ignoring that and pushing through. So things like I’m running an ad. Now I’ve run an ad to my podcast before, but I was doing it in a different way. The the background of that doesn’t matter, but I was doing it in a different way. And I was doing it more like a lot more. Okay. So, okay, so I finished the coaching, I started getting sick, I get sick, I’m so sick that for probably four days, like I don’t, my brain just shuts off. Like you know, when you’re so sick that you can’t really think past the moment that you’re sick. It’s almost this beautiful thing, because you’re in the moment. I know sounds so weird, right? But I realized that I had not been in the moment in like, I don’t know, months and months and months. I wasn’t worried about something happening in the past. I wasn’t like forward thinking I wasn’t even forward thinking happy stuff. I was just like in the moment. Now, the moment happened to be kind of miserable, because I was so sick and blowing my nose and all that. But after about three or four days, when I started to come out of it. When I started to feel a little bit better. I noticed that I had these thoughts in my head that I hadn’t had. So for those, like four days that I was so sick, I didn’t have the chatter in my brain. And when the chatter came back, I was like, Oh my god, it’s that I haven’t had that. It was like, I didn’t realize it was gone when I was living it maybe because of the misery. But once I was done, then it came back. And I believe that this really loud chatter had to do with me running these ads. Now, this sounds really stupid, but I want to just relate it to to like your life. Okay. So anything that you’re doing outside of the norm is going to push back on you. Right, your brain doesn’t like it, it thinks you’re going to die. And so it’s going to have a lot of chatter. It’s going to try to dissuade you. And I know there have been other things that I have done, that I’ve been dissuaded that I’ve been like, well, I guess I shouldn’t do that. That doesn’t feel right. It doesn’t feel aligned, right. But what happened was, I paid so much money for this coaching program. I kept doing what they said to do. I kept pushing. And it went against my brain, my brain was like freaking out. So this was so interesting. Because what I realized was that probably energetically, I was just not aligned to what was happening. But it was not what was happening. It was what I was thinking about what was happening. Okay, so this is what I do when I realized that something doesn’t feel aligned, but it’s something that I want to do or something that I know is the next right thing. And it is to actually just stop and slow down and zoom way back out. So what happens is we get really focused on that one thing like the one ad, right? I know this probably sounds so stupid to you because you’re like whatever, Betsy it’s an ad. But I’m going to explain a little bit further but I zoom way way out. And I say if I was like an investigator, like how could I help dismantle this because there’s a Bunch of beliefs, probably a bunch of them mixed into this whole thing that’s causing me like suffering.

And I didn’t realize that suffering was there. To the extent it wasn’t tell my brain didn’t, was sick and didn’t have the suffering, okay, then the suffering came back. And I was like, Whoa, like, we’ve got to look at this. So zoom way back out. Here’s my thing with ads. You know, when you’re on Facebook, and you scroll and you see an ad, and you know, people have comments. And you know, how many people write really mean things on on those ads? So, like, my ad is because I’m trying to help people. And I’m trying to find people, right. So like, the intent is clear and good. But there are people that are in pain, that see an ad and it disrupts, it disrupts their thought process, that it maybe put something in their face that they wish they were doing. Or maybe it just is annoying, right? Because they see a number of ads. And I see a ton of ads. And so again, it that that can be annoying.

But here’s what happens is when you

look at those, and you see like a ton of people writing stuff,

like there’s a person that put that ad out,

right. And so I got so many comments on things, and messages that were had nothing to do with what I was doing. So it had nothing to do with the offer, and nothing to do with the ad itself. It had to do with the photo that I used, or the fact that I did an ad or that my ad was too long. You expect people to read this, or Oh my god, another freaking ad from another stupid coach. Like it was sort of like, and I didn’t even get as many comments as a lot of people. So here’s what I did, I zoomed way out because I was like that really bugs me because I feel like wait a second, I’m trying to do something of that’s good, right? I’m trying to find my people and help my people. So zoom way out. What is it about these? What is it about what’s happening that’s really bothering me? So I’m going to just walk you through my process. Okay, so zooming out, what is it about it that’s really bothering me? Do I think they’re right? Okay, no, no, but maybe there was a part of me that thought they were right. And that’s why it really bugged me. Do I feel like I can’t respond? Or that it’s hard to respond? Or I don’t have a dialogue with them? Or they’re totally misunderstanding or they’re focused on the wrong thing? Right. So then does it bring it back to like, Am I not being clear? Should I am i doing this wrong? Should I have a different photo? Like, do I look fat? Like, would like whatever the thing is, right? So all the things come? So then I decide, okay, so then I’m like, Okay, so this is the big zoom. So this is how I feel about it. This is what I’m thinking, these are what my fears are. So then I want to go to the truth. What’s the truth? Like, is my ad clear? Look through it? revamp it? Okay? Do you feel good about the picture, right? So evaluate it that way. And then I went to the people. And so then I clicked on the people that wrote stuff on my ad. And every single ad that I saw come through, if somebody had a negative comment, I clicked on them and looked at their profile. So this is really what my show is about. Every person every I’m not kidding you like without fail. Every single person had something going on in their life that was negative or sad, you know, their cat had just died, or they got divorced, or they were angry at their axe about something, or their elderly parent had just died, you know, month before, you know, I mean, some people you don’t see a lot of stuff. But I’m not kidding you. Every person was hurting. Every person was hurting. And if they didn’t have something like that stood out like that, I could just look at their photos and just know they were struggling. Right life wasn’t the way they thought it was supposed to be. And then, you know, my anger or my doubt about myself, it collapse because it collapsed because I felt so much compassion for them. And where they were and you know how they were trying to move through life, they probably didn’t have the skills to deal with it in another way. And I was there and it could provide some kind of release, right for all of this energy that they had stored up. So all of that to say something you probably already knew which is that hurt people. hurt people but me and hurt people hurt people. And we might not even realize we might be internalizing. And we might be looking at what we’re doing and thinking that it’s about us. And I don’t know, you know, my mom used to tell me when I was little nothing is about you. And nothing is about us. And so I wonder if that

can help relieve a little voice in your head.

Or maybe you’ll become aware of the voice in your head, try and see if you can not opt out. So I’ve been off event feeling better this week. But I really haven’t been on social media. Because you know, I’ll pop in or out once a day, maybe. But I realized I was really opting out. I was really taking a bypass for all of this stuff. And when I could stop doing that, and actually process the stuff, zoom way out, get a clear picture, zooming in and investigate what the truth is. It changed everything. So I offer that little practice to you. Zoom out, get clear, zoom in, find the truth and free yourself without having to bypass with social media technology, food, shopping, whatever, whatever your thing is, my thing is all of those things. So thanks for letting me come in to tell my little story today. I will be feeling better. My voice will be clearer next week and we will have a rockin show I got some good stuff and some good guests lineup. So I’m excited to get back to the podcasting on the regular this year and stay well my friends. Take your probiotics and your vitamins and I will see you next week. Don’t forget if you want to jump into my free Facebook group, you can go to platform to profit.com and that will take you right there. So Alright guys,

as always, here’s a little myth. Oh, that’s it.


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