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Life Doesn’t Always Go As Planned

Life is not always exactly as we want it to be, and that’s okay.

Contrast can be good, but when you feel like you are thrust into a change you didn’t expect or want, or when you just know it’s finally time to take the leap into something more for yourself, that’s when it all becomes more difficult to navigate on your own.

I work with people all over the country, just like you, who are pushing their way through change and coming out transformed and more alive than they ever felt before!

Change doesn’t have to end badly.

It can be the catalyst you need to find yourself and become more.

  • You need a new perspective. Someone who can ask the right questions for you to get to the answers that are already inside.
  • You need someone to show you the way, teaching you new strategies so you can tackle new challenges as they come.
  • You need someone to show you how to push outside your comfort zone and hold you accountable to do the work necessary to live the life you want.

This is the work we can do together.

I help you with science and spirit to help you create a world you love.



Here's why I can help

I’ve been through the hard stuff too. Through the death of my mother when I was in high school, through a divorce, single motherhood, career changes and finding myself again. I’ve been an entrepreneur, building and selling businesses and starting new.

So, I know you don’t need another glorified goal setting program. 

You need a transformation. 

I use my training in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and coaching skills to help you create a life you are really proud of. 

Please take my free training below or reach out to me.

Love For Betsy’s Work

“Betsy Infinite Soul Project is a beautiful addition to anyone’s spiritual journey. The sheer amount of depth and knowledge she provides is so comprehensive and powerful. If you feel lost or are full of doubt, I implore you to give Betsy’s Infinite Soul Project a try. It’ll change your life in ways you probably never imagined.”

Jeannie Hall

“Betsy is a masterful coach as she gives new insight to Starting Small to live your Big Life!”

Kyle Maynard

2-Time ESPY Award Winner, NYT Bestselling author of No Excuses

“I worked with Betsy to stop smoking. In our first session, I dropped from smoking 9 cigarettes a day to 2. We met two other times for mini sessions, and we did the NLP work.  She helped me learn to resist the urge to smoke. Having a plan and made the time after each session easier and easier.
Thank you, Betsy, for getting me here. Thank you a million times over. “
Zach Friedensohn

Helping You Turn Crisis Into Transformation.

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