Deb Thompson is a Psychologist and Integral Master CoachTM who empowers women to shed shame and build nourished lives so they can savour lasting weight wellness. This is a journey she knows firsthand. Six months to her 40th birthday, in 2003, Deb was carrying 222 lbs. on her 5’5′ frame. The vicious circles of fatigue, discouragement, inactivity, overeating and overworking had her absolutely stuck. A huge pivot was to seek weight loss on behalf of being worthy of wellness and vitality, rather than to become worthy. Deb began to nourish herself with good food, movement, play, rest, belonging and meaningfulness, developing new habits and mindsets, ultimately allowing her to lose and keep off 85 lbs for over 13 years now. She has recently created Your Nourished Life as the offspring of her own journey and years of counselling and coaching women who struggle with weight.  Deb offers 1:1 coaching around the world via videoconferencing. You can taste her approach with a free email mini-course: Eff Overeating — The Five Day Fix (sign up at, and join her Facebook group for thoughtful, whole-hearted, full-bodied women seeking a compassionate, creative and customized approach to weight wellness.

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