178: Clearing what's in my way - Betsy Pake

178: Clearing what’s in my way


Betsy talks about consciousness and how to become aware of the filters you have on the world that are creating your reality.

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You’re listening to Episode 178 of The Art of Living big. Today’s show, I get into a little bit about consciousness and how you’re seeing the world. There’s more to say about this. I’ve kind of just scratched the surface I there’s, there’s been a lot that has been coming into my awareness, and things that I’ve been testing and wanting to shift so I will be sharing more.

Also, I’m going to be going to the mystic sages and scientists convention next week, I’m going to see Dr. Joe dispenza, Bruce Lipton, a bunch of others. So I will be reporting back next week’s episode will be later in the week because I will be traveling. And so when I come home, I will come up with some Nuggets to share and some experiences that I had to share with you guys. If you’re not already in our Facebook group, we’re doing a gratitude challenge.

And if you listen, today’s episode, you’ll hear why it’s important. It’s not just about gratitude. It’s it’s on a different, there’s a different level to it. So it’s a little bit different maybe than other gratitude journal, other gratitude challenges. We’re not just saying what we’re grateful for every day, we’re actually doing it kind of looking at it in a different way and from different points of view. So I hope that it serves you I would love to see you guys in there.

All right, let’s go to the show. Welcome to the art of living big. I’m your host, Betsy Pake. I’m an international expert in manifesting from your subconscious. And this podcast is designed to help you think differently about what could be possible for your life. Now, let’s go live big. Hello fellow adventurers.

Welcome to today’s show. I am just getting back from a trip to Florida. Every year, we go down to Florida, for a football game for the UGA Florida football game, which is actually held in Jacksonville. And it’s like this huge party, you know, they call it the world’s largest cocktail party. It’s it’s really fun. And because both teams traveled to Jacksonville, you know, the fans are all staying at the hotels and everything. So it makes it really fun.

But every other year, we go down a week early, and we go to Universal Studios. So I’m just coming back from that trip. I did I worked, which it feels really aligning for me to work while I’m traveling. And then I did some 2020 planning, my husband’s a huge Park person, right. So he went to all the rides and did all of that stuff.

And I went to the pool, and I focused on my life plan for next year. Now, I don’t know if you’ve ever done this. I know so many people do resolutions, which to me are more of like a goal. But when I do my life planning, I actually do it based on a motion and what I want to create. And I’m becoming more and more aware of the consciousness piece and how to alter the consciousness piece inside our movement towards how we want to live our lives and how we want to work and how we want to be in the world. And so last week was really great because I was able to actually map out some things and get some clarity on things.

And you know, what I say to my clients all the time is that where we have clarity, where we are focusing our attention is where we’re going to go into high def, that’s where we hit high definition. So I my attention goes somewhere, wherever my attention goes is where my energy goes and where my energy codes becomes high def, which is why when I’m worrying that my attention goes to the worry to the thing, and then that thing becomes huge right becomes high def.

So I want you to just be thinking as you’re thinking about next year and maybe thinking about resolutions, maybe you could back up a little bit and look at the year as a whole from intention. So I don’t want to dive too much into the specifics of my process at would take an entire episode I think but I want to just say kind of break down how I do it. Some people were asking on Instagram and I wanted to share a little bit about how I do that. But really it’s coming from a place of intention and also having the expansion come not from what would be

like not what society would think would be the next right thing for me. Does this make sense? So coming from what would really feel good to me. And so I look I break my life down into eight different areas for me that’s how I do it you know areas like health and fitness and areas like with my partner right with my husband, Craig so actual, like my romantic relationship and then my relationship with my friends and family and then career and giving back and you know, self development, all of those things.

I map those out. And I get really clear on what the intention is of how I want to experience that in the coming year. So for me in this process, I start with my life. So many times, especially if you’re an entrepreneur and you’re listening, you may think like, I’ve got to do a business plan, right? But I really start with my life. And I get really clear on each of those areas, how I want to experience that, what would be the intention? What’s the energy behind that? How do

I want to feel,

and then I break out my calendar, and I, and I look, and I map out, you know, I block off all the stuff that is like the non negotiables, right? Like, obviously, I know, the week of Thanksgiving, the week of Christmas, like it’s gonna be family stuff. If your kids are still in school, you might map out when their spring breaks are when summer breaks are all that good stuff, right?

And then I go into actually what would feel really good. And what do I feel is coming, which is a totally different, this might be a totally different experience for you, you may do something similar. So I’m not saying I’m the only one that ever does it like this. But this might be a new idea to you. So I actually look at my list in each area. And then I feel what could happen, what could become. And I’ve been working really hard on consciousness and being aware of my limitlessness.

And so I’m just trying to expand into what would that really feel like, and it was sort of surprising to me, because some of the things that I thought I wanted and weren’t really things that I wanted. And so when I was able to sort of expand into the map right into the calendar for the year, I could say like, I feel like November, like I’m gonna want to do this, like I’m feeling, you know, so I really tried to get into that, that space and that energy of breaking it down by each month.

And you know, there’s a little bit more that I go into inside that planning process. But I wanted to share that with you, just to shift the way you’re looking. Number one, if you’re not looking at planning 2020, I believe that there’s intention should be behind everything that we do. And it would be great if we were aware of the intention.

And then number two is to maybe give up resolutions and instead do an intentional plan for how that would be or how that would feel. So that was my week last week, sitting by the pool, doing a little work, doing some planning, mapping things out. And so I wanted to come in today just to talk to you a little bit more about that consciousness piece, and really about expanding into that. I’m leaving in a couple days to head to New Mexico for a week to go to the mystics sages and scientists convention Dr. Joe dispenza is going to be there Dr. Bruce Lipton and a couple others that I’ve really been wanting to see.

And so I’m actually going down there with Audrey, if you guys listened to episode, I think it’s 122 that’s coming off the top of my head, but I think it’s 122 where I talked to Audrey, and she is the one that I hired to do emotion code. And she’s been doing emotion code Body Code with me, I don’t know, maybe once a month, almost at once a month since then even more sometimes in different, you know, time periods where things were really unfolding. And she was really helping me with that.

So anyway, I’ve never actually met her live and in person. So I’m sort of excited about that. So you know, I I’m overshare on Instagram. So if you guys are instagramers You can find me at Betsy Pake and I will be posting stuff that I learned and also when I come back, you know, I’ll do an episode and kind of share some of the things that I’ve been learning. But what I wanted to talk about today was really that that consciousness piece about understanding what I was started mapping out 2020.

And I started going what would be the most important thing in this list, what would be the most important thing in this list. And what coming kept coming back for me is I could not pick anything on the list. So like if I looked at my like my health and fitness, these are all the things right, that I think would be important.

And then I looked at my relationship, these are all the things, my business, these are all the things, I could not come up with anything more important than what I was thinking about those things. It was the consciousness of it, right? It’s what my outlook is. It’s what my mindset is. And you know, I talk with my my clients about this all the time. But doing mindset work. First of all needs to be every single day. You need to be doing something every single day.

And secondly, it needs to be it doesn’t have to be all at once. So I find that I’m able to fit in mindset work, you know, 15 minutes here, 30 minutes there. Maybe it’s in the car, maybe just listening to this right is a sense of mindset work, it is shifting how you’re thinking, giving you a new perspective.

You know, I, I tried to flow with that, and with the consciousness of what feels right next now, I want to share this conversation. I had this conversation this morning with a client, where we were talking about doing mindset work. And they were saying that it’s difficult sometimes to like, do I just sit down and like bang out like an hour? Like, how do you do that, like, if I don’t feel like it, or I’m feeling stir crazy.

And one of the most important things, I believe, is to do what feels fun. And I for me, if I have a really rigid, I’m going to do this. And then I’m going to do this, and then I’m going to do this, it doesn’t feel fun. And so this morning, I got up. And I was sharing this with them. But I got up and I went downstairs and got my coffee.

And I wanted to read and so I sat down on my bed, like I always make my bed first thing. So I sat down on top of my bed with my coffee, and I was reading and all of a sudden I felt no, I want to point out that I’m, I’m becoming more conscious, right? Like I’m really focused on this. So all of the sudden, I realized I did not feel like sitting on my bed anymore.

Now in the past, I would have sort of pushed that aside and been like, whatever keep reading, I feel like reading just read it. But all of a sudden, I was like, I don’t feel like reading up my bed. And so I wanted to sit at my desk. So I came to my desk. And then when I was at my desk sitting at my desk, all of the sudden I was like, Oh, I feel like doing this work that I’ve had to do, right.

So all of a sudden, I was like, Oh, let me follow up on all that stuff. So I started doing that. And I felt good. And then I moved to the next thing, which was like a little bit more mindset work, right. And that felt good. So I began this process of noticing what felt good. And if you’ll notice, what I said was when I started to feel good, the work, the action, the thing that’s going to propel me forward towards the goals and dreams I have became part of that work, it became part of the alignment.

I feel like doing that, I’m going to do that. And then I felt like doing something else. So I know that many of you may go to work and not have that luxury, but a lot of you do, right you have projects that you have to do and you do them in the way that works right in the way that works out as long as you get them done by the end of the week, or whatever the project time is. So I share that with you. Because I feel like this is a little something that’s missing is being conscious and aware of how we’re feeling in any moment.

And if you get up and you feel like it. And if you have that moment where you feel like getting up and moving to something else. Can you give yourself the space to do that now, if during the workweek you can’t, can you do that at home? Can you try to get the space to do that on a Saturday? I I think it was like an episode 155 maybe.

And again, I’m not looking at it. So but I think it was 155 was earlier this year when I went to the beach. And the episode is called lessons from the beach. And that’s what I did. I went to the beach by myself, which I know is a luxury, right. So I appreciate that. And I’m full of gratitude for that. But I was able to stop what I was doing the moment I felt like, Oh, I don’t feel like doing this anymore. Or I just thought I would do that. But now suddenly, I don’t want to and it was super interesting how it brought me from one thing to the next to really some awareness and some a level of awareness that I really needed for some of the things that I was focused on and working on.

So more and more I talked about it in the last episode, I’m beginning to notice that there The only thing in my way is me. The only thing in my way the world is neutral. Right. The world is neutral. I was saying this morning, there are squirrels that are outside. We have like oak trees, so there’s like a lot of acorns that fall. And there was a bunch of squirrels on my front yard. And I noticed it because I was looking for an example this morning when I was talking to my client, but I noticed it and I was like there’s all it is neutral.

But there’s all these squirrels. My my head says well, they’re collecting all of those acorns. That’s fun. I like them. They’re cute, right gives my dog something to look at. But what if I was petrified? What if I was petrified of small animals? Right woodland creatures freaked me out. I might be like, Oh my god, they’re, they’re invading. They might be burrowing under my house. I’m probably going to have house trouble. Great but the environment is neutral. It is just the filter that I’m putting on it.

So he share that with you to say, what’s the filter you’re putting on a neutral environment in front of you. So there’s something that’s happening in your life, something that you’re experiencing. And I’m not saying it’s not real, your boss might be a jerk, your husband might be a pain in the neck, like, all of those things may be exactly what you are experiencing. I’m not saying you’re not. But I’m asking, Can you step back and see, witness yourself in it and witness the beliefs, the filters that you’re putting up to that are creating that vision of it? So this is something I’ve been really focused on. As I’m uncovering things, you know, as I’m noticing, oh, I think that

that’s what I think why,

like, why do I think that? Can I break that down? Can I can I see the beliefs in place that are causing me to think that way? And so it might be you know, what, some of the things that I hear when I talk with people is like, this past week, I heard that it’s really hard to lose weight. I heard somebody talk about how it’s really, really hard to get a job when you’re over 50.

I heard somebody and I’m not saying this isn’t their experience. That’s not what I’m saying. It absolutely is their experience. I heard that it was really hard to have a partner that didn’t want to work at it that that felt impossible, and how could they make any changes? And so, as these things have been coming up for me, as I noticed things in my life, I’m trying to back that up and say, What is the story that I’m telling myself, so really trying to get aware of the consciousness behind this. And in doing that, I’m trying to say to myself,


that I’m witnessing is basically like a rough draft, based on all of the things that I’ve believed up to now. But I want to see if I can consciously shift those things. So what could I see as different? How could I? How could I make my intention clear, and make it align with my heart so that I can witness the world in a totally different way? You know, years, a couple years ago, I started reading A Course in Miracles. I don’t know if you guys have ever read that there’s two parts to it’s this really thick book, two parts to it. The first part is a workbook, there’s a manual for teachers.

And then the second part is a workbook. I think it’s easier if you do the book to start with the workbook to skip the part, the first part. But every day, there is another lesson and it sort of builds upon itself, it takes a year to go through all of the lessons. And this was a book that was channeled. And it is truly about eliminating the filters that you’re seeing in the world so that you see the world as neutral and you can create it in the way that you want.

Pam grout, who is a Hay House author, she’s awesome. She’s been on the show, she was on an early episode, she has been putting together a book that I know will be great, because her books are great. But she’s been putting together a book and over the past year has done some really incredible blog posts. If you like Pam grout, check that out on a course in miracles and on how to see this and how to apply this in real life,

it can be really

tricky, because even you may have even had, like a bit of like a buck clench as I was talking right in that, like I am experiencing that I’m not discounting what we’re experiencing, I experienced stuff where I’m like, I have a hard time seeing the consciousness in it, because I didn’t make that I that is just happening. But I don’t think that’s true, I think we are creating, and I think we’re creating on a totally, totally different level than we even realize.

So, you know, I talk a lot on here about our subconscious, and about how to shift that right and how to see that see things in a different way. I believe more and more and more, that our subconscious is creating micro changes in how we are perceiving things. And that’s how come we get the reality that we get. So, because I have these filters, these layers and layers and layers of filters that are causing me to see through those filters and see the world in a certain way, my subconscious is viewing it through that and it is making micro adjustments, so that I can survive in that which is not even based on reality.

So if you can go past the world that you see and look into potential look into this is neutral, what could be the potential and if you do a 2020 Plan, perhaps you go, what could be the potential? What do I really feel would be expansive and fun? And stop yourself from going? Yeah. But as soon as you hear that, yeah, but yeah, but I wouldn’t have money for that. Yeah. But where would I get that? Where would elbow Yabba, right, stop the habits.

And just say, it does not matter, I’m just going to become a piece of that. So then here’s the next part is really being in resonance with what it is you want. So I talked about how we’re doing this gratitude challenge, we’re doing a gratitude challenge inside the Facebook group, it is to get you in resonance of what it is, that feels great.

Because when you are in that, when you’re experiencing that, that is when you begin to bring it to you, right? Because that is when you’re vibrating at that level of that thing. And when you’re in resonance with it, the thing that you are in resonance with comes to has no choice. So being able to shift to notice, right to recognize your beliefs to notice to slow down to ask yourself, what are all the filters in place, there’s probably, you know, dozens or hundreds of filters between me and that?

And what are they? And how can I eliminate them? How can I move them, you’ve got to start erasing them, shifting them turning them into something else. And then I need to get into alignment into resonance with what it is that I have. And one of the ways to do that, or when in resonance with the thing that I want, right.

And you should be thinking of as I have, because really, you have everything that you want, you just can’t see it yet. If you have the feeling that you want it, then you already have it in some layer, and you’ve just got to release yourself from not seeing it. I know that that sounds a little odd. But in doing that, when we get in a state of gratitude, we are shifting that vibration, and the more you can get, you know, on episode 100, I don’t mean to keep sending you to other episodes.

But to avoid getting all into that episode 100, we talk about NLP. So if you can get into it, not just thinking like, I’m really grateful for my dog, but like really get into, like, I’m so grateful that she’s warm, and I can pick her up and hug her because she’s little. And she’s been really tired, because she was at the daycare while we were gone. So she’s like, easy to pick up. She doesn’t fight, you know, I can kiss her as much as I do see how even my voice has changed, right?

Because I started really getting into that, like, so good. So that’s different than going I’m grateful for my dog. I’m grateful for my house I’m grateful for, right. So I could go on and on and on about what I’m grateful for my house for right I’m grateful for my house, I’m grateful that I live in a safe neighborhood, I’m grateful I can come home. And I can just press a button and the door opens and I can drive my car in and then shut the button. Like that’s sort of amazing.

I keep saying I want a house that has a door that opens up to the outside. And actually now I realize I already have one it’s a garage, I just would like it to have the ocean. Right. So what could feel really great about that? What could feel great about the fact that I don’t have the ocean yet. Because the only thing stopping me from getting there is me.

It’s my beliefs. Right? It’s the things that I think. And right now I’m super clear on what those things are that I think and I think them and so that’s why I’m not at the beach, because I think I should be here nearer and closer to my child. And I think my husband should be working and he has a law degree in Georgia, not at the beach. So I’m making choices, but

I’m becoming more

work because there’s some other way, what if what’s the unlimited potential, but I’ve got to release those beliefs because that’s a belief I have for sure. So that’s a great example, that’s a belief, can I release that belief and think something else, and that could bring something else to me. So when you can go past the world that you’re seeing in front of you, and look into the potential of what could be. So you’ve got to release those boundaries and those beliefs that are holding you back.

So I’ve been really hyper focused on this. I’ve been slowing down a lot of other areas of my life so that I can focus on this particular thing. And one of the things that I’ve been doing and I will report back I’ll report back on the show too but also on Instagram because I am on Instagram Stories a lot. But I I just recently got a mask that you wear at night, you know like one of those dark things to block out the light and it has bluetooth embedded speakers in it because I am a big fan of passive reprogramming.

So we are all Being reprogrammed and programmed and reprogrammed all the time, like every time you sit in front of the television set, it’s hypnotic the actual science of the flash it actually hypnotizes you It lowers your brainwaves. And when they play those advertisements, they they sink right in, you have less of a resistance to believing everything that they say. And so I’m in those same brainwave brainwave states or similar brainwave states a little lower when I am asleep.

So my subconscious never sleeps, it’s always listening. That’s what come if I’m a mom, I hear my kid scream. And I wake up like in two seconds, because my subconscious is always listening. And then it’ll wake up my consciousness if it thinks it needs to. So I dad sleep through it, because they know you’re getting up. So.

So my, my subconscious is always listening. And so I play ocean sounds embedded commands. So there’s embedded commands in there and things that I want to believe you could do. You could do by narrow beats, if you wanted, you could do a lot of different things you could do. I like not having words that I can hear, because then I kind of get where I’m thinking about the words, and it’s harder for me to fall asleep. But the ocean sounds I just created some.

And if you’re in my hypnosis library, you can find that if you go to my website, you can find that but there are some ocean sounds with embedded commands inside the hypnosis library. But I use those. So I have been doing this. So we’re gonna see how it goes. I could feel um, last night, I did wake up at maybe like, four o’clock in the morning, and I took it off. It was weird, I woke up and just I can’t listen to this anymore, which was super weird because I slept totally solid.

And I went to bed really early, because I was really tired from our travel. And so there was something in it. My subconscious was really done listening to it. Like, it was like, I can’t listen to this anymore. But the sound but it doesn’t bug me it would didn’t keep me from sleeping or anything like that. But I found that I was really happy. So even when I was taking off, I was like, I feel so good. Like, I feel really good. And this morning, I felt really good. Like I was in a much better space.

So I’m going to just keep testing that and seeing how that goes. Um, I’ve talked about this before, but I’m going to just mention it again, there is something I’m just going to look it’s called beatifull ba t i think it is FULBO ba TIFUL I think this is a little app. Let me just look B Oh yeah, beat fullness, it’s called. So beat ba t f UL n e s s is a little way app with like a purple circle and some triangles on it. This is by neural beats This is you have to use it with a headset. So you have to have one, there’s one son that comes in one ear, and there’s one son that comes

in the other ear.

And you if you open the app, you’ll see that they have all different things, if you want to create a coherence with trust or money or whatever it is like they have a whole variety of different ones.

So that would be something that you could do. I like to use those sometimes like during the day if I’m just doing stuff, but you’ve got to use headphones. So I can’t use it when I drive or anything like that. But the embedded commands with the ocean songs over it, absolutely. I use those when I drive all the time. Those you know, those are just i like

i like the it’s the lazy girls way of reprogramming.

So I like it where I can just have something on in the background. Or it’s something that my subconscious is hearing and kind of processing and working on. I want to normalize the things that I want to bring into my awareness. Right. So I want to normalize those things. And I can do that by doing some of these different reprogramming techniques.

So I hope that that gives you something to think about a little something different. to kind of go a little deeper with how you’re seeing the world and to start questioning, right to start questioning. If you if you feel resistance if you feel yucky, I always say if you feel yucky, it’s not true. There’s another way to see what it is you’re seeing. That is truth and truth feels good.

So if you’re experiencing something where you’re

like, I feel the resistance, start asking yourself questions. What is it? Do I remember something about this? Has this ever happened before? What would feel better? Is it true? Who did who did I hear that from is that even mine? What else could I believe what would be a better thought? Right? There’s so many questions you can ask them the quality of your questions is going to impact the speed of your success. So I hope that that was helpful. Hope it gives you some food for thought.

If you are not in the Facebook group, jump in there or follow me on Instagram. Let me know what you think of today’s show. I super appreciate it. Every time I hear from you guys. I jump up and click my heels together. Makes me happy. Thanks for sharing the show and all that good stuff. So keep checking, keep checking for your limiting beliefs. Keep checking for the thing that’s keeping you from seeing what you want. Because that is how you live a big life.

All right, you guys, I’ll see you next week. Thanks so much for listening to this episode. If you found it a value, please share it with your friends, tag me on Instagram or leave a review on iTunes or any of your listening apps. If you leave a review and you take a screenshot, please email it to us at support at Betsy Pake calm and we will send you a self hypnosis audio that will help you break down any limiting beliefs that you have. So thanks so much for sharing.

Thanks so much for leaving your review. And don’t forget to join us inside our Facebook group by going to the art of living big.com. And I’ll see you there.


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