116: Accessing Your Limiting Beliefs: Power of subconscious series - Betsy Pake

116: Accessing Your Limiting Beliefs: Power of subconscious series


I have had so many questions about the subconscious and how to access this ‘secret’ part of our brain so we can make changes more easily in our lives. I am happy to help you do that, but it is a powerful thing to be able to access this for yourself and begin to make these changes in your life when you need them.

You probably already know that our belief systems are lodged in our subconscious and so, similar to a computer, it’s a program running over and over again.  It makes decisions on what actions to take in your life and how you see the world.

In today episode, I share with you a process to begin to get clear on what your belief really is and to be able to identify the ones that are truly holding you back. This is part of a series, as I want to break it down and walk you through the steps so that by the end of the series, if you’ve followed along, you are beginning to see the changes manifest in your outside world and you know it’s directly from the shifts you’ve made internally.

If you enjoyed this episode, please share it with your friends. I would love to see more people released from the idea that they are captive to belief patterns ingrained in them at a young age.




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