212: 2020 Reboot - Betsy Pake

212: 2020 Reboot


Are you feeling like 2020 is nothing like you thought it would be?
I am. And so I decided it was time to reconsider where I was running so hard to get to, reboot and move forward with a lot more fun.

Want to join me? I share 4 steps you can take today to get started toward your 2020 reboot.

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you think differently about what could be possible for your life. Now, let’s go live big. Hello, welcome to the show today. Welcome fellow adventurers. So today’s show is sponsored. I know I’m sponsoring myself, it’s sponsored by the alchemy collective. If you listen to last week’s show, you heard me talk about the collective, which is my new membership, we’re going to be doing a launch next week, a soft launch. So it’s going to be just the people that listen to the show that are in the Facebook group on my email list, to join us at a discounted price and get in there and get the community going and really make it your own. So I’m super excited about this. I just got some little swag in the mail, literally right before I started recording this and it is this really beautiful word, this really beautiful logo, I guess you could say my daughter made that says alkemist with beautiful flowers. So I put it on Instagram. You can see it there. But we’ve got little stickers which I’m a fan of stickers for my iPad cover. And we’ve got some mugs coming a lot of this stuff. Some of the swag is on, like not backorder but it’s being delayed shipped because of the Coronavirus. So like the stickers, for example, were they are actually the company had everything delayed because they’re making some essential stickers for hospitals and stuff like that. So we’re experiencing some of that, but the people that get in right off into the collective will get some swag. So make sure you go to alchemy collective.io. And that will take you to the website, you can put in your email address for the waitlist, that way you get the first email that says, All right, we’re going live. And you can jump in there. I’m super excited. There’s a lot of good stuff to share with you. And I feel like it’s, it takes everything that we’ve been doing here on the podcast, to a totally different level. So anyway, I’m excited about that. And so to today’s show, oh, and I do want to say thank you to everybody that sent the nice comments about how you enjoyed last week’s episode with my husband, if you haven’t heard that I had my husband on last week, and we just talked about what it was like to have a relationship with somebody that was woo and somebody that was non Woo. And it was really fun to do. It actually, I think went even better. Exactly. I was gonna I wasn’t sure if he would like, you know, if you don’t usually do the podcast podcast, it can be a little it’s a little odd, right. And so I was just so excited for him and how easy it was for us. So maybe we’ll have him on for some other stuff later on down the road.

But for today

I wanted to talk to you guys

a little bit about you know,

something that I have been experiencing and noticing over the past week and I am wondering if you’re noticing this too, especially with


slow down with everything with life with the Coronavirus so it’s the beginning of the year I was doing Monday intention episodes and then when I started traveling I moved those to Facebook just because it was so much easier to jump on and do the intention rather than you know, create the post for it and and you know all of the pieces that go into actually making an episode live. So if you are in the Facebook group or you want to join our Facebook group, if you just go to the art of living big calm, it’ll pop right in there. But every week, I have been going in there on Monday morning and sort of sharing what my intention is for the week and what I want to focus on I invite you to join me in that or find your own and you know people have been sharing what their intentions are for this week. So over the past Okay, so let me so everybody is in slow down. Right. We’ve been slowed down now for a while because of the Coronavirus and here in Georgia where I live outside Atlanta, things are really opening up for like the past month really things have been opening up first. You know it was bowling alleys and tattoo places, which I thought was interesting and then it moved on to having some restaurants opening and nail salons and hairdressers and all that stuff. So we are pretty much open. You know there’s a lot of things in place now that prevent you like if you go into a restaurant from sitting too close. And I will say the restaurants that I have been in though the restaurant that I’ve been in isn’t actually I went to an open Err restaurant like outside at a marina. So I don’t know if that totally counts. But there’s a lot of you know, there’s masks that are needed, like everything’s different, right? So when you go out, it’s not just doesn’t, even though you can go to a restaurant, it’s just not the same, right, everything’s changed. And I don’t know how things will progress and how they’re, they will change moving forward. But I know for me, I’ve gone through so many different emotions and highs and lows. And even looking back over the past two months of being home, I don’t even know that I realized when I was in it, how much I was going in the ups and downs, you know, but now when I look back, I’m like, oh, like I’ve had some real highs and some real lows in this whole experience. And I work from home and probably like a lot of you. But because I don’t have the access to just go out or I can’t just go work at Starbucks. Oh, I would love to go work at Starbucks, right? Like just these simple things. And my husband’s been home, you know, so there’s been a lot of that, too. So, in all of this last Friday,

was my birthday.

And you I think, yeah, we talked last week about how I have this day bed, right? So I bought this David of, you know, a couple weeks into the lockdown. And I have been out there like every day, like all day long. And so on Friday, I just had one call in the morning. And then I took the rest of the day and I brought a stack of books. In fact, I brought a bag, because I had so many books, a bag of books down there. And if you follow me on in our Facebook group or on Instagram, my husband got me a trolls cake. All right, if you’re judging me right now, because that’s sort of juvenile, then, then you haven’t listened to the podcast very long, but I love the trolls, I love the music, I love the colors, I love the whole message of you create your own happiness, and I love it all. So anyway, um, he, he bought me this trolls cake. And so I sat out there and I had my trolls cake. And I read these books.

And it was

weird, because I was reading like sections, you know, like I some of the books, I was called to pull off the shelf for, like books I’d already read before. And some of them were brand new, and I was just reached reading parts. And then I would feel like, Okay, it’s time to move to something else. And I was really trying to listen into my intuition and just listen to what I needed to absorb. And Saturday, I did the same thing. So out there early, like reading and journaling and just writing getting connected with, with my inside right with my inner Knower, and just talking to my intuition and just having like some really deep discoveries. And I am one

that over the years

have always worked really hard. And I cringe almost now saying hard. But I always worked really hard. In fact, I prided myself on working hard, even used to say like, I might not be the smartest, but I’ll outwork anybody. And I was in sales for 20 years. And it served me you know, that kind of hustle really served me and I had an incredible career doing that. But now I am finding more and more that like the hustle isn’t what feels good to me, it feels better to me to, like choose and be creative at times and have times where I’m really focused on, on, you know, when I have the most energy focused on, on like discovering things and thinking of new ideas, and then times where I’m doing, you know, loading up the podcast, like the mindless tasks, you know, I don’t want to be full on. So after I finish and as an example, after I finished this podcast, if I don’t feel like uploading it right, then I’m just gonna wait until I feel like uploading it. And then I will do that. Like, I don’t feel like I have to hustle and finish each task like I used to. And that actually makes me be way more efficient and happier. We’re going to get into that in a second. But as I was sitting there for a couple days, just reading and thinking, all of a sudden, I was like I have been running really hard, like running really hard, almost like my whole life. Right? Have you felt like that? Like, I’ve been always reaching for something and running after something and having a goal, you know, whether it was like a goal at work or it was a goal. You know, with my athletics, you know, if it was a goal with my career or as an entrepreneur, like always, always, always with this goal and this thing that I’m pushing almost to the point where when I would achieve something I wouldn’t celebrate it or really notice it because I would be moving on to the next thing, you know, and I you know, I’ve noticed I’m becoming more and more aware of that really like over the past few years and it kind of comes in sight Goals are waves where I get this recognition that I’m slowing down or I’m noticing things, right. So as I’m sitting there after, like day three of reading and thinking, all of a sudden, I was like, I’ve been running really hard. And I heard my intuition say, Where are you running? And I’ve got some goals. Now, my goals for 2020 are my things I was going for, you know, those, those got really kind of screwed up. They probably have for you, too. And so as I was sitting there, and I heard, like, Where are you running? I was like, Where am I running? And what is it that I think I’m going to get when I get there, because I already know that I never get there, I will run. And I will accomplish, like amazing things. And I’ll never rest to fully appreciate or celebrate them. And I think of myself as someone who’s pretty thoughtful and aware. But I realized when it comes to that running, I don’t stop, I just keep going. And all of a sudden, I felt this huge exhale, and like I don’t want to run, I don’t want to run. And over the past couple of weeks, I’ve had this whole, like, mental anguish about my Instagram account, which is something that happens to me often. Because my Instagram sucks, y’all I have tried to have a great Instagram I’ve tried. And I’m not a great photographer, I you know, I just got a new camera. And I’m gonna try because that feels fun. But like, I’m not my pictures are meaningful to me. But I don’t know that they’re the most interesting, I can never really do. The aesthetic thing, you know, I’m talking about some people have really great feeds. Most of the quotes that I put out, or like thoughts are actually things that I’m thinking about. They’re not necessarily like, they don’t have follow a theme or you know, so

I have had this moment

where I’ve been like, I really need to have a good Instagram, I need a good Instagram, I need a good Instagram and my daughter who is really artistic and awesome with that stuff. I had just been talking to her. And I was like, I need to get Instagram. And she’s like your Instagrams awful. And all of a sudden, as I was sitting there, I was like, Where are you running? Like, what will get you? If you get an amazing Instagram? Like, what is that? And will you even stop to acknowledge? And is there something good about your Instagram now that you’re not even recognizing, because you’re so focused on how it’s not what you think it’s supposed to be. And all of a sudden, I was like, I don’t want to run, I don’t want to run. Like I just want to do what feels good. Now I know we have responsibilities. And to be honest, my responsibilities. For the most part, it feels good to me to keep those commitments. And so that does feel in alignment. And so I want to talk a little bit about that about alignment. And I also want to talk about, like slowing down and not running quite so fast. And, you know, you’ve heard of like 80%, or 20% of the effort gives you 80% of the results. So as I was sitting there, I was like, theoretically, I’m racing and running and burning myself out, although I don’t necessarily feel burned out. But I’m probably headed there, right if I keep running. So the potential is there. And not really having the joy or appreciation that I could have not saying I don’t have joy or appreciation, but the level that I could have, if I just eliminated some of that stopped worrying about that and just focused on one or two things that I really want to have an impact on. And all of the sudden it felt so much lighter. All of a sudden, it didn’t feel like I had to do something I had to create something, all I had to do was follow the fun. Now, I know I’ve said this and I know that I have tried to live this, it was just another level of realization, right? So you might be like dub Etsy, we do this. That’s awesome. I wasn’t at that level of realization. It was like another layer of realization. And so as I was sitting there, I want to share with you a couple of the things that I thought about in case it’s something that you want to think about, or maybe it’ll help you clarify if you’ve already been thinking these things. So one is is that as I was sitting there on my Corona throne, because that’s where I’ve been sitting through this whole Coronavirus thing. I was you know, I was I was like 2020 did not turn out how I thought you know I was in LA for a training I had to leave early because of this. I was so I couldn’t finish my training. had been in LA for like five or six days. So now I have to go back to LA and redo those five or six days that I already did have that training because I have to take the whole training over again. So it was like, now I’ve got to go back. So now I got to go back for another whole, you know, three and a half weeks. And then I’ve got to go back for my other training. Like there’s so much in my, there’s so much on my

schedule that wasn’t supposed to be on my schedule at that time.

And I don’t even know if those things are even going to happen. And how do I plan for those like, so all of a sudden, I’m looking at 2020 I was supposed to go to Tony Robbins in July. And I don’t think that’s going to happen. Like I was supposed to, like there was so many things I was supposed to do. And now, I don’t even know. So the number one thing that I thought was I needed a different vision for 2020. Right, we need to reboot. It’s like I need to shut my computer off, and let it close down. So 2020 we’re closing it down. And then we’re gonna open it back up and reboot it and go now what now I have a fresh perspective. And I’m going to do this differently. And maybe I was running so hard. And that’s why this I’m having this experience right for me. Maybe the

Coronavirus was to get me to stop

and just slow down for a second. But truly slow down because

I had slowed down.

I’m putting up air quotes, like not gone to restaurants, but I was still racing and my head was racing, I should be this I should have a great Instagram. You know, I should lose 10 pounds while we’re here in isolation, you know, all these things that didn’t need to be on my mind. What I really needed to focus on was like what feels really fun to me? And how do I want to move through this next phase while we’re at home. And so now, it is a reboot of shutting down my computer, hypothetically, or figure or literally, figuratively and reloading it and saying, What do I want to create? Now I have a fresh vision now for the rest of 2020. And what do I want to create? And maybe that’s not like, goals, you know, even saying goals feels a little cringy to me these days. So maybe it’s not goals. But maybe it’s just of just of how do I want to feel? How do I want to interact with the rest of 2020? Right? What is the universe showing me? And how can I be in a position to receive that? What if like Abraham Hicks said, I got in the canoe on the river,

and I just followed the flow of the river.

Instead of going like I’m paddling

towards this goal or

paddling towards this excellent Instagram? Like, what if I just rode the river and appreciated what was floating by me and interacted with what I felt like interacting with, right? How could that change the present moment. And then the second thing that I wanted to look at is what’s really


Like what’s really important to me, and what’s important to me is connecting with people, and to inspire people that there’s another way to look at things, right? I don’t have things all figured out. If you listen to the show for any amount of time, you know that I do not even try to pretend that I have it all figured out. But I do think I have a really interesting way to look at life based on my experiences and my training. And so I want to share that because I think it’s a little different. And I think it could be helpful. And I find other people’s visions and perceptions of reality helpful for me, right? So that’s what I want to do. So how do I want?

And what’s important to me in that

is Instagram important in that higher vision? I’m not sure and if if it is, it’s not in the way I was doing it, it’s not by this efforting it’s by feeling more flowy about it, and seeing how I can get my message out in a way that feels really authentic and easy to me and not trying to be like every other Instagram or because I’m just not gonna be and what is important to me is, you know, my family and but in a different way than it was before the coronavirus. Right. I bet you feel that too. And so what is important, I want to really define that, like really get clear, not like Well, my family is important, but like what is it about my family like spending time with my daughter once a week, she’s in college, so that can be tricky. But once a week, we’re we’re doing something fun, where we’re doing something fun. Do you know what I mean? Where we’re not like, just going to lunch? Like I want to do something fun? Like how can I create more experiences? Right so I was trying to think through that when she was a little kid we used to go paint pottery like she loved that. And maybe that’s it, you know, like maybe we start doing some of those things, go paint, pottery or you know Go, like to mini golf or go, like doing some things that we’re just doing something totally different than we’ve done before. Because life is different than it was before. And so I want to bring in some of that sort of newness. And what’s important to me is connecting with her, you know, so it’s not just family, it’s connecting with my daughter once a week, in a way that feels fun. You see how that’s totally different than like, my family’s important, right. And so I want to get really specific about what’s important. And I want to decide what commitments are important.


you know, I’ve have talked about this trip to LA and my training. So the training that I had to leave and I have to redo is offered in July, and then the training I was going to attend anyway, is in August, which would mean I would be in LA for like seven or eight weeks, which is a long time, it’s a long time to be away from my husband, for a long time to be away from my dog, it’s a long time to be sort of shifted in terms of how what I’m doing every day, what my focus is, the training I’m going to is super intense. And so being in that intensive an environment one training right after the other like, I don’t know, it’s a lot. It’s a cost, right? Because I basically get like a Airbnb for two months. Like it’s a cost prohibitive in some ways. And so I think it for me, I was like, Okay, what commitments are important, and I looked at that schedule, and there are other times where I could do those trainings, I won’t finish when I thought I was going to finish. But is that okay, right, so reevaluating those commitments? And like, what commitments I have that follow those things, so maybe you’ve got commitments, things on your calendar, where you you’re like, you know, this has been on my calendar, this end of August thing or this event in September, and now I have to relook at it. Is that something I really want to do? Is that something I really want to attend Is that something where I want to put my energy is that someplace I want to focus, because I think that even if I think it doesn’t matter, you you’ve gone through this experience of this global pandemic, you are different. And that deserves a recheck of what your values are, and what you’re aligned with on your calendar. So recreate your vision, get clear on what’s important. Decide what commitments are still important to you, and which ones you can shift or just let go. And I want you to ask yourself, like what feels like the most fun. And I think, you know, sometimes as adults, we’re like, well, life, everything can’t be fun. But why not? When did we decide that? Like At what age did we decide that it couldn’t be fun? You know, when I was in college, I had got a job at the Dairy Queen. I used to say I was the Dairy Queen. I wasn’t just working at Dairy Queen, I was the Dairy Queen. And it was at the mall. And it was I knew I knew

part of me knew like you should be

a little bit embarrassed that you’re working at the mall. Dairy Queen, like my friends all had cool jobs, you know, working at the ski resorts and stuff like that. But at that point, I was like I’m the Dairy Queen and I just made it like the most fun that I could ever make it I had the most fun at that job working with some of the craziest most fun people. There was a like for the prisons, they had like work release where people would come work. And they were really like the funnest people and they were so happy to be out and about because otherwise they leave and go back to jail right after like No kidding. And it just felt like really fun. So I there’s a point in my life where I decided like, like, silly jobs, you know, are not stupid, but I’m going to use the word stupid jobs or in it, I guess jobs that weren’t important. That’s not even the right word. What’s the right word? You know what I’m saying? like things that were that were temporary. For me. This wasn’t my career to be the Dairy Queen, although I probably could have done that and been really good to Dairy Queen. But although that wasn’t like this big goal in my life, but I moved through it. It was really fun. And I kept that fun. So there was a time where I decided life isn’t fun anymore, or it can’t be as fun or it can only be fun in certain situations, other situations have to be much more serious. And you know, I one of the things that I really love is it and you probably have things for you too, right? So the things I really love are like creating content, I love doing the podcast, I love creating, you know, hypnosis for my clients. I love doing you know, so that’s why I created the alchemy collective so I could just do the stuff That felt really fun and bring a bunch of people in on it. So I want you to just look at what makes you feel the most fun? And how can you start to bring that into your life maybe in a totally different way than you expected to. And ask yourself, like, what, when we do this, I believe that then we start to flow into new ways of being into new ideas for us, right. So I just got really clear on what felt fun. And then all of the sudden, I had this idea. And then all of a sudden, I got the idea for the name, right, and then all of a sudden, all the pieces started coming together so simply and easily. So if you’re having trouble getting any kind of clarity around this stuff, if you’re like, this all still feels really overwhelming. Or I don’t even know what my vision would be for 2020. The rest of 20, that’s okay, first of all, just give yourself some grace. But the second thing is just start clearing out your space. So I noticed a few times over the past month or so when I would get right before I would get a good idea, I would suddenly get this burst of energy and want to like clean my office or rearrange my office, or, you know, clean up a kitchen or change the way things were organized, right. And if you could just start doing some of that, you know, clean out your wallet and clean out your handbag, and then see do I feel, do I have some clarity, because I believe that physical and that mental clarity are so connected, right? It’s so connected and so intertwined. So you could start there, and see if that helps to pull you into a space where you get the next level of clarity for these other things. So this week, see, if you can slow down a little bit. See if you feel like you’re running. And if you are, slow down, recreate your vision for 2020. Look at what’s important to you about your life, decide what commitments are still important to you. And ask yourself what feels like the most fun, what do I really like to do. And even if you don’t turn it into a job, you can turn it into something that you bring into your life more. And then clear out some of your physical clutter and see if that lightens you see if that can help you create this next version of you that’s going to walk out of this stay at home order and into the world again in the way that you want.

Because you can choose, you don’t have to go into it blindly. You don’t have to just let things happen to you. You can make a conscious choice, and begin to move into this new version of you that you have decided. And I’ll tell you, when you make that decision from an identity level like that everything becomes clearer and easier. And you should join the alchemy collective, because we’ll be working on all of this stuff inside there. So you can go there just go to alchemy collective.io. It’s not calm. It’s dot IO. And I’m not sure what.io sounds like Earth stands for but I liked it and it was the way I could get alchemy collective

in one word.

So join us there join us inside the public Facebook group at the Art of Living big.com. And of course, I do have a free training on my website. If you just go to Betsy pake.com. There’s the free training right at the top. It’s the five shifts that I use with my clients to really shift their subconscious so they can start to move forward and uplevel in a totally new way. So if I can help you please reach out and let me know. Thank you so much for listening. If you enjoyed this episode, please share it with your friends tag me on social media. I’m always so

honored and flattered when you share what’s important to you,

and it includes me. Thanks so much, y’all. I’ll see you next week. Thanks so much for listening today. If you want to take a moment to leave us a review on iTunes. Take a quick

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