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119: Install Success Into Your Future With Time Travel


Today’s episode is part two of the final 2 episodes of my subconscious series!

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You’re listening to Episode 119 of The

Art of Living bag.

All right, so we’ve been doing this series on the subconscious, Episode 118 and 119 actually go together. So if you have not listened to 116, and 117, please start there. But if you’re just coming if you’ve listened to those, and then you’ve picked up this episode, go back to 118. I’ve released these two episodes at the same exact time. But I wanted this episode, the timeline episode easy for you to access in the future. So if you wanted to do this again, at another time, I didn’t want you to have to be fast forwarding through all the other stuff. Okay. So if you have listened to all that, and you’re here and you’re ready for the next part, where we’re actually going to access your subconscious and get into the timeline and install the new goal, what I want you to do is not be driving, I want you to have a quiet place where you can sit and preferably one where like, nobody’s around and can see you. So like a coffee shop might be sort of weird, but you could go sit in your car in the coffee shop parking lot, if that’s where you were. It’s just because we’re going to be doing some breathing and I just don’t want you to not do it because you feel a little subconscious self conscious. Okay. All right, cool. All right, let’s go to the show. Welcome to the art of living big. I’m your host, Betsy Pake. And this podcast is designed to share interviews and new ideas to help you redefine what could be possible for your life. Now, let’s go live big. Hey, everybody, welcome to the show. All right. So now we are going to get into the time travel, I’m excited for this. And I want you to be in a place where you can relax where you don’t feel like people are looking at you. And you can just really get into the moment. So hopefully, you have done the goal setting and you have that whole kind of vision mapped out in the process and the way that I described in the last episode. And now what I want you to do is just relax and just listen in, and you’re going to just use your brain to actually implant this into your future. So your subconscious actually has a memory, and it has a memory of your past, your present and your future. It’s true. So your subconscious already has a memory

for what’s to come.

So according to your subconscious mind, you have something going on, on that day that you picked in that hour that you picked in that minute. And so we want to put that memory already into the future into our timeline, so that we are actually programming our future to achieve the goal. And to get there with a whole lot more ease. Now, this whole process isn’t scary, you’re gonna be totally in control the whole time. It’s It’s nothing funky. It’s actually fun. And once you set up this timeline, for this particular goal, you’re not going to have to do it again, it’s going to be implanted. But you can come back and do it again for other goals moving forward. So if you liked this process, and you want to do it for something else, you can come back and walk through this implanting for another goal.

Now I want you to be sitting, not driving, and just relax. And what I like to do before I start all my coaching sessions, is simply breathe. So we’re going to take a few deep breaths, and we’re going to be breathing in imagining breathing in through our heart space.

And so a big deep breath in.

And we’re going to hold it

and relax through our heart. And another great big deep breath in

and hold

and really sit out.

Now we’re all familiar with a timeline, right? You know what that looks like, if you ever watched the news, and sometimes they have a graphic on there, with the timeline mapping out the sequence of different events that have taken place. So it’s typically like a line with like hash marks, typically, which signify something important. Maybe you even in school, you’ll remember in your history books, they would have a timeline. So if I were to ask you to think about this morning, when when you brushed your teeth this morning, could you think about that moment? If you imagined that you had a timeline outside of your body, could you point to when you brushed your teeth this morning? Now for me,

this is right in front of me just a little bit to the left.

There is no right or wrong.

So just think about where is that located? This morning when you brush your teeth. What about last week? If you brushed your teeth last week, could you point to that

Whereas it?

Is it to your left

to your right.

Maybe it’s behind you?

Is it down below? underneath where right now is? Remember, there’s no right or wrong, everyone has a different visual representation of their own timeline. And I just want you to begin to get aware of and get familiar with yours. Now, do you notice anything about the past? When you look at when you brushed your teeth last week? Is it the same height as the present? Or is it lower? Or is it higher? Now, what about next week? Next Friday, brushing your teeth? Can you point to that? Is it the same height? Or is that lower or higher?

What about the day you were born?

Can you point to that?

So now you can kind of see

your past, your present, and your future.

And you can see them outside of yourself

as if on a timeline.

Now, can you imagine all of these events connected with an imaginary line.

So my birth is connected through all

the other things I’ve experienced,

and things that have come up for me. And as it comes, it comes right in front of me, since that, for me is where my present is. and it moves for me far out to my right, as far as my eye can see. And then it sort of fades away. So notice what your timeline does. Does it go left to right? Does it go front to back? Does it go from the floor to the ceiling.

Now, I want you to take that for that timeline. And I want you to make it flat,

make it flat right on the ground.

So that you could take a step and walk on top of the line. So now you’re standing online in the present. I want you to turn and look towards your past. And I want you to notice all the little events that you can see bobbing up and down on the line. They might be different colors, or different brightness.

Some might be bigger,

and some might be smaller.

But as you look through your own eyes backwards onto your timeline into the past, you notice that it is chock full of moments and experiences. Now, I want you to turn and look towards your future.

Do you notice the same thing?

Is the line bright or dull?

Can you make out anything in the future?

Or does it all seem like a mystery? Can you see some of the events bobbing up and down glowing? Different colors. Remember, there’s no right or wrong, you are simply observing. Now I want you to think about the idea of the goal that you just created in your mind. I want you to see it as you stand right there on your timeline in the present. Remember what you will see, hear and feel when this goal is achieved. What is the last step that you will see to know that it’s real, that it’s here that you did it.


I want you to turn and face your future. The timeline is flat on the floor. And I want you to notice that you’re beginning to float. You’re floating up and you’re hovering over your timeline. You’re still in the now but you notice that your feet are no longer on the floor and you’re floating

and free.

It feels good.

You are seeing all of this through your own eyes and looking towards the date that you set on your goal sheet one year ahead, one year from now, at a specific time and location

where you knew you would be.

Let your subconscious know

that you want to see that date,

pop up on the timeline, or shine a light on the date, so that you see it, and you know exactly where you’re supposed to be.


you’re allowing your subconscious mind to show you this in whatever way it thinks is best for you. The easiest way for you to see it as a marker. Now, when you see it, I want you to move towards it, you’re floating, and you’re floating above the timeline. Notice the date as you approach and float right down the timeline, hovering over the date, and just be there. You are now at your date of accomplishment in the future. You’re standing there in that date, you floated down and your feet are firmly in that date. You’re feeling everything that you would feel when you reach your goal. on this date. At this time you smell what you would smell, you hear what you would hear, you see what you would see. And you feel what you would feel you know you’re here, I’m going to give you just a minute to get totally in that state. You can read your goal that you created to yourself if you’d like you’ll be able to stay relaxed, and be able to read and observe this day with complete confidence that it is happening at this point in the future where you are.

Now, I want you to make this picture brighter, bigger, more compelling. I want you to ramp up the feelings, I want you to see everyone that you would connect with that you know about this achievement, you feel amazing, you know you’ve accomplished the things you wanted to accomplish. And you feel good. Now I want you to double that feel good feeling.

And now I want you to double it again.

Take all of those feelings you feel and I want you to 10 times it right now. Now I want you to step out. And I want you to see yourself as if you’re watching a movie of yourself on this date, at this time, celebrating the moment and notice that it has been done. Float a bit out of the timeline, but still watch this event take place. Now, I want you to make this into a still picture. It’s bright and beautiful, and still has all the emotions attached to it. But you notice that it’s a picture of yourself that you’re looking at. It’s a picture of yourself achieving. You notice that it’s a memory. It’s already happened. Reach out to hold the picture floating above the timeline. And I want you to take four deep breaths. And we’re going to blow each of these four deep, energizing breaths of life into this picture. So breathe in with me. And as we exhale, we will be sending a ha breath into the picture. So looking at the picture and breathing, energizing it with your energy, deep breath.

And for the third time, a big deep breath breathing life into this memory. And the last one, you know your energy is in fusing with this memory and creating life.

Take that picture in your hand with all of this breath of life instilled in it and throw it down into the timeline below you. You notice when it hits the timeline, it glows a beautiful color and you notice everything on your timeline. starting to shift If you look ahead and you see things shifting, you rise up higher, and you look backwards. And you notice everything shuffling into place, moving and adjusting to support the achievement of this goal and how this achievement of this goal shifts everything that comes before it. And after it too, you see, and you know that this not only affects you, but it affects your family and other people around you, and it inspires others. It is now part of your memories. It’s part of your subconscious mind. It is now ingrained into your future, I want you to float back to the present. And as you float back, I want you to notice yourself sitting there, doing this exercise and move towards your body. Now. As you approach yourself gently hand back into the present and into your body, and into a feeling of supreme confidence that this goal will be achieved. It is inevitable, because you just made a change to your timeline, you have created the path for your subconscious to follow. And everything you do now is working towards the fulfillment of this achievement. You already have everything in you to achieve this goal. And your subconscious knows exactly what to do. And it will bring to you and into your awareness. All the things that you can take action on that is aligned with that future event.

And it works

to move you there in the quickest way possible for you. Whenever you are ready, I want you to wiggle your fingers, and wiggle your toes and take a deep breath and open your eyes and be aware of the room and where you are. So how is that? So we’ve installed that goal that you created in the last episode into this timeline so that your subconscious is aware of it, and will begin to work towards making that come true for you. Then what did you guys think of this work? I hope that you liked this series, I have gotten so many messages from you guys and Instagram messages where you’re really using this you’re like really starting to turn and think differently about things. And that for me is like super exciting. Okay, so as I was doing this episode, I was like, Ah, you know, I, I kind of like don’t want it to end like there’s so much more I could tell you. And there’s so many more processes that we could run together. And so I got this idea. If you go to my website, and you go to Betsy Pake comm backslash, no limits, I am going to do a four week course and it’s going to be live training, so you can join me and we can do more of these processes together. Now, here’s the thing is that these processes are going to be what starts to create the actual life that you want to see outside. So not just your internal, but it’s going to start to affect your external and I want to help that happen a whole lot quicker. So I devised a four week program, and it’s going to be delivered live. The first week, we’re gonna really dive into your subconscious and how it works, and how it affects manifestation and the law of attraction, we’re going to talk about how to create a super clear vision that your subconscious can actually follow along. And we’re going to understand the six laws of manifestation. Those aren’t laws that I’ve talked about on the show before. And so we’re going to get into those and how those really work with your subconscious. Then in week two, we’re going to dive into your past. So we’re going to do the past, the present and the future. So week two is the past and we’re going to go in to actually reprogramming past negative experiences or memories. And we’re going to do this work together. So it can be stuff that you do after we work together. But I actually want you running the processes. Well, we’re live. And then we’re going to create new ways to remind your subconscious of what you want to be aligned to. We’re going to talk more about charging your dream states to help you deliver on what you desire, and about how to get better answers from your unconscious. Then in week three are going into the now. So this is where we’re going to discuss the reprogramming of right now, the reprogramming of your subconscious for your ideal life. We’re going to talk about how to shift your state really quick, and then how to install an inner confidence that you can access at any time through the day. It’s almost like putting buttons on your body and we’re going to do some of that work on the call and how to create space for allowing in your subconscious and then The fourth week, we’re going to go into creating your desired future. So daily practices that can help you help keep you in that flow, how to identify and install habits that you really want. So if you have a habit, you know how you hear like, it takes 21 days, no, it can take 10 minutes, and we’re going to install the habits that you actually want. And we’re going to remove the ones that you don’t want. And we’re going to use more work, dive in a little bit more with the timeline stuff, so that we can like look forward, start to adjust. And I’m going to show you a really fast way to actually release anxiety intention about something that’s upcoming. So I do have a fast acting bonus for the first five people that join. So if you’re one of the first five people that join, you’re going to do a one on one call with me where we actually can uncover some of those Unlimited, those limiting beliefs. And then we’re going to I’m going to actually create a reprogramming just specific for you so that it’s something you can listen to every day to reprogram, sort of like the reprogramming audios that I do for myself that I’ve talked about. So if you’d like to learn more, go to Betsy Pake comm backslash, no limits. And remember, if you’re one of the first five people we can work together, just us one on one. And it’ll be awesome. So thank you so much for listening to the show. Thanks for being along on this series. If you’ve listened to it and you’ve liked it, please share it with a friend that means so much to me, and helps me get the word out to more people so that the work that I do can really impact more people.

Let me know if you’ve

done this timeline work, how it’s worked, how you feel afterwards, what some of your goals are. I’d love to hear from you over on Instagram where I am most of the time it’s at Betsy Pake,

and I’ll see you next week. But as always,

here’s a little message from my husband.

That’s it.


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