216: Clarifying a Yes or a No. - Betsy Pake

216: Clarifying a Yes or a No.


Let’s talk about how to really know if it’s a YES or a NO so that you can be taking aligned action toward your overarching goal and not getting sidetracked spinning your wheels.

Here are the questions I talked about:

Get clear on what areas you really want to shift and how committed you are. Where do you want to see things going? How do those things show up in your life? What’s next for you in each of these areas. How do you want to be seen in these areas? What do you do once you are there? How does this shift your everyday work experience? How do you shine in trouble comes? What do you do when things slow down. How do you respond to overwhelm? 

Decide. Make these decisions for your life so you don’t drop into default and get stuck playing out some version of yourself you no longer want to see. Some version that you picked up and assimilated from someone else. 

What would the purest essence of you do in each of these situations? How would she react? Decide and stay [laying out this new story in a way that positively impacts you toward your desired future right now. Start now. Start today. Do this today and now.

You can create whatever it is you want to and the portal is open for you to do that with ease right now but you’ve got to have a clear understanding of what you want and are doing.

Don’t get sidetracked by other things. This is important too for your moving forward and balance in the future.

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