070: Understanding the Law of Attraction {Series Part 1} - Betsy Pake

070: Understanding the Law of Attraction {Series Part 1}


In today’s episode, we talk about the Law of Attraction, the origins of this law, why it has become so popular and I introduce you to  Abraham Hicks. We talk about vibration and what that really means in terms of manifesting a life you want.

We talk about:

The Secret

Abraham Hicks

The Seat of The Soul

Infinite Possibilities

Think and Grow Rich

The Infinite Soul Project

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This episode is great for anyone who is trying to learn more about the Law of Attraction and gain a basis of understanding for some things you may have heard about the law and how to use it.

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choose from. And you can listen on your iPhone, your Android, your Kindle, or your mp3 player. Now, here’s the show. Hey, everybody, welcome to the show. So I’m sitting here, I’ve just got some tea. And it’s so nice. Even though it’s November, it’s so nice here in Atlanta, I actually have all my windows open. And as I was waiting for my water to boil, I was kind of looking out the window and I can hear the leaves falling and my yard is covered in leaves, like covered hundreds, thousands of leaves, everywhere. And I thought, you know, it’s funny, because when the leaves fall off the trees, we don’t freak out, we don’t run out into the yard, with our hands to this guy going Oh, no, like all of the trees are going to be bare forever. We don’t we know. And we trust that when the time is right, it will be renewed. And the tree will have a whole new set of leaves to share with us. And I just started thinking about that as I was waiting for my team because I thought how many times when something goes wrong, or something doesn’t work out the way we want. We freak out. And we think like oh my god, this is it. This is the end, we’ve screwed up, nothing better is ever coming. And so many times,

all the time, what we need to do really

is look to nature for the reminder that all things get renewed. Anyway, that deep thought, but I’m going to get into the show now.


today we’re talking about the law of attraction. And I had several episodes on

the podcast where we talked about the law of attraction.

But as we start moving forward to some new stuff, and more on the spiritual side, and even the metaphysical side, I wanted to do an overview of the law of attraction. And that, that could be really great for those of you that are just new to the show, or new to law of attraction. Or if you just didn’t have a really firm grasp

on the law of attraction based

on what we talked about. On the few episodes that I’ve had on previously. Now, the guests I had on before were amazing. And they gave really interesting perspectives. And so after you listen to this, you may want to go check those out. It was Episode 39 with Kelly Cooper, and I think it was Episode 60 with Chelsea. So if you like this episode, or you find it helpful, please share it, leave us a review on iTunes. Alright, so I’m going to get into where the law of attraction really came from. And then I’m going to go into what it really is, and then how to actually start using this technology for yourself so that you can actually improve your life. So let’s start with right now and how we’re starting to hear more about this today. I feel like we’re hearing

more about law of attraction.

I believe that people are becoming awake to a new way of living. And in that whole process, the law of attraction has gotten

kind of stirred back up.

I think it was, I don’t know, maybe like 12 or 13 years ago, when the movie, The Secret came out. That movie was super popular. And I believe it was a lot of people’s first introduction to the law of attraction. I remember it was on Oprah. So everybody was talking about it at work and at the gym everywhere. I was actually working in the mortgage business at the time. And a realtor called me and asked me if I’d seen it. And I think at that point, I had heard the term floating around, but I really didn’t know what the movie was. So I got it. And I watched it. And I really liked it. I know some people liked it. And some people really didn’t resonate, it resonate with it at all. But I think that was because a lot of what was in the secret was focused on material stuff, right? It was using the examples of material stuff to help explain how to get what you want. Because so often we think of getting what we want as being stuff, right? In our culture. It’s like more stuff. And so a lot of people that they didn’t like that a lot of people like to that for me. I really just felt like it seemed sort of obvious and what I already knew to be true in my life and not about the stuff but about the actual law. So I didn’t necessarily love the whole stuff, emphasis on the stuff but I felt like the examples were good So I sort of glossed over the fact that it was all about physical possessions. But I did feel like there was something that was missing from the movie. So I remember at that time, you know, in the movie, they talked about doing vision boards. And I remember I did a vision board. And I remember, I felt like it was all very hollow. Like, that’s the best way to explain it. For me, just like really hollow, almost like there wasn’t a whole lot of substance to it. And so the movie, The Secret was a lot of people’s foray into the whole idea of the law of attraction from a conscious point of view. And I believe many people who are self aware, understand just inherently, that when things are going great, things continue to feel great. And when they have a bad day, things just seem to continue to go bad. So I want to get into the actual secret and how it was created. It was actually created by a woman named Rhonda burns, she actually made it for TV in Australia. And that’s my understanding, I’m open to being wrong about that. But I’m almost sure that it was for TV at the time. And she was working with Esther and Jerry Hicks to be on the show. Now, I’m going to get back to them in a minute, but just know that she was creating this movie for TV. And so she interviewed a whole bunch of people, one of whom was Esther Hicks. And in that discussion,

they used the word vibration, as I understand it, the word vibration, felt too woowoo to the producers, it felt too out there, it felt too metaphysical. And so they had to remove that in order to air it. Now, Rhonda ended up breaking ties with the Hicks with Esther and Jerry Hicks, and the movie went on without them actually in it. So she had interviewed a whole bunch of people.

A big part of it was Esther and Jerry

Hicks, they couldn’t come into an agreement, the Hicks felt like the word vibration had to be in there, Rhonda had to take it out, she took it out and removed the Hicks from the movie. So

so that so that’s one thing just to notice.


so she ended up breaking ties with them, the movie ended up going on becoming this big hit. But I believe that the reason that it felt hollow to me was because the explanation of vibration was missing. And so there seemed to be a step missing. So when the secret goes through everything you need to do to manifest whatever it is you want. It’s missing. The secret. The secret is the vibration. And so I’m going to talk a little bit about that. The other thing the secret fails to mention is aligned action. And I’m going to get into that as well. So here we have the movie, The Secret that’s basically described describes the law of attraction. And if you haven’t seen the movie yet, you can,

you can watch it on Netflix,

just to kind of tell you what the law of attraction actually is. If you haven’t seen the movie, the law of attraction is the idea that like attracts like that what you’re thinking becomes what happens in your life. So at a very elementary level, if you’re focused on good things, good things are going to continue. And if you’re focused on how terrible

things are in your life,

you’re going to continue to see more ways that your life is really terrible. Now, that’s the secret, let’s go back just a little bit farther, the lobbying talk goes back way farther than the secret way farther than abraham hicks. You may have heard of the book, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. It’s a classic, it’s close to 100 years old, it still sells out on Amazon. Many, many people read it, I read it every spring, it’s part of my ritual, I bring it back out, I read it, I always learn something new or find something that I didn’t even realize was in the book. Now an interesting thing to note is that the original manuscript of thinking, grow rich, included the word vibration, I think it was included, like 33 times and it was removed by the editors. So it seems to me like the secret that’s in thinking Grow Rich is still a secret, because it’s not in the secret and it’s not in the book. So vibration is actually taken out of thinking grow rich. So last summer. So now we have the secret. We’ve got thinking Grow Rich, which originated, you know, 100 years ago, so even before long before the secret ever came to be. And then last summer I read a book called The Master Key System. So this book is actually even older than Napoleon Hill’s book, and it was originally set up as a corresponding correspondence course. So it’s 24 keys, and each key was a different lesson that was sent in the mail. I got a book that included all of the keys and I got it on Amazon, but they have versions that have been edited kind To make them easier to understand with today’s examples are today’s vocabulary. But you can also get it as a download for free online, you can just Google it, it’s The Master Key System, I’ll have a link inside the show notes, it’s by Charles handle, The

Master Key System

is actually breaking down into 24 lessons, all of the bits and pieces of the law of attraction. So this book is over 100 years old, it’s breaking down how our brains and how our thoughts actually become the things that we have in our life. Alright, so now you might be wondering, maybe you’ve heard about Abraham Hicks. So let’s get

into that.

What, who are Jerry and Abraham, and Esther Hicks. So this is going to get a little metaphysical, but just hang in there with me, because regardless of what you think about what I’m about to say, the message can be really incredible and can really improve your life, regardless of what side of the fence you land on. Before I say this, I want you to keep in mind that our brains process 400 billion bits of information a second

400 billion, that’s what it be.

So our brain is processing and getting in 400 billion bits of information. But we are only consciously aware of 2000

of those.

So 400 billion bits coming in, we’re only aware of 2000 that leads me to believe that there could be a whole lot of things happening, that my five senses aren’t picking up. And I also believe that when I get like a gut feeling about something, or I meet someone, and I just sort of know the energy of that person, I know if it feels good, or if it feels bad, have you ever had that happen? So I believe that there are things that I pick up on that you may not. And you may pick up on things that I may not depending on where our focus is, with all those little bits of information that are coming at us from any moment to another. All right, so Esther and Jerry and Abraham, Esther Hicks is a woman who was getting into meditation every day, she felt a message coming to her in a way that she really couldn’t explain. And soon she started to channel. Now, if you’ve ever heard of Gary Xu coughs book, the seat of the soul, this it describes it really well. He says our mind is a cup. This isn’t a direct quote. So

it’s like from my memory. So

like our mind is a quote if our mind is a cup. our higher self is the gallon jug. And our higher consciousness is the bucket. All right. So Esther found that when she was meditating, she was able to dip into the bucket and hear

a higher message.

And after a little bit of time went by, she was able to speak that message. And so if you’re new to channeling, I’m going to talk about channeling in another episode. But there’s different kinds of channeling. The kind of channeling Esther does is called trance channeling, that’s where you actually tap into a bucket that is not yours. It’s more of like a collective consciousness. And you’re able to speak that it’s almost as if Esther steps aside and allows something else to use her body to speak the message. Okay, so there’s Esther, she’s channeling a group of entities. So she’s not channeled. She’s channeling from this larger bucket. That is how she describes it a group of entities. So not a person of group of entities, a group of energy that she calls Abraham. And then we have Jerry, who is her husband, who has since died. But Jerry would ask the questions, and then Esther could simply channel the answers. So for years now Esther and Jerry

when he

was alive, but Esther still does this on her own now travel all over the world and meet with groups of people where people can ask questions, and Abraham will answer. Now, when I first heard Abraham or heard of Abraham, I saw quotes online.

It was like on Instagram, I would see these really

amazing quotes that really rung so true and felt so uplifting, and they were credited to Abraham Hicks. And

so I didn’t really understand what that was.

I was a fan of the secret, but because Abraham wasn’t in the secret, I didn’t know who Abraham was. And then this past year, I saw another quote and I got finally got curious. And so I asked a girlfriend, and she told me she’d actually been to see Abraham. And she asked has asked questions to Abraham directly and I was like, wow, like when she told me I was like, how can that even be? So I went to YouTube, I googled or I YouTube googled Abraham Hicks, and I just started listening. Now, if you do this, you’re going to want to go to YouTube, look up abraham hicks and you’re going to see a million videos about every single subject you can imagine. So I like to just open up my YouTube at night and see sort of what comes because once you look up something, you know, YouTube will show you other videos. But if I’m struggling with something, I’ll actually go to YouTube put in abraham hicks and the thing I’m struggling with. So abraham hicks relationships, Abraham Hicks, anything you can think of food, Abraham Hicks dieting, Abraham Hicks work like career, anything

you can think of, there’s going to be

like 400 billion different

videos for you to watch. Okay,

here’s my trick. If you go, you’re gonna want to get an ad blocker. So for some reason, people Chuck those videos full of advertisements, you can get an ad blocker for free, I guess it’s because they get some get so many hits. But I found it really distracting to the message. So I kept having to stop make video and like listen to this ad. So download a free ad blocker, if you want to check that

out and listen to Abraham

without any kind of disruptions. So since that time, I have listened to hundreds of hours of Abraham. And in the beginning, I really listened close to see if Esther screwed up. Like how could this be like that’s what I could think of like, how could this be? I’m going to hear her say something, I’m going to hear her say like I instead of we or you know, I mean? So even though the message was so good, and so helpful. And it gives me this really new and fresh way to see the world this skeptic in me kept waiting for her to screw up. But after I don’t know, I mean, I’ve probably watched 800 hours at this point. But I haven’t ever heard a screw up. And the message is always on point. It’s always exact. It’s always exactly what the law of attraction teaches. It teaches how it works. It’s always hopeful, I believe. And she talks about, she talks about the easy stuff and the hard stuff, you know, so she’ll talk about food dieting, which to me is on the easier side

of difficult things.

And she’ll talk about evil and Hitler, you know, so she’ll, she answers all of these things as people ask her. And so there’s videos and recordings of it all. So

check that out. If you want to check it out.

It’s always

I think it’s always really helpful. It helps me get into a good vibration. I’m going to talk about that in a minute. But it always helps uplift me and make me feel really good. It goes back to focus, right? And the basic premise of this law. So all right, so we’ve got the secret. I heard about that, like 13 years ago, and about a year ago or so I heard about Abraham. But in between all that I read a book

called infinite possibilities by Mike Dooley.

Mike was in the secret. He’s like the bald guy that says thoughts become things. And when I was reading his book, that’s when it all started coming together for me. So what like when I was listening to Abraham Hicks, although I was mesmerized by the way the information was coming, the information itself didn’t feel crazy new to me. And I think a lot of that is because of the book, infinite possibility. So this book is really what set me out on my quest to start learning more, and really harness this technology for my life. You know, since that time where I read that book, like I mean, I sat at the pool for like two days and read it like non stop, like I get in the water because I’d be hot. But I was that person that was like walking with the book, getting in the pool with the book, like I didn’t move it away from my face for two days. Since then, I’ve learned a lot from Mike, I’m actually certified in his teachings, and I teach them to other people. I do that inside my course the infinite soul project. And I think of his work as expanding much more on the secret, but it’s not channeled, like Abraham. So for my brain, I think it was a really good segue into the work of Abraham. And it allowed me to really understand that work at a much deeper level. Now, an important thing to note is that this secret skips out on an important topic, and that is action. So we’ve gone over the secret, we’ve gone over some of the other books that I think kind of tie into that that are much older. We’ve gone over abraham hicks and infinite possibilities with Mike Dooley. I’m going to have links to all that stuff inside the show notes. And now I want to talk a little bit about this topic of action. So we can’t just will our desires into existence, right, we’ve got to take some action. So the problem with most people, I believe, is that they’re just on this like continual hustle. So the people that really wants it sasser really want, there’s this I got to work hard

to make things happen.

And this taking massive action is just taking any action. Like, they don’t care what it is, they just got to be on the hustle, right? But it’s not aligned with how they really think or they believe. And I think that stops the flow of the law of attraction itself. Alright, so I’m going to use this example, let’s just say that I want to be a famous singer, which if you’ve ever heard me sing,

you know that I do not. But let’s just say that’s

my intention. And I start to put that into effect, using what I know from the law of attraction. So I start focusing on being a singer, singer, I visualize that I imagine how great it will feel what it’ll look like I make a vision board. And maybe I even get into action, going into auditions to get my voice known, right?


if in my subconscious, I actually believe that I suck at singing, then my action is not matching my vibration.

Do you hear what I’m saying. So I’m doing all this stuff

that says Like, I really want to do that I’m going to be a singer. But deep down, or maybe even subconsciously without my realizing it, not my conscious self thinks this will never work. The vibration that I’m giving out, is this will never work. And I think that is why so many people have these goals, big goals, big ideas of things they want to do. And they may even be doing action towards them. But it doesn’t align with what their subconscious really thinks. And so they never get traction, or the going is so slow, or they feel like they’re spinning their wheels, they’re getting nowhere. And it’s because the universe, source energy does not move towards what you want. But it moves towards your vibration, about what you want. So let me say that again, if you’re not vibrating, having the emotion where your conscious desire and your unconscious belief that that can be true. If those two things are not aligned, if they’re not the same, then the law will not move in the direction you want. Because what you want is going in to the right, but what your subconscious is saying no, no, go to the left. And so the law of the universe will continue to bring stuff where you’re like, Oh my god, I keep going to the left, oh my god, why am I going to the left, I want to go to the right. That’s why because the law works really, really well. It’s perfect. And it’s always going to go towards what your vibration is not what you say that you want. Alright, now if you want a place to start to learn a little bit more in grab, get a grasp on the whole law of attraction thing, a really good place to start, I think is the abraham hicks book, it’s actually called the law of attraction. But here’s the trick, I have the book, and I’ve listened to it on Audible. And when you get it on Audible, it’s so great because you actually get the information as Esther is channeling it from Abraham. So you get to hear it, you get to feel the energy of the whole thing. So if you don’t already have Audible, you can go to audible trial, comm backslash live big. And that will give you a free book. So you can use that to get the law of attraction by Esther Hicks. Alright, so that’s the background, a little bit of the history of law of attraction, and a little bit about how it actually works, right. So the law of attraction is about like attracting like, but it’s not about what you consciously think it’s what you’re subconsciously giving off. Alright, so we’re gonna wrap up

today’s episode, because

I don’t want to overwhelm you, I’m going to do this in two parts. So this is sort of the basics, the background, sort of where you could go from here. But in our next podcast, we’re going to get into the more of a little bit more of this, like specifics of how it really works, what the science is behind it, why that works with your brain, and how to start shifting this a little bit steps you can actually take to start that shift so you can start actually using this law to your advantage. All right, I’ll see you on the next episode. Thanks for spending some time with me today. Remember, you can find me inside my facebook group at SS lB community.com as stands for start small, live big community.com. And as always, here’s a little message from my husband.

That’s it.

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