179: Scientists, Mystics and Sages Conference - Betsy Pake

179: Scientists, Mystics and Sages Conference


Today Betsy talks about her experience at the Scientists, Mystics and Sages conference.

The speakers were:

Gregg Brayden

Dr. Bruce Lipton

Dr. Joe Dispenza

Anita Moorjani

Dr. Amit Goswami

Dr. Todd Ovokaitys

Ark Crystals


You’re listening to Episode 179 of The Art of Living bag. So this week, I am talking all about my trip this past week to New Mexico where I went to the scientists mistis, mystics and sages conference. So I am really just diving into who was there sort of the basis of what they learned. And then I share a little bit about some things that I got and learned and did. So anyway, I hope that it’s interesting to you. I’m going to link back to all the speakers so you can find them if you’re interested in any of that work.

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And then we’re like, Wait a second, like, what about me, right? Like I’ve given everything to my kids and my career. And now this isn’t even really what I wanted to be doing. And there gets to be that point where we are like, I’ve got to make changes, but I don’t even know what changes to make. I’m a big, big fan of connecting into ourselves. And I think there has to be a process in order to do that. And to do it with the least amount of upheaval and stress, right.

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And probably the best place to start is that training and then you can see if you think it’s a good fit to jump on the phone with me, but I am available and I’ve got a bunch of spots coming up. I’m going to be working most of the week of Thanksgiving so you can find spots there too, if you are off and you have some extra time. So anyway, now on to the show. Welcome to the art of living big. I’m your host Betsy Pake. I’m an international expert

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Hello fellow adventurers. Welcome to today’s show. So I am just back in town after being well, I was gonna say being away for a week, but I’ve really been away for a couple weeks. So if you listened to last week’s episode, I talked about how I had been in Florida for the week right? I came home like basically had a pitstop did some laundry and then I flew out to New Mexico.

So I have been gone since last Wednesday. It is Thursday now. So I’ve been gone. I came home late last night, so eight days in New Mexico. So I wanted to tell you a little bit about the conference that I was at. And I’ll probably be teaching some of it as I integrate it and start working what I’ve learned into my life. So first of all, let me just tell you what the conference was. So

Alright, so Episode 122.

I think that’s what it was Audrey Wentz was on and she is the emotion code Body Code practitioner that was on talking about emotion code. And since then I have hired her to work on me over and over and over again. She’s amazing. And she invited me to go with her to New Mexico back in like maybe it was like June, she reached out to me. And so anyway, it was this past week. And it was a conference in New Mexico that was put on by Gregg Braden.

And the conference was called scientists, mystics and sages intensive conference. So I want to tell you who was there, I’ll tell you that I knew a couple of the people that were going to be there. And the other people I was like, that’s cool. Like, they’ll be there too. But really, I’m going to see these couple people that I want to see, really when I got there, you know how it’s like when you go someplace and then you’re like, the person that I didn’t even realize what I would know was like my most favorite so I want to tell you a little bit about it and some of the things that I learned.

So um, so it was called the scientist mystics and sages and this is the lineup. So it was it was a five day conference. So there were several different speakers and the way they did it was really great. The company that put it on was called shallow hot productions. I think that’s how you say it. But the guy that runs it is just really funny and really great. And it was really just put on so well. So, so it was held in New Mexico on the Santa Ana Pueblo. So there’s this beautiful Hyatt, to Maya Resort and Spa that’s there.

So it’s this like, enormous. Let me let me back up again. There’s so much to tell you. I don’t even know if I’ve processed it all. So you know, I’m from the east coast. So I go out to New Mexico, I’ve never been to New Mexico. And it’s desert, obviously. Right? So you pull up to this resort, and it just looks.

I don’t know, there was just something like sort of peaceful and magical about it all at the same time. The resort itself, it looks it’s very new mexico looking right. So it’s, it’s enormous. It like just goes on and on forever. And it felt like every corner was a whole other section of the hotel, right? So it was big, but it was, it had all these really cool little gathering spots and fireplaces and cool restaurants with little places to sit and talk. So it gave the experience, I think a little bit of a deeper meaning.

Because you’re going to this conference, right? Where you’re really learning about yourself and getting really in touch with so many things about our bodies and how they work and how they coexist in the universe and how we can create the life that we really want. And you’re meeting people that are have the same thought processes, right?

The same speak the same language, they’re on their own journey. And so you’ve all sort of come together. And then you’re in this place that’s really magical is a beautiful mountain outside and outside, they had lots of fire pits and chairs gathered around. So it gave all of these chances for you to actually connect with people and sit down and talk and have great conversations. And so by the time I ended my experience there not only was it like just really incredible the things that we learned, but making the connections with all the people was just so much fun. So let me tell you who was there.

So it was Dr. Joe dispenza, which you know, I’m a big fan of Joe dispenza. His work. It was Gregg Braden it was Dr. Bruce Lipton, which maybe about a year ago, I read his book called The Biology of Belief. And it was so incredible. And so I was really excited to see he and Joe dispenza those were sort of my main people I was excited to go see. But then there was another there was a woman there that was speaking Her name was Anita moorjani.

And then there was Dr. Ahmet croissant Goswami. I’m gonna say it right, Dr. Amit Goswami, and then Dr. Todd over Titus. So it was this really interesting group of people that are really into both the science and the mystical. And so I want to tell you a little bit about some of the speakers. And then, like I said, I’m going to share more as the weeks go by, here’s what I found was that the information was so impactful, I ended up staying an extra day at the resort, just to have a day of like integrating it all.

And what I mean by that was like a chance where I could go back through my notes, you know, by the by day five, day one felt like sort of a dream like a memory. I didn’t read it, there was so much information. And so I want to talk about the very last day what I did, and then I’m going to tell you a little bit about the speakers.

And then I’m going to share a little bit of what I learned and then again as I integrate So, so I took this extra day and stayed most people left either that night or the following morning, and I stayed an extra day and then I left on Wednesday instead. And I did that so that I would have a chance to, to integrate everything I knew that the energy in the room was going to be really high vibration, you know, the people that were going there were are all on the path, right?

They’re all been working on their vibration, they all understand the importance of energy. And then the whole event was really geared around raising your vibration and shifting your energy. And so being there day after day, like really had an impact. And you know, they did five days specifically, because that’s how long it takes to kind of raise and hold a vibration. And so by the end of the event, I mean it felt there was the electricity in there. It just felt so good. And I can’t remember if it was

Dr. Lipton, or if it was Anita moorjani that said, this is their most favorite event they had ever been to, like, the energy just was really, really amazing. The people were really amazing, you know, you know, you’ll walk down the street, and then you’ll see people and some people smile, and some people don’t. But imagine, like you’re walking down the hallway, and everybody’s like, Hi, hi. Like, you know, I love you. Like, it’s was just really just kind of an incredible place to be.

So I wanted a day where I could go over all of my notes, right? So I could look back at day one and say, What do I remember? And how do I bring that home and into my life, you know, you’re at this place where you’re in such a high vibration, you’re around high vibration people and you’re working on your vibration, you’re also not worried about laundry, or picking up kids or doing work, right. So you are separate from your life, which is why I think retreats can be so valuable.

But retreating from real life, and focusing on yourself, I was like, I need to have a plan. So that when I go home and go back into my old environment, I can sustain this, or at least some of this right that I can bring this home. So I went over all of my notes, I you know, highlighted and made new notes about what things I wanted to do.

And one of the biggest things that I did that you can do doesn’t you don’t have to go to a retreat to have this happen. But I made a list of some of the things that I do that don’t help my energy. So what are the things that actually drain my energy? And then what are the things that I do that build my energy? Like, what are the things that real feel really good?

Like, what are the times during the day when I’m at home? Where I feel really excited and really high vibe and really mindful? And in the moment, right? And how can I start doing more of those things. So less of the things that take away my energy and more of the things that build my energy? So I really needed to get clear about that. And here’s why. Because I think sometimes we can trick ourselves into thinking like, that’s okay, I don’t mind doing that, like I can, you know, I’ll do I can do that task, like whatever that it doesn’t lower, doesn’t lower my vibe that much.

But I wanted to get really clear, like a perfect world, what would I get rid of and what I do more of, and it was interesting to me, because some of the things that I kind of thought that’s fine I can do that aren’t really things that build my energy, it might be fine. It might keep me equal, right? It might not take away my energy.

But I really want to add more things into my day that build my energy. So that was one of the things that I really focused on. And again, you don’t have to be on a retreat to do that. But before I left, I wanted to be clear. I wanted to be clear before I came back into my old environment, what are those things, right? I wanted to make a list of the things that I really, really wanted to shift. And you know, I’ve talked last week about how I did my planning for 2020.

And it really wasn’t goals and and to do lists, it was really about what kind of feelings I want to have and where I felt things will be shifting what Monday felt things would be shifting. So I did a little more of that, right where I got some clarity around when I when I was in meditations throughout the event, there was many different meditations. And when I was in those, I was starting to get ideas of things that would feel like expansive and fun to do things I had never thought of before.

And so I wanted to make sure that I had those on my radar still, right. So I pulled all that stuff out of my notes. So really to have this day of integration where I could just relax too. And I know that sounds like we had a week. But it was intense. You know, it was a lot of thinking and focusing and sitting and listening. And I wanted that time also because we were there for a week. But we were in conferences all day, I really didn’t get to walk around the property. And like I mentioned, it’s on the Santa Ana Pueblo.

And it’s magical there. It just the energy felt good in the location, like just felt really good. And, in fact, it felt a little different that day where everybody was gone. I mean, they really weren’t very many people at the resort at all. And you could feel the energy of the place. And so I got out and did a lot of walking. It was cold that day.

But I did a lot of walking, I did a walking meditation, I sat outside, I did some journaling outside, like I wanted to be connected to nature and to feel like I was, you know, a part of that space before I left. So for me, that’s what the integration is. There were a couple questions about that I had posted something on Instagram.

And I think that’s such a good question. I think that how you integrate It is really how you take the information you’re at this event or you’re having an experience, and how do I take that and bring parts of that home with me? How do I make it me? You know, one of the things that Joe dispenza talked about was in his longer retreats. He does different types of medic meditations with people. So he’ll do like a seated meditation, a standing meditation and ends with a walking meditation as the as his longer events progress. So in the later days, you do walking meditation, well, why do you do that?

You do that so that you It integrates as you are walking around your life so that it becomes that you can hold that vibration and having that experience while you’re moving while you are doing, like something that is normal in your life. So that’s really kind of the the basis of where I wanted to go with this was to really walk around with it, how do I actually build this and make this part of who I am? Okay, so what am I even making part of who I am? Because you’re probably like, well, what is what did you do?

So I want to tell you a little bit about the speakers that were there. Because I think there may be people that you want to follow. Or you may be interested in maybe you’ve never heard of before. So Gregg Braden was really one of the hosts, I was not super familiar with Gregg Braden, I knew who he was, but I didn’t know like much about him.

But he’s really interesting, an interesting guy, because he has researched and connects people with a lot of sacred sites around the world and with sacred texts, and he’s a geologist is how he was trained. And so he just has sort of a different spin on it, right? Because he’s coming from that in the history of the world, really, and of religions and of spiritual journeys of different cultures. So that was super interesting. He also shared a lot about heart math and heart brain coherence.

I’m going to be talking a little bit more about that in future episodes. Because there’s some important things that I want to share that I learned, and I’d heard of heart math before, like I knew what it was, I knew what heart brain coherence was, I think of my YouTube channel, I’d even done a video on it like a year ago or something. But I got a much deeper understanding of it on this trip. So I’m going to talk a little bit about that. And then Dr. Joe dispenza, a lot of you might know him.

Dr. Joe’s written several books, the one that I had read most recently or started to read actually need to finish it is becoming supernatural. I think I’ve started it like three times. It’s one of those books where it you have to concentrate. So I kind of got on and off of it. But, you know, I’ve watched the intensives of Dr. Joe and him in his membership and all of that. So I I like him. He talks a lot about changing your subconscious and changing your biology by using meditation.

So he’s really big into having mystical experiences within meditations. His meditations are so good. And we did a live one with him, which was really fascinating the way he does it. The music he uses, like the river reverberation on his voice, it’s just, it helps you I think, go into this space where you really can get to a place where you’re like a piece of consciousness. So you know, meditation, I was think this is how I describe being a hypnotherapist I find guided meditations are very much like self hypnosis.

So I think of meditation as when I’m being quiet and I’m sitting and I’m focusing and refocusing and refocusing and refocusing back on my breath, or back into the stillness or back into the mindfulness, I think of although Dr. Joe calls it meditation, I really think of it as self hypnosis. It’s a guided meditation, he’s guiding you through something.

Now the experience that we had with him was more of, I don’t know, almost like a hybrid of it. He was talking, and he was guiding a little bit, but it wasn’t as if you were listening to like, a story or like moving through something where your conscious mind had something to do. And I think that that helped. also have this like, kind of mystical feel to it. So.

So we did a live one of his meditations. And that was really profound. If you can download some of his meditations, I they’re all really good. I think I’ve used just about all of them. When I was on the property and stayed that extra day. I did his walking meditation, which is a lot of walking in stopping and standing and then walking some more. But just to have that experience while I was out there was really cool. Okay, and then the next one that was there was Dr. Bruce Lipton.

He wrote the Biology of Belief that’s such a good book. I listened to that one. I keep saying I read it, but I listen. To that, maybe like a year ago, it’s really about our Bible, the beliefs that we have and how it impacts our biology. It’s pretty quick book, but really good. And I just love him if you ever have a chance to see him. He’s such an incredible speaker. Like, he’s so funny and cute. And like, he just does that he’s just so sweet. He just seems like the nicest person, like you’d want to hang out with him. I know, the other people kept calling him brucey, you know, which really just seemed to fit his personality.

But he made very complex scientific explanations seem really easy. And a lot of really wide concepts about the universe, and resonance, make a lot of sense. And he used examples that were just like everyday examples. And so it just clicked and he was just fantastic. So if you’re into that kind of stuff, he would be a big draw for me, if you’re on Instagram, or you or you’re on Facebook, my picture with him is actually my facebook profile picture right now.

Like I just, I really loved him. He was just super cool. So the big surprise for me, and if you know this person, you’re gonna be like, why was that a surprise. But it was a big surprise to me, because I did not know Anita moorjani. If you don’t know her, you got a Googler. It’s a fascinating, fascinating story. But basically, and you need to listen to her talent. But I’m going to give you the basic rundown. But she’s got a fascinating story where she grew up in Hong Kong, and she’s Indian.

And her parents were very strict. And she just made most of her decisions throughout her whole life out of fear, right? Fear of disappointing her parents fear of not getting married, fear of getting married, fear of like what she was going to have, where she was going to live, like all of these different things, all of her decisions were based out of fear.

And when she was in her 30s, I’m pretty sure she was in her 30s. She got cancer, and ended up where she was very sick, and was in the hospital and ended up in a coma. And her family, doctors told her family, she was going to die within 24 hours. And she actually did die or have a near death experience where she crossed over, she saw her dad who had passed, and suddenly could see everything in her life. She described it so beautifully, almost like a tapestry and that each thing happened to serve a purpose.

And for her greater good and that she was fearing all of this. And that’s what brought the cancer to her. And so then she actually feared cancer was one of the things she was talking about how she feared. So in this experience, where she sensed her father’s essence, he said that it wasn’t her time, and she should come back, and that she should live her life fearlessly. And so she came back and opened her eyes, and everybody was amazed. And she told the doctors, she was going to get better.

And they of course, thought she was crazy, because she was literally on her deathbed, full of tumors all the way down her neck and her shoulder and through her abdomen. And within two weeks, she was in the hospital the entire time, within two weeks, the tumors were gone. And she stayed in the hospital for about five weeks so that she could get enough strength to go on. But she tells this really beautiful story, even though I just kind of told you the basis of it, it’s not enough.

Like if you listen to her, it’s fascinating. But what her message really is, is about living your life out of fear, like leaving the fear behind and living fearlessly. And it she just had such a wonderful

perspective on spirituality and how we’re all connected. You know, so much of the theme of the conference I felt was like this oneness, right? Where we are all vibrating off of each other. And, you know, I’ve talked before about the the law of oneness. And so your subconscious does not know if you’re talking about somebody else or talking about yourself, which is why it’s so dangerous to gossip or talk about other people. But they talked about it in an energy perspective, right?

That, you know, if you have one tuning fork, and then the others will tune with it. Do you know what I’m talking about? Like, if you had a whole group of tuning forks, and you tuned one, they would all start to vibrate, right in unison. And they showed that a couple of the examples they had were with metronomes, right. So you set one and then you turn on all the others and they’re going Tick tock tick tock back and forth. And pretty soon they will all sync up, right.

And so the idea is that we impact each other’s vibration. So if I’m giving off the vibration of criticism or gossip, it’s a vibration, right thoughts have a vibration, then it is creating that atmosphere for me. And it’s reverberating off one and coming back to me. So it was just fascinating the way they all and I’m going to talk more about this, as we, you know, go over the next few weeks, and I kind of use some of this stuff in my life.

But it was fascinating for her take on this about how there is this oneness, and how we are she talked about that she could see Suddenly, the her world as a tapestry, right. And so you see this tapestry, and it’s beautiful. And it has this beautiful picture with a mountain and Lake and the sun’s shining, and you can see the birds and then you kind of zoom in to the tapestry, right, and then you can see like a square of the material, right, and then you zoom in even more, and you realize that there’s little strings, right, and then you zoom in even more than you realize that the little strings are like, overlapping.

And she was like each string is a person’s life. And that it’s actually all in mashed and building this beautiful tapestry together. And so you might not even recognize that your string, your thread in this tapestry hopes create somebody else that’s so far away, that you don’t even realize you’re in the same picture. But you are. And so she was just really fascinating and really fun to listen to. So Google her. And I will put links to their names inside the show notes on the Facebook page or on the on the show notes on my website. So Alright, then the other was at MIT, Dr. Emmett Goswami.

And he is a theoretical physicist. He’s written a couple books, I’ll tell you, he didn’t speak quite as much as the others. But he was just so smart and fascinating. And again, the theme was really about universal intelligence. And what are we clamping into, you know, more and more this weekend? And you know, it’s interesting, because I was right at the right place to go to this conference. You know, you heard me last week, talk all about energy and my vibration, and really like that is becoming more and more and more apparent to me where I’m almost spending less time doing other things, and more time focusing on where my vibration is and checking it right.

So I talked about that time app that I use to just check and see what am I thinking about what’s happening? What’s going on in my head. And so in all of this, you know, he talked, Dr. Ahmed talked about that in about how, what’s happening in the universe and how it is all coming back to us in about what I was going to say was when he was talking, I was thinking, oh my god, like, I know, we have heard, you know, I’ve heard the quote, like if I knew how bad it was, to think something negative, I would never think a negative thought again in my life.

But when I saw the science to it, I was like, Oh, my God, like, Oh, my God, are we wasting time, like complaining? Because it’s it now I just can see it from a, from a scientific perspective how, how detrimental this can be to where you really want to go. You know, anytime you’re looking, you know, do I do it? I scroll on Facebook, and I go, Oh, well, that’s not that must be nice, right? Like, that’s good, Lucky them. So, so dangerous to have that because anybody can be that anybody use if you see something, and it is in your awareness that it’s available to you?

Right? We’re all interwoven on this giant tapestry, and it is available to you. So how do you get there? How do you see something you like, I don’t know how to get there. Well, what’s the default is like, Okay, I’m gonna make a list. I’m gonna make a goal. I’m gonna hustle, hustle, hustle.

And I think that there is value to working and taking action. Absolutely, you have to do that. But I think even more important is shifting your focus, getting really connected to yourself. That’s how you get connected to others and to the universal realm so that you can start to shift things.

And it’s so much easier and faster when you do it that way. Right? So this is one of the things I talk about all the time inside my coaching group is like getting connected to that energy. And being able to shift from that perspective, being in flow instead of just hustle all the time.

You’re in hustle all the time, you’re exhausted, right? So if you’re listening to this, and you’re like, Oh my god, I’m exhausted. I would like to go to one of those things, but I don’t even have the time. I don’t have the money. I don’t have the like, I’m exhausted. I don’t nobody could watch my kid. Like, there’s like, that’s exactly why you need to take a step back and really look at your energy and I say it from a place of knowing because I slip into that.

You know, every day I noticed that I’m in that like fear place or, you know, starting to notice that I’m drifting down into O’s. It’s gonna work. Like, but now with this knowledge and with this new awareness, it’s almost like I had the awareness. And I think I had a pretty heightened awareness.

And now I have a clarity around it about how important it is to be able to focus on the on the energy of the thing instead of just the thing. And then the last person that was there was Dr. Todd, it’s Dr. Todd over Titus. And he was fascinating, really interesting guy, I’d never heard of him before at all.

And he was really, it was really interesting. He does a lot of work with lasers and stem cells. And so that was kind of fascinating hearing about his work. And he has his hand also in this company. And some of you may have seen, I know a lot of people asked me on Instagram, but you may have seen this necklace that I that I have. But Dr. Todd has a company, that’s a supplement company. And they also, they also sell something called an arc crystal.

And basically, this crystal is a zero point field. So I’m gonna try to explain this. I’m not, I’m not a scientist. So basically, you know, when we get into meditation, the whole idea is to have a mystical experience. Right? The The idea is to all day long, when we are moving forward in our lives or thinking forward, we’re pulling from our past. So we’re pulling from what’s already known.

And the idea of a meditation is to have space where we can go into the unknown, where we can then connect to the field, right to the energetic field, where all things are possible. And we can pull if we are attached to that field, or can connect to that field, where we can pull new ideas, creativity, like, you know, that’s where synchronicities get synced up, right? So it’s important for us to be able to have this time where we can connect to the field. Well, we’re all connected, right?

We’re all connected to the universe and to each other. And so there’s this physicist that made these did the research on these for these arc crystals. And the whole idea is that the crystal brings you into the harmony, and the coherence of the universe. Now, if he if this physicist is listening, I’m sure I butchered that.

But that’s basically the way that I how I understand it, so the crystal is created, and then it is put into a harmonic flux resonator, that puts the resonance of the zero point field. So it puts the resonance of the universe into it. Now, if you can imagine walking into a room, and somebody has a bad vibe, and you can feel it, right, and then you notice, you start kind of going down, right, or you walk in and somebody has a really good vibe, and then you feel really good.

And it’s because you’re around their energy. So the idea is that this has been put the, the, the resonance of the universe is put into this, so then it is in my field. So they’ve done some scientific studies on it. And they notice that it increases your how much hydration stays in your cells. So they’ve done some studies with plants where it helps plants grow, they put it underneath the water, and it helps the plants grow.

It increases your coherence. So you know, early on, in this episode, I talked about heart brain math, and that coherence that we need to have between our heart and our brains. And I’m going to do an episode where I talk more about that. But this crystal is meant to help create that coherence in your body.

And meditation is meant, you know, Dr. Joe dispenza, has the balancing of the energy centers, which is to bring you into coherence. You know, when we look at when we think about those metronomes going back and forth, and they all get synced up. It’s coherence. So the idea is that this is bringing me into coherence, which is really what I want, because that’s how I can connect to the universe to this field. And I can get closer to the feelings that I want to have and the experiences that I want to have.

So there’s a lot of scientific data that’s behind all of this. I’m not great with all this. If you’re a scientist and you’re listening, maybe you’re like, Oh my gosh, that’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. It’s okay. I just, I felt a difference with it. And I really like it. So I’m wearing it, I wear it. I put it right next to my bed as a special little thing to kind of sit up and in face towards you while you sleep. And so it’s called an arc crystal AR k crystal and you can find them on Instagram.

It’s like I think they’re Instagram. is just art crystal. So anyway, if you can also use it, I’m kind of excited to see how I can use it with some of my healing you know, so as I, as I work with, with people and I do emotion code or Body Code, just to see if it helps in releasing any trapped emotions and if I can kind of help increase the impact of that, right.

So I am full on obsessed with it. There’s like 30 years of research behind it. So it’s not just something that came out like a week ago and talked to Dr. Todd is in on it. And I’m was totally impressed with him and the research he was doing in the work he was doing with stem cells and lasers. And I just really think it was incredible.

So I wanted to try that out. So the other thing that I got, this is just a side random thing, and I don’t even know how to explain what this is. But there is this, that same company that makes the arc crystal also makes supplements and there was a supplement spray that I got that is supposed to enhance your ci energy. Now, I you know, the skeptic in me is like okay, but I just, you know, they gave it with to you when you got the necklace. So I was like I’m gonna try that.

And it I heard that it was it’s kind of gives you a hit of dopamine, I guess. And I heard it what helped with feeling connected. So the interesting thing was that I did it before I went for one of my walks when I was on the Pueblo and I felt so so so connected like to the trees and the bushes. I almost feel silly saying that and I just it gave me this level of connection, this feeling of that we’re all connected like they’re like I was connected to the bush I was connected to the tree like I really don’t.

I feel silly even saying that. So I tried it again today before I did my peloton, so I did a bike ride. I took a spray and they say you know it takes 15 minutes or whatever for it to kick in. I was like okay, took a spray. started my peloton workout about like 15 minutes in. I started like crying out of gratitude for the teacher, the instructor, the peloton, instructor and how close I felt to her. And it didn’t occur to me until after I was like, oh my god. wonderful is that spray.

So if you think about our emotions, so I’m going to bring it all the way back to the heart math thing. So our emotions are just a chemical reaction, right? And I can create an emotion. Absolutely. Like if I want to think about like the day, my mom died. And I think about like the detail of it, I can, I will cry, right? So I can create emotion, I can also create anger, I can think about something that really frustrated me and made me mad, or somebody that irritates me, right, and I can get angry.

So I can create an emotion. So emotions a chemical reaction, this spray, I think creates that emotion of that deep, deep, deep gratitude and connection, which is what our brain heart coherence is. And it’s what you want to do to be able to connect to the field. It’s what it’s why we do meditation. And so I feel like some of this, like, obviously, I can get there by going into meditation.

But it was kind of fun to see that this gave me that same deep feeling of connection. And because honestly, I would have been like, I wouldn’t have paid for that gel spray stuff like that. And it just wouldn’t have been something I would have purchased. But I will probably purchase it again because it was just so cool. And I’ve used it a couple times today throughout the day. Because how do I bring what I want to me without the hustle, I get in the flow?

What’s the flow, it’s the connected, it’s gratitude, right? That’s one of the fastest ways to raise your vibration is gratitude. So I could totally get into gratitude, I can create gratitude. And I could feel the gratitude, I could take that spray, I can get there other ways. I’m not saying that. But it was just interesting to me how quick and intense it was.

And you know, I could see that for somebody that was having trouble, right? If I was having a hard time feeling appreciation for what I had, or I was going through a really hard time that that could be really impactful. It could bring me right into that moment of oneness because that’s what it felt like. So I’m just giving you my opinion. I’m no scientist, but I’m just sharing what my experience was from this week. And some of the little takeaways so I’m going to talk a little bit deeper about the the heart brain coherence because for me, I think that was one of the it really tied a lot of things together for me.

But I’m going to be doing some different things with that. testing some things and trying some things and I want to I want to see if maybe there’s some shifts there and I will be back On the show, maybe next week, I’ll be having enough time where I can come back in and share with you guys. So all that to say it was really really an incredible, incredible week so much fun, so much fun to meet everybody and so cool to learn all these things. So check out some of those people that were at the event.

Check out some of those speakers if that feel you know you feel called to. And if you have questions, just shoot me a question you can jump into our Facebook group, you can just go to www The Art of Living big calm, we’ll bring you right into the Facebook group.

Or you can find me on Instagram or Facebook. It’s just at Betsy Pake just my name. So and if you have not watched my training, you know I have a subconscious workshop, it teaches you It’s a free workshop to watch. it’ll teach you like the five shifts you need to make in order to go from really like having a crisis to having a breakthrough. Right.

So to be able to have that transformation. And I think like this past week was so much transformation. For me. I’m excited to bring some of this back at a little bit deeper levels, some of my clients but it that training, if you go to my website, just go to Betsy Pake calm and you can get that free training. And that’ll give you some insight too, on sort of some other things that I’ve learned about how this works.

And what’s important to be able to shift, especially if you feel stuck, or you’re struggling, you feel unappreciated, you feel like everything you’ve been doing in your life, you know, it’s sort of like running in circles or Groundhog Day, then that training I made for you. So anyway, I hope that this served you I hope it was interesting, at least to kind of hear about the experience. I’ll be sharing more. And if you have questions, feel free to let me know.

And I was gonna say as always, here’s a little message from my husband. Remember when we used to do that? Maybe that needs to come back. I stopped doing that the day that I talked about those people being killed that in a shooting and it didn’t feel right to have that wound. That’s it. But maybe we’ll bring that back.

But anyway, if you’re new here, bear with me. That’s okay. All right. I will see you guys next week. Thanks so much for listening to this episode. If you found it a value, please share it with your friends, tag me on Instagram or leave a review on iTunes or any of your listening apps. If you leave a review, and you take a screenshot, please email it to us at support at Betsy pake.com.

And we will send you a self hypnosis audio that will help you break down any limiting beliefs that you have. So thanks so much for sharing. Thanks so much for leaving your review. And don’t forget to join us inside our Facebook group by going to the art of living big.com and I’ll see you there.


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