116: Accessing Your Limiting Beliefs: Power of subconscious series - Betsy Pake

116: Accessing Your Limiting Beliefs: Power of subconscious series


I have had so many questions about the subconscious and how to access this ‘secret’ part of our brain so we can make changes more easily in our lives. I am happy to help you do that, but it is a powerful thing to be able to access this for yourself and begin to make these changes in your life when you need them.

You probably already know that our belief systems are lodged in our subconscious and so, similar to a computer, it’s a program running over and over again.  It makes decisions on what actions to take in your life and how you see the world.

In today episode, I share with you a process to begin to get clear on what your belief really is and to be able to identify the ones that are truly holding you back. This is part of a series, as I want to break it down and walk you through the steps so that by the end of the series, if you’ve followed along, you are beginning to see the changes manifest in your outside world and you know it’s directly from the shifts you’ve made internally.

If you enjoyed this episode, please share it with your friends. I would love to see more people released from the idea that they are captive to belief patterns ingrained in them at a young age.




You’re listening to Episode 116 of The Art of Living big. Before we get started, I wanted to thank the people who have taken time to review or leave a comment on iTunes about the show. This show has been so fun for me to do. But there’s nothing better than knowing that there are ears on the other side that hear me that get it and that you want to hear more. This week I read a review from Dr. Bob and it says I recently found Betsy podcast while searching for one piece of information and got hooked. Now I’m devouring all the back episodes. I love that in this space. So overwhelmingly dominated by male perspectives. There is an approachable feminine guide to taking action in my life. Also, Betsy has a fantastic voice. Thank you, Dr. Bob. I am so happy I threw some confetti and jumped up and clicked my heels together when I read that review. So thank you so much You guys are making my day. Now on with the show. Welcome to the art of living day. I’m your host Betsy Pake, and this podcast is designed to share interviews and new ideas to help you redefine what could be possible for your life. Now let’s go live big. Last week, I noticed that Kylie Jenner was on the cover of Forbes and about to become a billionaire. Now, in case you don’t know who Kylie Jenner is. She is the youngest sister of the Kardashian clan. So she’s just about to turn 21. And she has got a social media following of millions, like literally she’s got like 100 and 11 million followers on Instagram. When I saw that I was like I didn’t even know if there were that many people on Instagram. And she’s got 25 million more on Twitter, her social media posts have been valued at over $1 million. So that means every time she posts something like she’s wearing your clothes or holding your drink or saying something about your product, it’s worth 1 million in sales. So lover or hater, she is an influencer. So when I saw that she was about to break the billion dollar worth barrier, I wasn’t really surprised. At the same time, I was surprised like a billion dollars, like that’s the be, she’s 20. So as with all things that cause people to have feelings, there was a debate that I started seeing, stirring online about how much help she had and how her family is sellouts. And everything they do is for the money, how she didn’t really do this, her fame did it, or how maybe like just maybe she wasn’t even the one earning it. And so it shouldn’t be on her. That’s the cover of Forbes, maybe it was just luck. And her family. Mostly, I just heard it was all about her family. And so I started thinking about this. So I started thinking as I often do, and I go like way down the rabbit hole like dissecting this, and the idea of being self made, because that’s how Forbes labeled her self made billionaire. And I want to talk about that just a little bit because you probably have views or opinions on Kylie Jenner. And I wonder if they could be clues

into how you’re living your life and something that might be holding you back. And and this episode is really the first in what I want to do of a series of identifying your power and tapping into the power that you have. Now, there’s a whole side to the whole, Kylie Jenner self made argument that I think, is really just self serving. So I think it’s to make people feel better, that she’s accomplished something so grand, whether you want a lot of money or not, I think you’d be hard pressed to find somebody that didn’t care about money at all. Because we exist in a physical world and we need it. We need it for safety, we need it for security, like we need it to feed our families. And when we don’t have it, there is a level of stress that surrounds us that is so uneasy and uncomfortable. So when somebody else does something really grand, and it seems like from the outside really easy, then we want to believe that that isn’t real or possible, it makes us feel better to think that they were just in the right place at the right time, or it was their family. But I also think there’s something more here, and that’s what I want to talk about today. So to become a billionaire, or to become something more, we must believe that we are capable that we are worthy and that we have access to reach something outside of where we are. The problem is that as I see it is that most of us struggle with getting too out far out too far from the edges of where we already are. I actually think that was the issue people had like they had an issue with her being a self made billionaire because they were like that’s really her family. That’s her family that leveraged all of that. But is anybody really self made all of the beliefs, all of the ideas you have right now for what is possible for you and what isn’t? is probably from your family. And so maybe her concepts, her subconscious beliefs about what she’s worthy of, but she has access to what she’s capable of, is totally different than ours. Yes, she has a social media following. And yes, she had a lot of benefits surrounding her.


so did I. I mean, I don’t have a family worth billions, and a social media following, but I had pretty simple and easy access to college. That’s something a lot of people would say, as leverage. I had a family that supported me and loved me. I mean, a lot of people would say, That’s leverage. So what’s holding me back. And so I’ll ask you what is holding you back. And so I want to talk a little bit deeper into that. Now most people, like although there’s exceptions to this rule are living their lives within the same standards of living that you grew up with. So like, I mean, I get it like the Times have changed. So middle class, for you growing up may have meant a different middle class than you live right now. But something is grandiose as a billionaire, or even a millionaire. That may seem really far fetched. And this doesn’t have to just be about money. I’m using money as an example. Just because of because of Kylie being a bill billionaire. So let me ask you, though, are you a millionaire? Do you make seven figure income each year? Did your parents Okay, so if they didn’t, and you don’t, what do you make? Is it that much different than your parents? Have you gone to one of those salary converters to find out what your parents made in the 70s or 80s, or 90s, and how it equates to income today, to your income today, I believe we rise to the standards of which we were raised in all things unless we actively do something to change that programming. And we can, that is an actual doable thing. But it takes consciousness and effort to shift into move towards something new. Because by the time we’re like about seven or eight, then we have built a whole world with edges and thresholds that keep us right where we are, which in some cases isn’t bad at all. But maybe you want a little bit more, or maybe you just want different. So I want to give you some ways that you can access the power of your unconscious mind and start to push the boundaries of what’s possible for your life once and for all. So we’re going to do this, I think this is going to take a couple episodes. So I think we’re going to be talking probably three or four episodes. But I want to walk you through where if you can do the lessons, if you can do the activities every week, by the end of this three or four week process, you will actually begin to start seeing changes, you’ll start seeing things that are showing up on the outside showing up in your life differently in that amount of time. Okay, so let’s just keep recap, just a few things. So we’re on the same page, we have duality in our minds. So we have our conscious, and we have our unconscious minds. So these two minds have been been called a lot of different kinds of things. Like Nobel Peace Prize winner, Daniel Kahneman. He calls it fast thinking and slow thinking brains. I’ve heard it called consciousness and unconsciousness, or subconscious is what I call it. I’ve heard it called automated brain and clear thinking brain, although I know a lot of people that are working from their conscious brain that aren’t clear thinking. So I don’t know about that one, waking and sleeping minds. So there’s a lot of different ways to describe this. So how you think about it, that is fine. So if you think of it a little bit differently than me, it’s fine. You know what I’m talking about. And I want you to just think through the actual concept with me. So what’s important to know is that you have one mind that you’re aware of, it’s really who you think you are. So right now, as you’re consciously looking about the world, and making judgments and making decisions, and hearing my voice and all of those things, that’s your conscious brain. So it’s kind of what you think of as your personality. So oddly, this only covers about 5% of your thinking, or your vibrating that you send out into the world. So think about that. If you’re a longtime listener of the show, you understand a little bit more about vibration. And we always try to affect our vibration and be in flow and be in alignment. But if that’s only 5%, that means there’s 95% that is vibrating unconsciously. And so we try to do these things and try to do these things and we’re like, why isn’t anything changing? Why aren’t things going the way I want? I’ve been thinking good things. But your subconscious may be thinking something totally different. And it’s doing that to protect you. So it’s totally doing that to help you, because it thinks that it’s keeping you safe. Okay, so 95% of your mind is working, vibrating, making decisions, forming your reality that is totally out of your control day to day. Yeah, I mean, out of your control, it’s running on automation. So it was formed when you were young, based on what people said around you what they thought, and the more important that person was to you, like if it was your mother, or your father or a sibling, then the higher the value you probably placed on it. And that become became more embedded in your unconscious brain. And this is what’s creating the experiences that you’re having right now. Now, you do influence this automation machine, and that is with the thoughts that you constantly think so even if you’re not seven anymore, and living with your parents, you are still creating an imprinting on your subconscious. So you’re doing that all the time. If you have an experience that is constant repetition. Every morning, I get up, I look in the mirror, and I say I look fabulous today, that is an imprint that’s getting re imprinted and re imprinted and re imprinted, because it is something I’m doing daily. If I look at my face, and go, Oh my God, look the wrinkles like I’m imprinting that too. I’m getting old, I’m getting old, I’m getting old, that is imprinting. Now, if I’m doing something out and about and I have a really intensely emotional experience that’s going to imprint to, so repetition and high emotion are going to imprint on this subconscious thing. That is that is making the decisions and running this automated loop underneath the surface, right. So those affirmations or shifting of your words, they absolutely do help. Because your unconscious brain listens to your conscious brain, and it hears what you repeat what it thinks is important. And then it holds the imprint of that


So if you wonder what your unconscious is thinking, I want you to, and that’s something I’ve had people say to me, like my coaching clients sometimes will say, I don’t know, I’m not sure what program is running. Well look around your life, taking inventory on how things are going for you. Are things going really good. Now, things aren’t always going to be perfect. There’s always things to work on. But I want you to notice what’s working, what isn’t working? In what way are those things not working in your favor? Is that just now or is that a pattern you always have? It is your world within that is creating the world without. So if you want to know what you’re actually saying vibrating at, then look at what’s happening around you, I want you to really experience your power. And in in you have yet to recognize or realize the power that you have, I think most of us I’m included in that don’t don’t recognize or don’t realize how much influence and power I actually have that I can use every single day to change the outcome of your life. Now I’m actively daily reprogramming, consciously reprogramming to see and to test this and see how I can shift things and what can change. And there have already been some really incredible changes, and things that are shifting that I’m excited to share. But you understand that whatever you habitually think sinks down into your subconscious mind, once your subconscious mind accepts an idea, then it begins to execute on that idea. And it gets really creative, it’ll start to show you a path or actions that you can take, you know, when we talked about aligned action action, that feels really good. And it feels like the next right thing.

Well, that’s just action that’s

congruent with your deep seated beliefs in your subconscious, which is the seat of your emotions and your creative mind. So if you take this inventory of your life, and you see that there are areas you want to fix, this is what I want you to do. So the first step is really to take this inventory and you can do it right now if you’re driving in the car or just listening, you know, in a place where you can’t write anything down. But like just go over the areas of your life, like how are things going? Do you have a really great relationship right now? Is there something about it you’d like to fix? There always is, but your life isn’t going to be perfect. So don’t feel like this is bad. If you’re finding things this is really good if you’re finding things. So is there something you’d like to fix about your relationship? Is that a pattern? Is that something that always comes up that you’re like, Oh, dang, that comes up in every relationship. I

never realized that.

Or is it with money.

Now money is a tricky one, I’m going to do an entire episode on reprogramming your consciousness around money. Because I believe money, it’s actually about worth, it’s about your own worth your self worth. And if we can reprogram some of that, you’re gonna start to see changes in your money. So, but I want you to notice, take an inventory on that maybe your friendships, maybe your career, how do you always interact with your bosses? Like what’s coming up for you that you don’t like? where you’re like, Oh, my life would be perfect if I didn’t have this. But once you got that fixed, you’d find other things that didn’t make your life perfect. But you know, maybe it’s your weight, like, what is it? So take this inventory of your life, and see the areas you want to fix. And I want you to write them down. So you can pause this now, or you can just do this later, okay? So you have ideas of what isn’t feeling good for you. But what I want you to do is I want you to go deeper, I want you to understand the core of the thing, okay? Now this can sound really daunting, because how do you really know that you’re even at the core of the issue or what the issue is, so making more money, it might be about having a job that you love, but maybe it’s about your self worth. So maybe it’s about what you think you could make? Maybe, maybe it’s about what you think you could make based on your career. So maybe when you think about money, you automatically hear a little voice in your head that says, Well, people that do my job only make around this much money, right? So I want you to get clear on what the actual limiting belief is. Now, to make this less daunting, I want you to use the power of your subconscious that already knows exactly what your issue is. It does, it knows what that limiting belief is, and it knows why it’s keeping you there. It’s doing it to keep you safe. So to get to the bottom of it, I want you to ask your subconscious. So I want you to come up with a list of the things that you’d like to fix or change in your life things you were we wish were different. And then if you kind of know I think this, I have an idea this is probably about this,

write that down.

If you don’t know, you do know, it’s just not in your consciousness yet. So we’re going to ask your subconscious. So you’re going to get some a list of some things that you’d like to understand. Now you can do this about anything. We’re just talking right now about identifying some limiting beliefs. But you can do this about anything in your life that you’re trying to figure out and you don’t know the dang answer, and it’s driving you nuts. This is what you’re gonna do. So a great time to do this is right before bed. And I’ve talked about this in a previous episode, right when you first wake up in the morning, or right before you go to bed is when you are most able to access your subconscious belief system. What I want you to do is to just let your subconscious know what you need it to understand. And it’s going to go to work while you sleep because your subconscious never sleeps, and it’s going to come up with the answer for you in the morning. Now remember, as we drift off to sleep, our brainwave states start to change. So we’re more able to access and communicate with your subconscious than when you’re fully alert like going about your day and you’re in this like beta brainwave life. Okay. So before you go to bed, this is going to be a time where you’re going to have to listen to those like sleep suggestions that people say like don’t turn off the computer or turn off your phone, like I want you to do all that and I want you to relax, I want you to get a glass of tea, I want you to chill, I want you to feel yourself exhale, you can do some heart centered breathing, there’s a video that’s going up on my YouTube channel This week on how to create a heart brain coherence. And you can find that by going to my YouTube channel, if you go to just Betsy live.com, that’ll bring you right to my YouTube channel. And then I want you to put a notepad by your bed. Then before you drift off to sleep, I want you to say to yourself, my subconscious knows the answer is responding to my requests for clarity now, and it will reveal the perfect answer to me. If you want the subconscious to help out, you must be clear on the request

and ask for its cooperation.

So you’ve got your list there, and you’re going to just let it know, I know that you know the answer subconscious. And I want you to give me that clarity now. So here’s what’s going to happen is you’re going to some of you might be immediately go like I don’t know the answer. Okay, if I knew the answer, Betsy, I wouldn’t be sitting here. I’m just blocked. I’ve been trying to find this answer for a long time, right. Have you ever said this? Like I I’m blocked right now. So don’t say this to yourself. I know you’re gonna want to and if you do, it’s okay. But you’re gonna, you’re going to keep going. So here’s the thing. Don’t say to yourself, I don’t know the answer. I’m blocked. Why can’t I figure this out yet, you do know the answer. And you know exactly what to do. It’s just not in your awareness yet. So we’re going to ask for it to come into your awareness so that you can go about creating a new belief structure around this. If you find yourself throughout the day saying, I’m blocked, I can’t figure that out, I want you to notice that to write that down, because that’s something that we want to work on too. And something that you can do immediately is say, if I’m, if I’m, if I’m having this moment, where I’m like, Oh, my God, why can’t I figure this out? I’m so blocked about this. Yet I know things are shifting and my subconscious knows the answer. Do you see how I just made the sentence longer. And I added that our words are super important, you guys, more important than then you realize it is what creates and forms the thoughts and beliefs in your head, the language is super important. So I want you to really be conscious of the words you’re using when you want to access this. So So you’ve got this Notepad, that’s going to be by the side of your bed, and I want you to have it there. Because you might wake up in the middle of the night with like a thought or an idea, or a vision, I want you to just write it down. So first thing in the morning, write down what you remember from your dreams. Or if you wake up in the middle of the night, and it’s something that you go, Oh, I just had that dream about Kylie Jenner, or whatever it is, I want you to just write it down. In the morning, as soon as you wake up, see if you can grab that pad of paper. Like before you’re fully awake, don’t brush your teeth, or any of that. I mean, the moment you roll over and you’re awake, think about what you’re thinking and I want you to write it


Your subconscious mind is going to begin to work with you in code. So it uses images as symbols to help you especially when the information that it’s trying to share, it could be really emotional or too upsetting to just appear to you really abruptly. So many times your subconscious will pick a symbol from the past and use that to start to talk to

you. So for example,

many times when I first started doing this, I would I would have dreams that involve ginger ale, this is so strange. Now to you, ginger ale may just represent like the world’s greatest mixer, right? So maybe you think about ginger ale and you think about like a nice

night out or a good mule drink.

Now, to you that might it maybe it represents throwing up drummer when you’re sick, like they always give you ginger ale. So to you, it might mean any one of those things, you might drink it when you’re sick. But to me, when I was growing up, we weren’t allowed to have soda, but like once a month. And so my mom would, my mom would buy the soda. And I remember she would keep it in a cabinet like with the pots and pans. So it wasn’t like in the fridge or anything. And it was special. So like we could watch. I don’t know why I remember this. So clearly, we could watch Charlie Brown, and we could have some soda. Now my mom also only gave us like shredded wheat or Grape Nuts like that was my cereal growing up. And so I never had sugar cereal in my life unless I was at a friend’s house. Right? So magical. So when we got soda, it was only ginger ale that I got that that is my that’s the memory lodged in my mind. So for me, when I saw ginger ale in my dreams, that to me is a sign. It’s a sign to mother myself to do something special to be aware of how special something is. So do you see what I mean? So the signs for me might mean something totally different for you. So it’s fine to Google like dreams, my teeth are falling out or whatever it is, and see if that sparks something in you. But also remember that this is your mind trying to send you a specific message. So we open to hearing it, it might not show you a whole picture. But it’ll start to show you what you need to know. And as you begin to know what your symbols are, then your subconscious, it’ll sort of stop using them. And you’ll start to get information much more directly and

not always when you’re sleeping.

It can also come during other times of the day, you’ll just get a flash of something, it might be a flash of a picture or an image or it might be just a flash of a thought. So this is going to be a super important practice, starting this practice of identifying what you want to change. Finding out the belief system behind it and communicating with your subconscious about what you need from it is a great way to start the practice of accessing this incredible power that you have within you that is basically been laying dormant for a long time or unaware of your conscious mind unaware of it. So next week, we’re going to dive into specific practices, and some that you might be doing now but we’re going to tweak them so that they have increased leverage and help your mind start to work. quicker to create what it is you really want in this life now the power you have. It’s incredible and you’re learning to access it and once you do, that is when you will be living a big life. Now if you’re new to the whole idea of thoughts becoming things you might want to check out my infinite soul project. And you can find that on my website. It’s at Betsy Pake comm backslash soul. Thanks for listening.

And as always, here’s a little message from my husband.

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