118: Setting Goals Your Subconscious Likes - Betsy Pake

118: Setting Goals Your Subconscious Likes


Today’s episode starts to round out our series on the subconscious. This has been so much fun to share with you all over the past few weeks. I hope that it has served you and you’ve been able to create some shifts in your life.

The pattern for the NLP well-formed outcomes is as follows:

  1. what do I want the outcome to be?
  2. how will i know?
  3. what will i hear, see, feel?  Who will I have this result with?
  4. What stops us from having the desired outcome already?
  5. what are my resources?
Here it is where you can fill in the blanks:
it is now ____
and I have/am _____
I know this because i see __________
I hear_____
I feel_______
and I achieved this because I _______________


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