126: Releasing resistance, Books I love & How to share this with your kids


Episode 126: Thanks for listening to today’s Q & A episode!

I haven’t done a Q & A in a while but love all your questions so today, we get into releasing resistance to manifestation, I share some of the books I have been loving lately, and how to share some of this work with your kids.

The books I mentioned are:

A happy pocket full of money, By David Cameron Gikandi

Love yourself like your life depends on it.  By Kamal Ravikant

Rebirth: A fable of love, forgiveness & following your heart. By Kamal Ravikant

How to rule the world from your couch. By Laura Day


You’re listening to Episode 126 of The Art of Living big. So the last two weeks, I have been talking about your I am like what comes after the words I am or who you really think you are. And then we talked about if that’s really serving you. And then in the very last episode 125, we talked about how to reprogram that so that it does become the thing that you want to be and that it becomes easier for you to change and grow and to become the person that you really would like. So Lately, I’ve been liking starting the show with some feedback about the show, and I got a really good comment on the actual post on my website. And joy said, Oh, my God, I listened to these again, now she jumped back to the episodes like 116 17 118 and 19, that whole series on the subconscious. And she said, and when you talked about figuring out that song in in last week’s episode in Episode 125. So if you haven’t listened last week, I talked about how I called into my awareness, a band that I have not heard of, and thought of in like 25 years. And so it’s kind of a cool little story about how I called that into my existence. But she said, when you said that, I was like, Ha, that will never work for me. And she says, well, it just did. I asked my subconscious where my idea board was, and I totally remembered. It’s a real and so I love that quote, because when we can suspend disbelief, and just try some of this stuff. So it may seem far fetched to you, it may seem a little silly or wonky. But what if it serves you like what if it can really help you to begin to think differently about your life. And that’s really what we’re all about here at the Art of Living big. So let’s go to the show. Welcome to the art of living big. I’m your host, Betsy Pake. And this podcast is designed to share interviews and new ideas to help you redefine what could be possible for your life. Now, let’s go live big. Hey, everyone, welcome to this show. All right. So today we’re gonna do a q&a. And here’s why I get lots of questions on Instagram, or like my Instagram stories. And I’ll respond to people right off, which is like totally cool. But I’m realizing that I’m getting like, sort of multiples like the same kind of theme of questions. And so I’ve kind of been making a note of those. And I thought I would just cover a few of them on today’s show. So we haven’t done a q&a in a while. So here we go. A little q&a for us today. All right, so one of the first questions that I get, and I get it, like in this way, or in like multiple formats of this same exact thing. But it’s always about resistance, like how do I release resistance to the things that I want to manifest? Now, I did an episode on this a while back, it was Episode 112. It’s the real reason you’re not manifesting quickly. But here’s the deal with that. Really what I talked about in that is about releasing any resistance to the thing that you want. So let’s say you are really clear on what you want, you want a job promotion, or you want to be able to travel. So what happens you get really focused on the travel. Let’s say you’re really focused on it. Like you’re thinking about it, you’re doing your visualizations, you’re like finding clues, you know, you’re finding these little bluebirds in the world that show you that travel is coming to you. But probably is it’s really close. And here’s what I mean by a bluebird, this is how I describe this. So if you’ve ever been on a cruise ship, and you’re out in the middle of the ocean, like you could look any direction and all you see is ocean and ocean and ocean. And it’s a little makes you feel very small, right? Because you’re like, Holy

moly. It’s just ocean forever.

And then one morning, you get up early, and you get your coffee and you sit out on the deck and you know that that day, you’re going to be landing somewhere, right? You’re going to port into some Island. And you can see you still can’t see any land at all, but you start to see birds and you go Oh, I must be getting close. I can’t see it yet. But I know it’s there because I can see birds. Okay, so this is what when I say I see a blue bird or I see a bird. That’s what I mean. So I know I’m close, even though I can’t see it. So I know I want to travel. That’s my thing. And I start to see little clues that tell me I’m getting close, right? I’m seeing the birds I’m so close. It’s in my vortex. But I can’t get there. So there’s something that’s blocking me and I can’t figure out what it is. Well, typically what happens is When you think I want to travel, you’re also thinking a whole bunch of other things that you’re probably not paying attention to. So if you travel, you’d have to feel figure out what to do with your dogs maybe or your kids, or, you know, you’d have to get a house sitter or you’d have to, like, stop your mail. Like, there’s a whole bunch of other things, right. And if you’re not actually processing and thinking about those things, they may be the things that are holding you back, it might be the little pieces of resistance. And so if you can just be okay, with any kind of, I’m going to use the word trouble. But any trouble or any, any, if I have to go out of my way for anything in order to travel, I’m okay with that. I want to explain this to you in a different way. So this past week, I was reading a book, and it’s called rebirth, a fable of love forgiveness. And what is it lievable rebirth, a fable of love forgiveness and following your heart. I have another question I’m going to answer about books. And so I’m going to talk about this book in a second.

But I

want to read to you a quote from the book, because I think that this sums it up for me. I was like, oh, when I read this, okay,

so the idea is that it’s this young

man that’s on a pilgrimage, and he meets a monk, and he asks the monk, how do you find peace? And he says, he just grins. And he says, I say, Yes. He says, to all that happens, I say, yes. Ooh. So if you think about that, like I want to travel or I want the job promotion. But in the back of my head, I know if I get the job promotion, I might get a different boss, and I might have to work a few more hours. And I might have, like more reports to do. And I just am going to say yes, I say yes to everything. I say yes to more work, I say yes, to more fun, I say yes, to an inconvenience or something else that I have to work through. I say yes to anything that comes in my way, in my experience, because I know that that

is part of my experience.

I know that it’s part of my growth. And so I say yes to

whatever comes.

So I think that can be a real step forward for a lot of people. Now, does this mean? Like I try to say yes. Does this mean my life is perfect? No. I’d like to say yes. But no, it doesn’t mean it. And just because you’re not manifesting the things that you want, when you want doesn’t mean you’re not worthy of those things. It doesn’t even mean that you’re not doing it completely. Right. It may just be that there are things you’re learning, you’re on the journey to it. You know, I I let my husband loves football, right. So I’ve talked about this. So we go to a lot of the games, and we are going to be going to the New Orleans, the New Orleans game in a couple weeks. And I’ve gone with him to New Orleans before. And as we drive to New Orleans, we have to go through Alabama. Now when I get to Alabama, do I go? Oh my god, I’m not manifesting New Orleans. I can’t believe it. Why isn’t this happening? Now? I say yes, this is on my path. Right? So I don’t go we got a turn around, man, we got to get back to Atlanta like this isn’t going well. Now. I say yes, Alabama. Hello, I’m passing through you. So think of it that way. Think of I’m saying yes to any experience that comes my way. I know, it’s part of my growth. I know it’s part of my learning. And that alone should really help you release some of that resistance

and be able to

move forward in a different way and maybe

see things in a different way, which will help you feel better and when you feel better. You manifest what you want. Right? Alright. So you can go to Episode 112 if you want to hear a little bit more about that. Okay, so my second question is, um, I saw that you read a ton of books, what are your favorites? So on Instagram, I tend to post my books, but I wanted to go over recently like some of my favorite books now. I love all the books that you’ve probably already heard of, like, you know, Glennon Doyle, like love warrior like I love I’m just looking at my bookshelf. You know, I like Anthony Robbins books, you know, a while back I read a mind of your own by Dr. boat. braggin braggin. Brogan, Kelly Brogan which is about like, you know, taking medication and how that changes your mind. You know, so you can heal your life by Louise Hay. That’s a great book. But here’s the ones I want to tell you about that just recently. I have read now. I like to read books, I like books in my hand. But what I’ve found recently is that I have been putting books on my Kindle. I have a Kindle, because when I go to the beach, I don’t I like I never know what I’m going to want to read, right. So if I have my Kindle, I can get any book plus I can read it in the sun and it’s easier to hold. But what I’ve found is recently, I’ve been keeping my Kindle in my purse. So if I’m waiting in line for something instead of scrolling on Instagram, I can open my Kindle and read a book now I tend to read like sort of heavy books right like becoming supernatural by Dr. Don’t do I don’t can’t talk on the show today. I’m sorry. Oh, by Dr. Joe dispenza, or the seat of the soul, right that Gary’s uchaf book, like so good. But when I’m on my Kindle, I need it to be like a little lighter, you know, because I’m, I might be picking it up like in line

at the DMV or whatever.

So these are a couple books that you might really like. One book is called Love yourself, like your life depends on it. The guy who wrote it is named Kemal rabbah. Kant, I don’t know if I’m saying that right. But I’ll put a link to it in the show notes. The last name is RAV ik a nt rabbah. Can’t rabbit can’t. So he wrote this book. It is short, like I read it in maybe an hour. But it’s so good. It’s so good. And it it it really is about like how to really love yourself. It reminds me a little bit of the Louise Hay stuff. But even better. And the way he explains it is even better. So I know I just said better than Louise Hay, but you feel me like it’s just, it’s new and different. And you might really like that. Now, I liked it so much. I wanted to see what else he wrote. And that’s how I came upon the book that I just read you the quote from and it’s called rebirth, a fable of love forgiveness and following your heart. I’m not totally done yet. I think Kindle says I have like maybe an hour left to it. But it’s only like a three hour read. So it’s not,

but it’s so good. And it’s packed full

of like Kodi things, you know, where I would go Oh, so good. And it’s a story. And I think it’s a true story. I mean, I think he’s made it into a fable, but I think he really did take this pilgrimage, and it’s just about his growth and learning. And it almost was has been like a good break from reading, like some of the more like how to deeper books, you know, just to have a story that still makes you think. And that’s what I like, like, I like to have something that makes me think. Now, another book that I’ve really liked recently that I’ve read in the last couple months is called How to rule the world from your couch. Now, this book is by a woman named Laura day, and it’s all about intuition. So she teaches intuition, but in like a really kind of interesting way. It’s, it’s funny, because I would read it and I’d be like, this is the same stuff I know yet. She’s doing it in another way. That’s interesting. Now, she does a lot of stuff with like celebrities and stuff. And I think that may be you might have heard of her from that. Or you might see her and then go Oh, I think I’ve heard of her like Brad Pitt. I think like she works with him on stuff. But all on like intuition, understanding your gut, how to like really tap into what somebody else is feeling, which is a lot of NLP stuff, right? So how can I model what someone else is doing in the room, and then better understand their feelings. So your feelings are going to come out in your body language, right? I did this the other day with my daughter, I could tell she was upset. And we had left the school. I’d picked her up from school and she was really upset about an interaction she had with the teacher and I modeled her behavior. And I was like, Whoa, you feel misunderstood. She was like, Yes, you know, like it was I was able to identify feelings that I wouldn’t have and a lot of that work is NLP but a lot of that was learning about it in a different way from Laura day. So you might really like that book, How to rule the world from your couch. She has several books that are really good, but um, that one I think is one of the best ones. All right, that Oh, so this one I just read recently, too. It’s called a happy Pocket full of money, infinite wealth and abundance in the here and now and it’s by a guy named David Cameron. Get candy. All right. So here’s the thing about this. I know cuz then you’re like, infinite wealth and abundance in here now. But it’s about wealth. It’s about wealth consciousness and about changing your mindset around money, but also around what real wealth is. It Like is it about designer clothes? It’s not about is it about our Mercedes? No, it’s about it’s about like living in where you are. about discovering value in yourself and value with other people. And also changing your wealth consciousness is really fascinating. And maybe the first like three chapters are about quantum physics, and about our reality. And it really helps it does it so well like helps you understand quantum physics in a different way. And then you can look around your room and go, like, Whoa, when I read that, and I’ve read so many things on quantum

physics, and when I read his, all of a

sudden, I had this like, like, wonky feeling like, Whoa, maybe all that exists, right is right, what’s in here right in front of me, like, if I have made it all up in my head, like, then why would I worry about other things other than what I can impact in the now anyway, it was just an interesting, that would be a whole other show. But it was an interesting thought process that I had when reading this, even though that information was already familiar to me. So you might really, really like it. The cool thing is, it’s called I’m gonna say it again, it’s a happy Pocket full of money. He has the audio book free on YouTube. So if you look him up, but like, listen with a ad blocker, because I think there’s a ton of ads in it. But I actually would read it. I think it’s the kind of book I’ll read several times. So I read the book. And then I would listen to some of the chapters and I’d read some more. And then I’d listen to some of the chapters, just sort of like in the background when I was doing other things. So the information was already familiar to me, but I was sort of like rehearing it, right? my subconscious was taking it in in another way. And so I really liked doing that. So if you are interested in, you know, not only if you want to change your financial mindset, this book is really good. Absolutely. And he does focus on like your values and your life, and changing the way you think about abundance. But it absolutely is about changing your money mindset. But also, if you just want to like expand the way you already think about stuff. It’s I just think this was a really good book. All right. All right. So next question, how are we on time, we’re good, okay. I really want to teach my kids some of what you share on the show, but I could never get them to listen to a podcast, any tips on how to share with our kids. So this is something that I’m actually really exploring, because I get a lot of questions from people about sharing stuff with their kids, and I want to put together maybe a big show or some thing I’m thinking, but here’s what I want to say. If I were to do my, my kids a teenager, and I’ve, I feel like I’ve done a pretty good job, I’ve tried really hard to be a good mom, and to teach her to be kind and she is very kind. And if I have done nothing, right, I have done that. Okay, so but but with all that said, If I were to go back and be able to start over again, one thing that I would do is I would phrase everything in the positive. And here’s what I mean by that. So kids, when they’re little right up until they’re seven, they’re going to be absorbing everything and learning everything. And they’re going to be learning the patterns that you do things. So I noticed the other day, I even said this to her like don’t get that on your shirt. So that sounds like a really simple thing. But what did I just say to her? Get that on your shirt. So our subconscious does not hear the word don’t it doesn’t process that. So it heard, don’t get on it heard get it on your shirt. And so if I were to change, if I were to go back, I would really try to be conscious of how I spoke. So instead, I would say, let’s keep your shirt clean. Or if she was, you know, I wouldn’t say like, be careful. I would say like stay safe. You see what I’m saying? So like I would just try to shift the words that I that I used with her so that the patterns in her mind became focused always on the positive. Now I’m trying to rewire myself in that way. So I know that if she has a desire, she can rewire herself in that way. I haven’t ruined her. But I’m just saying if I were to start over again, that’s one thing that I would really do. So as you’re working with your kids, especially if you have little kids, just watch the things that you’re saying, you’re gonna make mistakes, especially if you’ve never done this before. Like if you’ve never become aware of what you’re saying before, like you’re gonna screw it up.

I don’t know, I joke sometime with my kid like I was supposed to, I gotta give her something for therapy, right? So who we’re not gonna be perfect parents. But when you start to change yourself, is when you can start to impact them now, which would bring me to my second point, which is just model what it is you want to teach them? Like, that’s really how kids are learning, right? They’re just watching you. So you know this already, but they’re not watching what you say as much as what you do. So be a positive force, say out loud the processes that you’re using. If you catch yourself, and you catch yourself saying something in the negative and you want to switch, say out loud the process so they can hear you say, Oh, you know, I just said this thing that I didn’t mean. And so I’m going to rephrase that. And as I said, Do it out loud to the process out loud, how could I rephrase that, so that it was in the positive? Here’s what I mean by this, I’m gonna say it again in a different way. But like, if I tell you right now, to not think of a beach house with black shutters, did you immediately have a picture in your head, right. So that’s what our brains do, it will immediately create a picture. So if I don’t want my daughter to get something on her shirt, she and I say, don’t get that on your shirt, she has to create the picture in her mind. And when you create the picture in your mind, what happens, you’re visualizing what happens when you visualize, you start to vibrate at that, what happens when you vibrate at that, like attracts like, and you bring it to you. So we’ve got to change the way we’re thinking. So model it if you make a mistake, or if you are learning and you’re in the process of learning, learn it out loud, so your kids can see.


Get them in on the process. Ask them like, how would I say that differently? What do you think I could do? How could I switch that? Now, there’s a lot of little things that we can do with kids to use some of this subconscious stuff, and some of the NLP stuff to help them with schoolwork, or to help them with their attention and all of those things. And, you know, that could be a whole other show. And like I said, I’m trying to think through that. If you’re interested in that, let me know. So I know that that’s like something people want. But you know, so many little things. And I was talking with a mom just this past weekend. And I talked specifically about using colored markers. And so our brains and most people are more visually oriented than anything. But if you’re in a class, what our classrooms are designed for you to sit there, most of the time listening to the teacher, and then you take notes, right? Well, if you use colored pens, if you could get your kids colored pens, it actually in your brain starts to process of that as a picture. And they’ll be much more apt to remember it to have a better recall. And to stay more focused, because it’s interesting to that part of your brain. That’s like looking at all the different kinds of colors, okay, so when they’re doing homework, that can be another thing when they’re doing homework or when they’re studying, use different colored highlighters, like try to make things into pictures by using the different colored pens and pencils. So you know, there’s a lot of little different things like that. But I would say if you’re trying to model your kids how to work do this work is to just do it yourself and talk about it while you’re doing it. Talk about what you’re saying My daughter has learned so much. Not because she’s reading these books, and not because she’s listening. She ain’t listening to my podcast. She’s not listening to this. But she knows it because I talk about it all the time. In fact, the other day in the car. I tried to get her to listen to the I am episode because I felt like she’s 16. Right. I felt like that would really help her. And we got, I don’t know, 10 minutes in 12 minutes and and she just paused it. We were in the car. And she was like, I already know all this. You talk about this all the time. So just talk about it. Talk about what you’re learning, bring your kids in on your journey. All right. So that is the show for today. Thank you so much for listening. Oh, here’s the deal. No Limits. We just finished our limits. No, don’t shut me off yet. Because this might be good. So I’m I did no limits. We just finished the four episodes of no limits. And it was really fun. I got such awesome feedback. I got a I got such good feedback from people with almost all three stars, which the Max was three, it wasn’t five. So three stars, which was really great. Almost, I think everybody that gave a review said that they would be very likely to recommend it to a friend. So which is great, right? But they also gave me really good feedback on what they’d like to see different. like they’d like worksheets. Some of the information was too condensed, like I tried to share too much. And so maybe four episodes wasn’t enough. Maybe we really needed to have more classes. And so I am revamping no limits and if you’re interested in getting any information on this, I think I’m going to do a pre sale. It won’t start until January, but I’m going to do like a pre sale. So You can kind of get the information before everybody else because it’s gonna be a limited number of people just so I can handle everybody. So if you’re interested in that work, which is really diving into your subconscious, clearing out patterns from your past, setting up good patterns for your future, and connecting with the here and now in a totally different way than you’ve learned before, go to my website, go to Betsy Pake calm and it’s backslash, no limits. And if you just scroll all the way down to the bottom, you can put your name in for the waitlist, and then I’ll just make sure you’re notified. It doesn’t mean you’re obligated to anything, but you’ll just get those early notifications. And so I really love to have you all in there. So it’s going to be really fun and I’m really putting a lot of work into making it really expansive and awesome experience for everybody to start out. 2019 like in a totally new way. Okay. All right. So thank you so much for listening. I will see you guys next week. And as always, here’s a little message from my husband.

That’s it.

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