071: Understanding the Law of Attraction ( Part 2) - Betsy Pake

071: Understanding the Law of Attraction ( Part 2)


This is the 2nd episode in the series on the Law of Attraction. Please listen to episode 70 first to understand what we are talking about!

In this episode, we talk about the science of our brains and why the law of attraction works with our brains to create our reality.  We talk about how the LOA is actually a law, just like gravity and we get into some of the ways you can leverage this law to help you manifest the things you want in your life.

This episode is great for anyone who listened to the first episode in this series and still has questions or anyone interesting in the LOA but feels more comfortable understanding the science of our brains in relation to our reality.

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Welcome to The Art of Living big. I’m your host, Betsy Pake, and this podcast is designed to share interviews and new ideas to help you redefine what could be possible for your life. Now, let’s go live big. today’s podcast is brought to you by audible. Get a free audio book download and a 30 day free trial at audible trial comm backslash live big. There’s over 180,000 different titles to choose from. And you can listen on your iPhone, your Android, your Kindle, or your mp3 player. Now here’s the show. Hey, everybody, welcome back to the show. Alright, so our episode today is the second episode on law of attraction. So if you didn’t hear the last episode, you might want to go back and listen, especially if

you’re new to law of attraction.

In that episode, we go over the early works the books from 100 years ago that talked about the law of attraction, and saw out to teach that we talked about the movie, The Secret, sort of some of the pitfalls with that we went into who abraham hicks


and we got into what vibration is, and how that can affect your results in manifesting things that you want to see or have or be in your life. So now we’re back here. Now I want to talk a little bit more and get into the law of attraction and a little bit more into the brain side of things. So law of attraction, like we talked about is really it is simply like attracts like. And from a scientific point of view, it makes a ton of sense to me, we have a reticular activating system in our brains. So you know when you decide to buy a new car, and then everywhere you go, you see that car, or you’re pregnant, and then everybody you see is pregnant, I don’t even notice pregnant people anymore. When I walk around, it’s just off my radar. But I remember being pregnant, like 16, almost 17 years ago, and thinking like holy smokes, there must be a baby boom, everyone is pregnant right now. Right? That’s your reticular activating system, our reticular activating system is not conscious, it is in our subconscious. And our subconscious is 1000 times more powerful that our conscious mind. And I believe truly changing our lives starts at working to adjust and change those subconscious thoughts. So the key to all of the law of attraction, the key to manifesting the things that you want to

have in your life

is, is taking control of that which you’re unconscious of. So becoming aware of what your beliefs truly are, is hyper important when you want to make big changes in your life. So law of attraction is like attracts like, which makes sense with our brain science because of our reticular activating system. So an example of this would be when you wake up in the morning, and you feel like everything’s great, you’re in gratitude, you’re happy, you’re really excited about your life. And you start to see more things that match that experience, your coffee tastes especially perfect, your ride to work seems carefree, or the traffic doesn’t even seem to bother you. And then you get to work and you feel really happy to be there and you’re in flow. Life just seems a little bit simpler. On the other hand, there are days where nothing’s working out, everything’s going wrong, you stub your toe first thing in the morning, your car gets a flat tire, it feels like traffic is insane. Your phone isn’t working right, all of these things start to make you feel overwhelmed. And you start to feel like nothing is easy. In both cases, that’s the law of attraction. It’s really about the practice, getting what you want is really about the practice of changing your focus, and shifting your thoughts. So that you start to move your life more in the direction that you want to go. So it’s also a law of the universe, right? We call it the law of attraction. And it’s just as strong and true as the law of gravity or the law of motion or any of the other universal laws out there. So we have this law in place. And just like the law of gravity, if we can learn to understand it, then we can leverage it to make our lives better. Have you ever seen those dog bowls and you fill up what reminds me of like a big, like liter soda bottle and you fill it with water and then you tip it upside down and you pour it into the bowl and then the bowl refills just to the right height where it needs to be right and the dog goes and the dog drinks some water and then the water comes out of the liter bottle and it fills up the bowl a little bit more so you’re not constantly having to go over and fill up the bowl. Now, this whole little contraption is utilizing the law of gravity, right? Because we know how that works, we know that the water is going to fall down to the bottom of the bottle, not float up to the top of that bottle. We know when we tip it upside down, it’s all going to fall and drain out, it’s not going to float up. So it’s the law of gravity.


another thing I want to say is that when I’m tipping that bottle upside down, and law of gravity does its thing. And I don’t, my aim isn’t right, and the water spills a little bit on the floor. That doesn’t mean that gravity hates me, and that I deserved to have waterfall on the floor. All it means is that gravity is a law and it works. And that happened. Right. So I say that because many times people think with the law of attraction, that it only works some time it doesn’t, it works all the time. So if things aren’t going the way you want, just like we talked about in the first episode, it’s because your vibration, your subconscious, is actually geared towards the thing that you don’t consciously think you want. And if something goes wrong, it doesn’t mean you deserve it. It doesn’t mean you’re a bad person, it doesn’t mean any of that, it just means it’s a lot. It was following your vibration. So if we can learn to harness the vibration, then I believe the key to manifesting the life that you really want becomes much easier. And that begins with understanding your vibration, and then shifting your beliefs. So they support what you want. Now, you might be like, well, what is my vibration? What is that? The right your vibration is actually your emotions. Now, inside the infinite soul project, we get into the real detail of how to shift that and recognize it. But this is the general idea is that your vibration is your emotions. And so it’s this beautiful guidance system, that if I’m present, if I’m mindful, if I am aware of what my body is doing how I’m feeling at any given moment, I have a law talk on how the law of attraction could be working for me, I have a lock on what my vibration is.

Now, Abraham Hicks talks

about just living in default. And I believe that’s how a lot of us live, right. So I think that’s how I lived my life for a long, long time. And sometimes I still go back to default before I catch myself. I remember when my daughter was young, and life seemed super duper hard. I was single I got divorced when she was four. And I had to drop her off at daycare in the morning just so I could get to work on time. So they better they brought her to school. I pick they picked her up from school and then I picked her up from them at night. And I constantly felt like I was doing the mom thing wrong. So my own mom was a stay at home mom. She was there. She did stuff with us. She made us breakfast every morning. You know she did all this stuff at school went on all the field trips, like the whole deal. So every single morning, it felt like a struggle. I didn’t know why. I couldn’t figure out why I didn’t know what was going wrong. But I mean for like two years, she and I would fight like she was like six and seven years old. I mean, there were tears almost every single morning. I always felt like I was running too late to work, I had to have a lot of caffeine, just to make it through to like 10am. And then 10am would come and I would need like diet cokes. I was just drained. So I didn’t really feel like I was in control of my life. I was living in default.

I felt like I could work really hard. I was

totally in the hustle. And I think I was just doing so much like working myself to death that, you know, I was doing 10 things and maybe three of them were aligned with what I thought I should do. And those things are what propelled me because I was doing so much because I wanted to be successful in my job. But the flow was was never ever there right now. I went actually I met a friend for lunch a couple weeks ago. And we were talking about how long we’d been friends. And it had been since that time in my life. We actually met at that job. And I so I asked him Do you remember when we met because I don’t even know how that happened. We worked in totally different departments and it was a big company. And he told me that he met me because I was in the break room. And he came in and he said I just started talking like to him so he thought well, maybe I know her but then he realized pretty soon that he didn’t know me. But I told him I was having a smoke break even though I didn’t smoke but because everybody who smoked got extra breaks and so I was just coming into the break room for my smoke break. Now it kind of made me laugh. When he said that, but when you’re in flow, when you are not living in default, when you’re in control, you don’t need a smoke break that you don’t need. Like, you don’t need to get away from your life like by 1030. Because you’re in flow, and you’re enjoying what’s happening and you feel connected to it. So I laughed when I heard that story, just because I was like, oh man talk about living in default, like truly just trying to make it to the end of the day. And also, looking back, I think I was on the higher vibe side of living, like I was pretty happy, like I was chatting his ear off, I wasn’t like sitting in the corner, like, crying like I was pretty happy. In that way, like my general disposition was pleasant, right.

But I,

but I was still I was living in this default. So I think about the people I know that are unhappy, like they must be in default, living in default, and not even enjoying the little bits and pieces of flow that come to them. Right. And so I know that there are people out there really suffering and I know that this information can really help them. Now. It was Episode 68, it was the things I want to share with you are the things I want to tell you. That episode, I talked about how I wasn’t on the hustle anymore. So at this point in my life, I want to before I do anything, before I did this podcast, I first got into alignment, and then I got into action. Whereas in my previous life, I would have been like this is what I have to do, I have to do this and this and this and this. Now, I get into an alignment. And I do that in certain ways. I do that by listening to really great music and getting really happy and like jumping around my office, honestly, with my arms in the air and I jump around for like one song usually does it I feel in a good mood, and then I come in and I do whatever it is I had to do. And I find that the thing I have to do might take me 30 minutes. Whereas before when I was not in a flow, it would take me an hour and a half, and it wouldn’t be as good, right. So if I can be sure that my beliefs are clear on the thing I’m going to do, the action feels fun, and it makes me feel excited and happy. And then all those emotions tell me I’m on the right path. That’s when I take action. And then things move way quicker. There’s a quote by Abraham Lincoln that says, Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I’ll spend the first four sharpening the axe, I believe getting into an alignment is sharpening the axe. Now, even though I work really hard to get in flow, it does not mean that life is always smooth. And life is always perfect. Not at all. But now

when things go wrong, I don’t

see it as this like crisis that I used to when I was living in default, I see it more. And I actually call it contrast. So I’ll have a problem. And I’ll say, oh, I’ve got some contrast. And contrast, just using different words changes the way I’m seeing it and the way my brain is processing it. And the way my subconscious is storing it. So changing my words is going to start to change my subconscious and what I believe all right, so I see it more as contrast when things go wrong. And I get way more interested in it. So Hmm, this is happening. What don’t I like about this? Is any part of this good? Like what worked? What felt good? Did I know before it started that it wasn’t good? Like, I go back? And I think like was there something telling me? What made me move forward? Like I get really curious about it. And when I know what I don’t want, it makes it so much easier to understand what i do want. So, you know, before I met my husband, I was single

dating, but single for

almost 778 years, probably. And I would date people and when things would go wrong, I would go ooh, I don’t want that. Now I know I don’t want that. So now it’s super clear what i do want. So by the time I met my husband, or started dating my husband, then it became it was just really clear. And he probably came to me because I got super clear on what it was I really wanted. So I was sending that vibration out into the universe. And lo and behold here is so when things go wrong, think of it as contrast. And that way you’re going to see it as more of an opportunity and a more more of an opportunity to know what you do want and to get in flow. And the more and more and more you do that, the more you’re going to be in control and understand how that really happens for you. Now, when we first start working with this, you might notice that you have a lot of momentum in one direction or another. So you might like I have a girlfriend who just doesn’t have a weight problem, right. She says she’s just

never been an issue for It’s easy.

She just had

twins just a couple years ago. And and you know, you’d never know it in a million years. So her belief is that that it’s easy for her. So she has no issues with her weight. Now she’s created some momentum behind that. So her whole life, she said, weights not an issue for me. So when she had twins, her body said, weights, not an issue for me. And so she immediately lost any weight that she may have gained when she was pregnant. Now, she reinforces that her subconscious continues to believe her, because every time she puts on clothes, they fit exactly the same, right? And then she has this belief that and her body responds appropriately. Now, I will gain and lose 10 pounds plus, I’m short. So it looks like 30. But wait a minute, did you hear my belief system there, so I gain and lose 10 pounds. And it looks like 30, right? So I might gain and lose 10 pounds. But my but my belief system is that it looks like 30. And so my body makes sure to make my face puffy, it makes sure to put the weight in my face so that it looks like 30, which will reinforce my belief that that’s true and running around we go right? It’s the law of attraction. Now, I have momentum behind that some people don’t have weight issues, there’s no momentum behind that. There’s no momentum to have any kind of issue with that. But it might be harder for them to get their finances in order, or they may always have the same relationship issues, right. So the weight thing that might be hard for you to swallow, you might be thinking like, well, it’s calories in and calories out, or whatever it is you’re thinking whatever your belief is about that that might be harder for you to swallow, because that’s your belief. And that it’s all out of your control. It’s all about your body type, or it’s all about what you’re eating or whatever. But what I’m saying with the weight issue is that


brain is telling my body maybe to make me puffy or to put the weight in certain spots,


So my brain is crazy powerful, way more powerful than we’re aware of, we only use what is it like five or 10% of the capacity of our brain. So there’s all this portion of our brain that we’re not even using. So I absolutely believe that my brain is affecting my body. Right? Absolutely believing that we talked a little bit about that in the emotion podcasts that we did. So you might have an issue with finances. That may be where your momentum is, right money burns a hole in my pocket, or maybe it’s your job, you can’t get ahead. Or maybe it’s something that really supports you maybe you believe things always work out for me. I have had that belief for a long time. And I’ve seen it come true over and over and over again, my sister and I actually laugh about it that no matter what happens, something good always ends up happening to me that things always work out that I’m lucky. So start paying attention that is a good place to start is start paying attention to the words you’re using the things you’re thinking what you really think about the thing, right? So you’re going to go for a run, but in the back of your head, you think this isn’t even gonna matter, right? So be aware of that. You may think it’s insignificant, but I’m telling you, it’s changing your vibration ever so slightly. And that is changing the way the law works. Okay, so remember, it’s all about the vibration of what you feel not the words you say. So you could say, okay, Betsy, then I want to lose weight, and I want to do it easily. But if the feeling if the emotion underneath what you’re saying, if the vibration of what you’re saying is that you want to lose weight. Do you hear the difference in what I just said? So if you want something so bad, what’s the vibration I’m sending out right now? I want I just want to lose weight. That’s, it’s a lack, isn’t it? It’s like a set. It’s a fear. It’s like, I don’t really have this, this isn’t working for me. Right? You could hear it in my voice. That’s the vibration I’d be sending out. It wouldn’t be I want to lose weight. No, it’s the it’s the lack of this that I’m sending out and that’s changing my vibration. And so what’s the universe going to do? It’s going to start showing me more and more places and more experiences where I need to lose weight. Right? my jeans are going to fit funny I’m going to feel like I’m stuck in a sausage like whatever that is. So wanting is a different vibration than having all right, wanting is a different vibration than having so now you understand that your subconscious belief is what’s creating the the the true emotion which is adding to your vibration, which is what the universe is picking up on. Right But they’ll wanting is different than having. So if there are things you think, Okay, well, I want to have these four things in my life, you have to be in the vibration of already having those things. Now this is where it gets tricky. So the idea, wait, the money, the love the security, whatever it is for you. That is when the law of attraction goes to work to bring it to you. The best way that I can think of to describe this is when I feel lack of it, is when I need to shift my vibration to the having of it, that’s what alerts me, then I know I’m in the best place to receive the best place to achieve the thing that I want. And that’s when I’ll start seeing the evidence that the thing is really happening. And when I start to see little things that I go what’s really happening, then that reinforces in my conscious, which tells my subconscious. And that reinforces my vibration, that I’m already receiving it, which takes away the want. Because I believe it’s there. And I know it’s coming. You know, when I was pregnant with my daughter, I remember I found out I was pregnant. Like we had a shower like I planned, we painted the baby’s room. Like we got really excited, we talked about it, we picked out our name like we knew it was coming, right? I wasn’t like concerned, well, maybe I’m not pregnant, maybe this isn’t really happening. Like that never happened to me. And so when we have something that we really want, and we have something that we’re working to shift our vibration, and we have something that we’re trying to use the law of attraction to help bring to us, we have to act as if we’re pregnant with it, don’t worry about it, set the intention and then prepare, do the things you’d have to do so that when the thing arrives, you’re ready. Right? So if you want to manifest more money, then what does somebody that has a lot of money have? Well, they have a really great budget, they probably have a financial planner, and you

might not be in the position to get a financial planner, but you can google some and have a have a plan for it. You know, think about all the things that the person does, that has the thing. So I thought about what do all the people that are moms, what do they need, they need to have a stroller and they need to have the room ready, and they need to in so that’s what I did I prepared. So you need to be acting as if you’re pregnant with the thing that you want to have. So the trick really, is to be as happy as you want to be without the wanting energy of something additional, needing to happen in order for you to be happy. So that’s when things really start flowing into your life so beautifully. And many times when I’m talking with people, and they’ll say so you want me to be as happy as I am when I have the thing, but then it doesn’t matter if I get the thing. And that is exactly it. So if you can be happy, as if happy as if you had the thing, because that’s, that’s why we want different things, right? Because we think that will make us happy. If you can become happy first. That’s when it’s easier for the thing to come to you. Because then you’re in the vibration, of being happy and having these things in your life. And all of a sudden, you’ll go oh my gosh, that’s so weird that this happened. And that’s so strange that this happened. And and it’s not, it’s all the law of attraction coming. So feel good. Focus on gratitude. And I’m going to continue to share more ways to help you create this in your life in a conscious way so that you can actually become the creator of your life instead of living in default. Now, thanks for listening. If you got something out of this episode, please share it with a friend and head to our Facebook group so that I can hear how things are going with this, what kind of things you might be struggling with, and I would love to be able to address it all on a future episode some manifesting mistakes when I know what kind of trouble you guys are running into. So thanks so much for listening. We’ll see you on the next episode. Thanks for spending some time with me today. Remember, you can find me inside my facebook group at SS lB community.com as stands for

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with big community.com. And as always,

here’s a little message from my husband.

That’s it.

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