023 Every body is a Yoga body: Interview with Donna Noble - Betsy Pake

023 Every body is a Yoga body: Interview with Donna Noble


Donna Noble helps us understand the different types of yoga and how we can use yoga to add movement, connection and love into our life.  She has a message of self love and acceptance that she helps share through her own brand of yoga called ‘Curvy Some Yoga’.  You can find out more about her on her website at:  http://thenobleartofyoga.co.uk/

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today’s podcast is brought to you by the infinite soul project where you learn how to shift your energy and manifest the change you want in your life. We’re going to dive into your brain and the scientific reasons why you get more of what you focus on and help you consciously create some miracles for yourself. You can find out more at infinite soul project calm. Today on the podcast, we’re talking about yoga. Now, you may be like me, where you were really intrigued by yoga. I saw people doing some really cool stuff on Instagram that seemed awesome, but also really intimidating. And then there’s different kinds and like what languages nama stay, I was so confused, so I get someone on the show today to clear it all up for us. And her message is just so great. Not only does she educate us, but she teaches us a little bit about self love and how to move forward in that space. So hang on to your seats. Here we go. Welcome to the art of living big. My name is Betsy Pake entrepreneur, author and personal success coach. This is the show that brings you stories and small ideas to help you live a big life. I hope this once a week podcast will inspire you, motivate you and encourage you to think differently about what could be possible for your life. Thanks for spending some time with me today. Now let’s go live big. Hey, everybody, today I have Donna Noble with me, Donna, welcome to the show.

Hi, Betsy. Thanks for having me. And it’s an absolute pleasure being here.

I’m so excited that you’re here. So I found you. Like I find a lot of my guests on Twitter. And so tell us a little bit about you and what you do.

Okay. As you know, my name is Donna. I’m a yoga teacher. And I’m based in the UK. And basically, I teach yoga and the style of yoga teachers called curvy yoga, but I’ll get into that. And to give you a bit of my journey I didn’t I, a friend of mine saw an image, excuse me an image of Madonna, with the legs behind her head and said, Okay, I think we should do yoga. So she said, should we get some yoga mats and give it a go? And I said, Yes, sure, we should do so. So fortunately, we worked with a colleague that was training to be a teacher. So we became her guinea pigs. And that was my the start of my journey with yoga. And I left that company because I was in a corporate environment at the time, as I want you to then pursue the yoga but I didn’t want to go to a class where everyone was more advanced than me. So what I then did was found a beginner’s cook six week course where everyone would be at the same level. And that’s when I sort of really sort of truly started my journey. So I pull them in and out of love with, with yoga, but I think this is the time now that I’m most entrenched in it. And I can’t think of doing anything else. I didn’t intend Betsy to become a yoga teacher, but the universe or God, or whatever you want to do had a different path for me. And now my sort of my plan B, which was to retire and then maybe teach yoga. But that’s become my place. I’ve sort of retired from the corporate world, and I’m doing the yoga thing. So I suppose I have got my wish, but a lot earlier than I am anticipated.

Oh, that’s awesome. Oh, okay. So there’s so many things you said that I want to unpack that are amazing. So I know for me, I started doing yoga really just recently. And for me, it was in an effort to find something that was a little more like self loving, you know, that felt like restorative I think. And so I have done. I got like a subscription. Well, two things. I got a Groupon to live classes, but I am where you are where I haven’t gone yet. Because I am afraid of going into a group with everybody knowing what they’re doing with their legs behind their head. Yeah. And so I went online and Gaia is I’m not sure if that’s even how you say,

Oh, yeah, guy, a yoga guy.

They had like a 99 cent for a month to get started. And so it’s been fun because I’ve got to try different types of yoga. And I found I really liked the Kundalini Yoga. Yeah, um, but can you share with us like a little bit about what the different kinds are? Because people have asked me Well, what’s the difference? And I’m like, I don’t really know. I just know I did that kind and it was nice. Yeah.

As you say, there was so many styles of yoga out there. So everything basically is hatha yoga. And that’s what the generic term is for yoga per se, hatha yoga. When they refer to have yoga, it’s more a slow type class, a more gentle class or like a beginners class. So you have Bikram yoga, which I also teach, and that yoga done in a hot room. So it’s 100 hundred and 10 degrees, I believe in 40% humidity. And with that style of yoga, what happens there is that the body becomes more flexible because of the heat. And I didn’t believe that in the beginning until I actually went on there’s a posture that we do called ego When you wrap your arms and your legs around each other on one side, I could get into easily and on the other until I warmed up, I couldn’t get the other side. But the very first time I went to Bikram yoga, both sides were immediate. So I was able to put that to the test and loved it, and what you do in there, but the intent behind that Yoga is that you sweat to get rid of all the toxins. And you come out of there feeling amazing. You know, your your skin feels like a baby, but it’s almost like you feel as though you’ve died and you’re, you’re reborn. And that’s how I began to love Bikram yoga. And then you also have been Yes, sir. And that’s the sort of type of flow II type yoga so you, you flow through the science annotations, which is a key posture that a lot of yoga styles do. So use flow, the postures floats, and you synchronize the breath with the movement and flow in the level of vinyasa. And is in essence there. Kundalini is more about energy. So I believe you’re trying to get the energy from the base of the spine, up towards the top chakra. So you do a lot of charge. And I believe I’ve not done a Kundalini cast, but it’s very energy base. And apparently, you know, it’s people come out there feeling amazing as well, because you really connect to yourself. And I believe you can set different intentions in terms of that as well. What else is there sources? So let

me just recap what you’ve said. So it’s all sort of under the umbrella of Hatha Yoga,

yeah, Hatha Yoga, everything. The generic term is Hatha Yoga yoga.

Okay? So that’s the umbrella and then underneath that is the Bikram yoga, which is the hot yoga.

So yoga and they have certain you have a lot of different hot yoga is but come under that as well.

Okay, okay. Yeah. And then there’s the vinyasa. And that’s sort of what we think of. I think that’s what we think of when we think of yoga. Right? Yeah.

Yeah. Like

those sun salutations, the downward dog and all of that, right.

And the warrior was worried too. So you kind of flow through the flow. Yeah. In the sequence as the breath that connects the flow. Okay. And that’s very popular as well. And you have Ashtanga Yoga as well. And a stronger I believe, there is a set of big theories of postures that you do. Okay.

All right, fixed series of postures. And then the Kundalini it is a lot of chanting, and it’s almost I’m a big meditator, and it almost feels like meditative when I do that.

Yeah. So I think you’re trying to shift the energy. Yeah. Find is what you’re trying to do. Yeah,

yeah. Yeah. And it’s funny because there’s a lot of stuff in there that you don’t realize until the next day, you were really doing abs. Yeah, you know, the fire breathing, and then all of a sudden, I’m like, man, my abs are really killing me. So what is the kind of yoga that yo that Madonna does?

The dome? I think she was she did. She’s renowned for doing Bikram as well. Okay. Yeah. And a lot of celebrities, I believe have done Bikram yoga as well. And also, I believe she did a standard as well, from what I can recall.

Okay. Okay. Yeah. Because she does have good arms and stuff from all of that

she does. And I think you know, that’s why I think she’s still able to do all the things she’s able to do, you know, on tour. Yeah. And still being very energetic. at her age,

right. Yeah. I did a hot yoga class. Like maybe two years ago, I went with some girlfriends to a hot yoga class. And I’m not sure if and you tell me what you think. Do you think like different personalities go better with different kinds of yoga style? Because the hot yoga made me sort of angry. Like, I was I got in there. And then I was like, why is it so hot in here? And then it was getting hotter and hotter. And I was like, Where are we? I was angry and sweaty. And like I just like, Oh, my word. So given personality, sort of.

Exactly. And I believe Bikram are hot yoga, at attracts a lot of a types but they don’t want all the meditative stuff they just want with the Bikram is 26 series, I mean, sorry, 26 postures and two breathing exercises. So it’s very quick, and it’s very dialogue LED, so we get you out of your head. So you’re, you’re sort of just straight into it, basically. So a lot of people that are a type personalities, they love that yoga in that respect. And then hyper is slightly more depending on the style is more meditative, more relaxed, and more relaxed. You know, we have Sebastien net, where you have a break, you know, you come in and you relaxing your mat at the beginning, and you also relax at the end. And there might be meditation and chanting. So it’s a bit more slower, a bit more deliberate. And it’s about connecting your mind to your body, which is what we try to do in that kind of scenario, that type of class. Okay. And so, and there’s so many styles of yoga, Betsy, I’ve just found out today to be a yoga so there’s something out there is dog yoga. Everybody in that respect, you know, goat yoga, so there is naturally it’s evolving, you know?

Yeah. And so really, it’s any kind of like movement of your body is it always like a connection of your breath with your body really about bringing your mind and your body together?

Exactly. That’s the most The main the main intent there because it’s, you know, for me Yoga is about coming home to yourself. And that’s how I got there is with a yoga because by connecting my mind and my body, I began to listen to the body more. So the signals the body gives us signals all the times, but we did miss dismiss them. But once you connect that you begin to split Oh, okay. And I’m with Betsy, but I just felt you know, there was something off about it, you know, it’s our intuition, but we just dismiss it, but you begin to see or see what Billy’s there on it. What is it that Betsy is negative? Is that what I’m sensing? Is that why I don’t feel comfortable around her. So you get to tune in, and you get to see what you like and dislike more because you’re in tune with your body more.

And I do think you know, at the end, when I do the yoga sessions at the end, you lay down and you do this savasana pose, which is where you’re just laying on the ground. But the weird thing is, I’m so much more in tune with my body than I would be if I just laid on the ground right now. Like the experience would be so different.

Yeah, yeah. So and that’s because you know, you Yoga means union. So you’re trying to not only just union with your mind, your body, but with all of this, you know, with the world and your fellow practitioners, that’s what we’re trying to create is union or, you know, yoke to bring it together. That’s what we’re trying to do. Yoga to do.

All the poses have names, what are the names from like, what? Cuz savasana? Like, that’s not English. What What is that from?

Sanskrit? Sanskrit, okay. And a lot of names as Yeah, so you have warrior one, your hero jasnah, which is the warrior sequence. So that’s the Sanskrit term for it. So some classes will use Sanskrit and some won’t. Okay? Japan,

does it depend on the yoga type, if they use Sanskrit,

no, all yoga should have Sanskrit if they original sort of yoga and come in line, it’s been basically, invariably should have a Sanskrit name. And you’ll find that some yoga Sanskrit names mean different posture, depending on the style of yoga you do as well. So sometimes it can come confusing.

So um, I’m asking for a friend. But what is Sanskrit

like? language is a type of language, but like from Where from? I think, India, India? Yeah.

Okay. So is it a language that is spoken now? Or is it just like, is it old? I mean, I’m sorry, if I’m at if this sounds stupid, it’s a friend that wants to know now,

yes. I believe it is spoken. I’m not quite sure. But people do learn it in order to teach the yoga and there are Sanskrit specialists that when they you know, when I did my teacher training, we had someone that learned the Sanskrit language, ah, knew exactly what it meant and how to break it down. So there are people that still go back to that.

Yeah, it’s cool. It’s, it’s pretty sounding like when I hear the words, it’s pretty Yeah. So if somebody is interested in trying yoga, and maybe they are coming from a place where they aren’t doing any kind of exercise right now at all, where do you think is a good place to start? Should they start online? Should they go to a class? Should they go to a certain kind of yoga?

Yeah, I think they should try and get to a class initially, and find a teacher that will offer corrections and modification. Because if you try at home or online, in the beginning, you could be doing something wrong. And it becomes a bad habit set, at least get into a class and learn the basics. Or the fundamentals, then you can go online, maybe and what you can do it maybe start with a class, that’s termed as beginners. all levels are welcome. So you know, then it’s going to be an inclusive class. Or you may you may have a beginners course, or something that’s termed Hatha Yoga, even that’s the generic term. But some people do use hatha for more gentle class as well. Or you may, if you have injury, there’s a class called I younger, which is for people that have maybe had injuries, and they use a lot of props in there. So it’s a good way to get a good, nice, gentle way to get into yoga. And it’s been around for a long time. So a lot of props. It’s a very nice class. One of the things I like about using the props, and in the classes that I’ve been to, and I have a few things, I have a bolster and a few other things here.

And a bolster is sort of like a big cushion, sort of, but when I’m trying to do a pose, you don’t have, you don’t have to be able

you can go to yoga and not

be able to do any of the poses, right? Because you can use the props too. If you’re trying to touch your toes, but you can’t reach the toes, they’ll give you some blocks, right. And so that kind of gives your hands a place to go. That’s higher.

Yeah, and that’s true, but sometimes you have to invest in those props yourself, because not all the studios do provide the prop. So some is a good investment. And also having a prop will help you with your alignment. So you know, maybe you’re slightly misaligned. But also again, if you can’t touch your toes, it gives You know it, it raises the the floor in essence to your hands. And so you can stretch the body in the right way. So at some point, you won’t need it because you’re, you’re creating that length in that space, and you’ll lose that limp in that space at some point.

So, and

yoga really helps you become a lot more flexible, when you say that’s one of the benefits

that most definitely is. And a lot of people think that, you know, they see all these posh people, you know, the image of gogo, some of their legs behind the head a bit like with me and Madonna. And they think they have to be able to do that from the outside, but you don’t when you come to yoga. Flexibility is one of the byproducts that comes out.

Yeah, because I see people on Instagram, and they are like standing on their hands and doing a split. And that’s intimidating if you don’t know. But that’s like that’s a higher, like, when you go to a yoga class, you’re not going to encounter that as a beginner

independence, some students you may do, but that might be a more advanced class. But invariably, you shouldn’t, you know, choose a class that’s got mixed levels. So you might find that different levels will do different aspects of the posture, because the thing I love about yoga, is it never ends. So when you think you’ve aced the posture, there’s always somewhere else to go with the body. And that’s what I love. The beauty of it is that there’s somewhere else to go, you constrict a little bit further, but that’s part of the journey. And I always say to my students, forget the destination, enjoy the journey. You know, just

yeah, forget the destination. Enjoy the journey. I like that. Yeah,

yeah, stay in the moment and don’t when you go into a class, don’t look at anybody else. Just make the mat, your universe, you’re here. And you’re now when even if you go into a class, and I say to my students, even if you just breathe in for the 60 minutes or 90 minutes, you’re doing yoga, the West has made it more focused about the asanas, the postures, but breathing is one of the main function of it, and that you learn how to breathe correctly. And that’s what I love about it as well. There’s so many different aspects to the yoga practice, that would be good. And in the end, even if

you’re just going in, you’re sitting on the mat, and you’re just breathing really that’s a like a meditative practice, like you’re doing so much for your stress release, and so much for the health of your body just even doing that.

Exactly. And again, you’re connecting the mind and the body again, and you’re also learning how to to breathe because your your breath is your lifeforce energy. And a lot of us breathe from the chest, we shall breathe from the chest, Betsy, which is not the best way to breathe, we should be coming from the optimist, and we’re only literally using I think, is it 80% 20% of our lung capacity. But the yoga allows us to learn how to breathe, so we breathe from the abdomen, and then we engage the lungs a lot more. And that’s what we learn and what you learn on your mat that see you can take into everyday life as well. and reduce the stress and see how you how you are reacting. And seeing you know, those stress signals we get that we ignore, you know, the sweaty palms, the butterflies in the stomach, you know, those are stress. So if you come back to your breath and breathe deeply, you can stop those reactions happening because you’ve become more in control.

Yeah, I really like that. And so really bringing that breathing once you learn how to do that you can bring that back into your daily life and when you start to encounter one of those stressful situations, you can bring it right back to the to the breath you learned. So tell me if somebody Alright, so someone’s listening and they’re like, Okay, I’m gonna do this I’m gonna find a yoga studio and I’m gonna go do they do they? Do you have to have your own mat? Like I have my own mat but do most places have

a specific yoga studios probably have mats but if it’s like a class in a community center or church or there may be you have to bring a rose the teacher might have a few but it’s going to check these say variably hopefully they’ll have a website or they’re on Facebook and they’ll have that information there about what the prerequisites are what you need to bring.

Okay, so that would be something to check so because I’m thinking about the person that’s never done this and all of the little things that might hold you back from starting is just not knowing what to do or what to bring. So just wear clothes that you can move in

right yeah, Newspeak ob is fine. So he sent you know pair of leggings and a T shirt to begin with. You can start off with that.

And then and then you you know call to see if you need a mat or if you can just go and try it the first year without having your own mat. Yeah, do you need to have a pedicure? No.

But teachers did because it will we work around the only thing that people are looking for are Tosa, no, you don’t need a pedicure. You are just go Wish you are and know the image of yoga is that there’s a particular type of person that goes but just go Where do you are but go to a space where you feel comfortable because, you know, we’re getting a bad rap in in yoga in some instances. And some students it may be like a fashion show. But what you can do is if you’re afraid of going to a studio ring the teacher speak and like interview them, you know and say can I come and just watch so you See if it resonates with you? And if they say no, then maybe it’s not a fit for you. But they say yes. Which a good teacher wall? should say, yeah, then you can see if you like it, you can maybe speak to other students, get feedback from them and see for yourself firsthand how comfortable or not you, you feel? Or if it’s the style of yoga that it’s gonna appeal to you.

Yeah, I think you’ll get an energy for the place, right? You’ll kind of get a feel when you show up like, this is a good energy. I feel good here.

Yeah. And you can, you know, you feel that, you know, do you feel that people are looking at, you’re not your God is your community and I fit in, and then you can just you can go for it. But if you’re not, then you know, there’s so many styles of yoga out there, I’m sure. I’m not sure. You know, depending on where your listeners are, I know that some places are quite remote. So there might not be much choice. And they may have to go online, but try and ring and connect with a teacher and see what what you gauge from that.

Yeah, I do think, you know, I mentioned earlier that I did the online, I do think that was so much easier for me because I have taken classes and I’ve had somebody, you know, put their hands on me and and adjust me so that I knew where I should be feeling the stress and where you know where I should be stretching.

So yeah, I like that. And I think you need that. Because sometimes I will come across students, and they’ll say, I’ve been doing yoga for two years, and you look at their practice, you can tell but wherever they’ve been, they’ve been going to that no one’s corrected them. And they’ve been doing it wrong. So they’re, they’re misaligned. And they and it’s more frustrating because it’s almost start again, from scratch, in that respect. So I teach alignment based classes, you know, that, you know, like, root in the feet into the floor, you know, engaging the thigh muscles, you know, the knees engaged, you protect the body parts, but if you’re at home, and you might not get that information from from the from the online class that you’re doing.

Yeah, yeah, that’s a good point. So, um, all right, so, so I’m, I’m going to yoga class, I’ve got all my stuff when I get there. And this, I think, is the big thing for people to understand. And one of the things I learned from going to a class was that you are on your mat, which is like your little rectangle, and nobody’s really looking at you. Yeah, everybody’s really worried about themselves and the kind of person that goes to yoga. Don’t you think it’s a, it is a more? And maybe I’m generalizing. So you helped me if I am, but it feels like it’s a more like, open, loving kind of person that’s not sitting there to judge other people that are there at yoga class?

In some cases, yes. So you’ve been very lucky with the students you’d go to. But sometimes in cities, it’s not like that, because it can be deemed as being a little bit clicky. So you go in there, and you seem like you’re the outsider. Yeah. So that’s why I think people like the community base classes, because then you’re, you’re very welcome. And I suppose is the teacher that allows what kind of environment to come through some. In some city classes, you go in there, you can tell the regulars that they’re there, and they look, oh, you’re adults, you know, you feel like you’re the outsider. So there is the good and bad elements. It’s like society, you know, the yoga and reflect society as well.

So if you go to a class and you get a bad, bad vibe, don’t think it’s just yoga, try someplace new, try someplace different,

definitely. Different or different teacher, if it’s a studio, you know, they may have different teachers, to different teachers will have a different style, have different energy and attract different students as well.

Okay. Is there anything else you think people should know as they get started? Or is it really just a matter of you’ll figure it out, and you’ll learn as you go,

you figure it out and learn as you go. But just, I think, you know, just go there with an open mind, you know, just, you know, go there, don’t go there with any expectations. And it’s only yoga, enjoy it. So don’t beat yourself up. If you put on a party, you know, don’t say sorry, it’s not like, you know, rocket science or it’s not open. So just just try and enjoy as much as possible. But again, it’s going to be the studio or where you are, that dictates that, because I teach, very fun, very fun, easy going class. And I find that we have, there’s no judgment there. People put a particular or life together. And it makes it easier for the students because they feel they’re not making a fool of themselves, because people are very sensitive sometimes. So if they go to an environment where it’s very serious, and they don’t, you know, they have to keep up with the Stute the teacher, and you know, it’s not nice, and I get that feedback sometimes. And that’s why I think some people like my class because we you know, I will stand our break down the posture, I’ll make them understand why they’re doing a posture, you know, then I think it it. It makes more of an impact to them. They understand why they’re doing something as opposed to be told to do something and not understand it.

Now, what what kind of yoga do you teach?

Well, I teach Hatha Yoga as well, but I also teach Bikram yoga. But I come up with a new style of yoga, called was not new style, but is called curse on yoga. So my motto is everybody’s a yoga body because the image of yoga bits is someone will sleep with their legs behind the head. So a whole raft of people are just being put off from going in there. So I’m trying to make Yoga more inclusive space, in terms of size, body, gender, you know that anyone can come and do yoga, because Yoga is for everybody.

Yeah, I really, really love that that’s a really great message. Because I think we all the different types of exercise tends to, you know, to make to make some people uncomfortable, if they feel like it’s, you know, that it’s not inclusive, it’s not for them, or it’s too hardcore. And so that I really like is a really lovely message. Because I think when we can attune to our bodies and love our bodies, no matter where we are on the journey, that can impact you mentally and create a much more joyful life.

Indeed, and when you come to my class, I try and teach skills that you can take off the mat as well. So self acceptance, acceptance, even, and self love. Because that’s what you find in the yoga because, you know, it brings you I call it home to yourself, because we’re so far removed, we have this unconscious conditioning society says you have to look this way, you have to behave this way. And we’re all looking for something, Betsy and that. So what we sort of value our life or happen is based on cars, that you know, the latest car, the biggest house, particular salary, partner, but I think all we’re looking for ultimately is happiness. But we have that in us. So if we look at what the world from an inside apps perspective, then we’re happier because we have this innate sense of well being that we always have that will get so far removed from that. And that’s been my journey, the more I sort of just go with the flow I call it, the more I see that my life is planned for me, I don’t have to get in my way. So if something doesn’t work out, for me, that’s feedback is not fatal. It means I’m, I did something wrong, you know, I still have my path. And it’s just given me a message to go back on the path. And that’s what is, is taught me and like, my practice is my practice, there’s things I can do and things I can’t do. But I’m just enjoying the journey. And at some point, I will do, and some I won’t. And that’s why I think yoga should ultimately give people it’s not about getting the legs behind the head, you know, some do that i and, and I’d love to get myself one day, and I can do that. But it’s not the ultimate goal. And people just should get into the yoga, just go with the body they have in the room, they don’t have to be flexible to start yoga, just go in there. And just so they can get the numerous benefits of yoga, there’s so many benefits is it transformational. It allowed me to change my career, I didn’t intend to be a yoga teacher. But here I am five years on, and there’s nothing more I love doing now. And he’s given me so many opportunities, I come speaking to you, I have my own radio show as well. So there’s other things that come from, from the start of the yoga.

That, you know, I think that our definition of success is very much based on outward things. And this is just really something maybe in the last six months that I’ve tried to uncover and and noodle through on my own is what does success really mean because when we’re always on the hunt, or on the on the in trying to grab it, but not enjoying the path we’re on it makes life much less enjoyable. And I think yoga sort of helps slow down your brain I felt I feel like and, and maybe make you appreciate and even bring in a sense of gratitude for where you are

exactly the things that I wouldn’t have gone to five years ago, I’m doing now like you mentioned gratitude, I have a gratitude journal. So every time before I go to bed at night, I put down three things that I’m grateful for. And three things that I’ve achieved, and it’s made me now more grateful for the life I have, I do not earn as much as I did was in the corporate world. But I believe I’m wealthier because I have my health. I’m doing what I love. I’m helping people to heal. People are helping me to heal. And I mean, I’m in contact with more positive people, because that’s what you find when you go to yoga. You see, there’s a typical typical type of person there. They’re more positive, there’s a sense of community in some aspects of it. And that’s what yoga brings you so it takes you on a journey. And if you go along for the ride, it can be so immense.

Yeah, I really really really, really love that. Because I do I feel like that like that it is a sort of journey and as you like slow down bringing gratitude is that’s life changing when you start to appreciate many times in the morning and I and I have a sort of morning cycle of what I do on a morning routine but it includes gratitude. And I’ll just try to think and I try to find the simplest thing, like my kitchen window is really bright and beautiful. Like the simplest thing is that my dogs are fuzzy and you know like to rub up against my leg in the learning those kinds of things really kind of helps slow you down and able to appreciate that life that you’re in similar to the effect of yoga.

Exactly even like, you know, because sometimes you say, you know, you may have a desire to have more money or, and then it could be something like I get on the bus and the the machine that connects the, the the money doesn’t work, but I’ve got that money back somehow it’s not physical, you know, as I’m gratitude for that I saved that one pound 50, or whatever. So it’s as simple as that always be just waking up in the morning, we take these things for granted. Yeah. And having hot water, having electricity, we take those things for granted. And we want more and more and more, but when we’re with that, we, it’s anyone without them that maybe we appreciate them that because they’re just there everyday, and they’re constantly variably. But when you go back to that level of gratitude and putting the diary, you begin to see so much more, and the more you your gratitude, the more and the more you give, that’s what Yoga is taught me, the more I give, the more I receive, you know, I don’t have to be in competition with anybody before, when you’re in the corporate world, is you’re in competition, you don’t want to share anything. But now I’m in the yoga world. And the more I give, the more I get back and the opportunities that arise that I never even imagined. So I love life right now. And I just love being in the moment. And that’s what yoga teaches you because what we do as well, Betsy, is we race ahead, or we go back in the past, we can’t change the past. In the future, we invariably worry about things, but the things may not happen that we’re worrying about. And we waste that and we become ill we become stressed because we’re worrying about things. But the only moment that’s guaranteed is the present moment. And that’s what yoga teaches you to do. I teach the Basner at the end of class. And you ask someone to love it for two minutes. And it’s the most difficult thing for them to do. They’re scratching the itch, and they’re looking at a wall, because it got one of the in here in their mind, because they don’t I think they’re afraid of what they may discover in that silence, but they want to be kept busy. And what they invariably do is they raise their head. So like in Bikram sometimes you see all the time, or you have a regular class, they start trying to support the movement. So what I will bet if I can, is I’ll change it. And you’ll see they come out of that, that that that trance like state and then you explain and say, guys, what are you like in your everyday life? I’m in here, and I’m leading you in your path, and you’re racing ahead of me what you’re like when you’re out there, you’ve got no one to guide you. What are you missing in life? You know, are you seeing the beautiful sunset or the sunrise? You know what you’re missing? Even there’s times and I used to be so busy that someone said I saw you and you walk past me. So I’m in my own little world. so intent on the next thing to do that I’m not being aware of my surroundings. Yeah. It’s all you know that the the electronic devices now you see people with their head down, and they’ve got the phone or the the iPad, but they’re not appreciating life and life is passing them by.

Yeah, there’s so much abundance around. And many times when I’ll speak with my coaching clients are just with a friend even and, you know, they’re feeling like they, you know, they got passed over for the promotion, or they, you know, they don’t have this or they’re not getting to go on vacation, or whatever. And I’ll say like, stop and look at the abundance, like even looking out my window and I see all the leaves on the trees and the grass on the ground. Like there’s so much around you. If you can focus on that it does help sort of shift your mind and bring you back into recognizing all that you have.

Yeah. And then when and when you connect with yourself, as well, if like you will say or think something and it manifests itself and you think, Oh, it’s a coincidence, it’s not good, the more it happens, and using this is not careers anymore, because we disconnect, it happens in the beginning so infrequently. But once you’re on that journey connect it happens. You know, it could be as simple thing, Betsy, like, you know, you’ve got the phone in your hand to call your mother and the phone rings and your mother and you feel Oh my god, you know, but you’ve had that connection there. And that’s because I believe there’s something greater than us. And if we connect, we’re all connected. And we’re part of that greatness. And if you’re part of that greatness, there’s nothing you can’t do. But we limit ourselves because of what society tells us we can and can’t do. And that’s what Yoga is done. For me. It’s made me a stronger person and believe in myself. Well,

I love that so good. So thank you so much for being on. So I want to introduce everybody and make sure they know that they can head into our free Facebook group. And they can find that at SS Lb that stands for start small, live big community.com and that’ll pop you right into our free Facebook group. And you’ll be in there for the week and in answering questions or providing some more guidance or insight. I really love the message of everybody is a yoga body that is just, it’s really that’s a beaut That’s beautiful. So thank you so much Donna for being here.

Thank you for having me, but it’s it’s been an absolute pleasure.

Thanks for spending some time with us today. Remember to jump in on that online community and SS lb community.com and, as always, here’s a little message from my husband.

That’s it.

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