225: The nature of reality with Kidest Om - Betsy Pake

225: The nature of reality with Kidest Om


This week on the show, I interview Kidest Om.

Kidest OM is an Author, Coach, and Corporate Consultant who writes, guides, and speaks exclusively on the primacy of consciousness, deliberate creation, and life mastery. Kidest has been coaching business professionals all over the world on the power of their mindset for over ten years. She knows with clear conviction and absolute certainty that an individual’s potential to achieve any desired outcome is limitless. The infinite capacity for greatness, the unbounded capacity to live the highest imaginable quality of life pulses within each person.   

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Welcome to The Art of Living Big podcast. My name is Betsy Pake, and I’m an author, speaker and a master mindset coach focused on helping you understand and design your life with the power of your subconscious.

This podcast is designed to help you think differently about what could be possible for your life. Now, let’s go live big.

Hello fellow adventurers, welcome to today’s show. I’m so excited. You guys, you know how excited I get when I have somebody really good on. So I’m excited because today I am with my friend Kidest Om. Hello, Kidest.

Hi, Betsy. Thanks for having me.

Yeah, I’m going to read your little bio, and then we’re going to kind of get into it. And if someone is listening that has been a longtime listener, the name probably sounds familiar because I’ve talked about your books on and off, you know, over the last few months.

So Kidest is an author. She’s a coach. And a corporate consultant and she writes, guides and speaks exclusively on the primacy of consciousness, deliberate creation and Life Mastery. You guys, you know, this is like my jam, right? She has been coaching business professionals all over the world on the power of their mindset for over 10 years.

She knows with clear conviction and absolute certainty that an individual’s potential to achieve any desired outcome is limitless. The infinite capacity for greatness, the unbounded capacity to live the highest imaginable quality of life, pulsates within each person. Woohoo, raise the roof on that. I love it all so much. So thanks for being here.

Thanks so much for having me.

You know, I found you I want to say it was like maybe six months ago, and one of my girlfriends had begun working with you. And she said, do you know who this is? And I, when I was like, no, which, you know, I feel like we know the people in the realm that teach this.

So I was like, what in the fresh hell, who is this? And I bought your book. The first one I bought, although I think I have them all. Truly I think I have them all. Um, the first one I bought is called Nothing in the Way: Clearing the Path to Success and Fulfillment.

And I talk about this book a lot. Because it’s one of those books where everything is highlighted. There’s posted notes throughout the entire thing. And I almost use it now. I’ve read it several times, but I use it now almost like an Oracle card in the morning. I’ll just open to anywhere and see what it says. That’s awesome. Yeah. So tell me a little bit about your journey and how you kind of came to this place.

Oh, wow. Um, so I, I’ve been on this amazing journey of sort of discovering our power for a few decades now. It started with I’ve always been curious about human nature. I’ve always had this sort of bubbling curiosity about why we are the way we are, like, even as far back as high school I was just super curious about why are we like this?

Like, why do we, how do we think, how does that even happen? Like how are we thinking, feeling beings? And so I studied psychology in university, and that sort of scratched the surface for me a little bit.

And because we go into, you know, the personality development, the sort of psychosocial development of the human being and the neuroscience aspect of how we do the human thing. Yeah, but it wasn’t enough, like, it was a great peek into sort of the structural, physiological reality of being human, but it didn’t quite take me into the spaces I knew were there for me to explore.

I just intuitively knew there was more so I dove into new thought metaphysics sort of the realm of Buddhist psychology and non duality sort of Eastern esoteric traditions.

Yeah. And I really started to piece together from that a view of being human that had kind of an expansive reality to it. Right. So I was able to both discern and through meditation access deeper spaces within myself that sort of quenched that thing that I was thirsty for for years.

I was gonna ask as you were saying that, did you did you read books to learn that was it simply like you just thinking because I think a lot of this stuff, right is like I have thought a lot about it. And that’s how I’ve come to these conclusions. Which was it for you

But it was so so so I would read something and I’d be like, Well, yeah, not quite what I’m looking for. It’s so like, it’s both and that’s something I encourage in my books is for anyone interacting with what I’m writing, I want them to sort of contemplate it and see where it takes them within themselves, because within us is this depth of ancient knowledge that sort of surfaces into our own awareness when we when we start engaging with the information in our environment, like actively engaging with the information in our environment.

So I read a lot of books like hundreds and hundreds of books. Yeah, from different philosophies, different sort of perspective. And from there, and pieced together what resonated for me or what I thought instead of what I was reading, I was like, No, that doesn’t quite fit, right. This is what I think it is. This is what I feel great to me.

Yeah, so really examining, so it’s really learning something new and then examining if that is true for you.


Absolutely. Like do you feel really had? Did you have a lot of things to unravel from what you were taught as a kid? You know, we get all of our beliefs and so are so many of our beliefs just from absorbing our surroundings in our environment.

When we’re so little Did you find you had to re examine those things too? Big time, big time. And I think that was sort of the friction that was fueling my curiosity was the way the world was described to me and the way that human nature was described to me wasn’t making sense. I was like,

No, I don’t feel like I’m inherently bad. Which is what you’re taught like human beings are, you know, kicked out of the garden like you hate Yeah, stories of human beings not being enough. Yeah. And it just didn’t sit right. I’m like we live in this universe.

That is so exact, that is so precise. And don’t think the universe would have created a species that we’re in inherently bad like it just doesn’t add up. Yes, yeah. Yeah. That friction of like, No, these these beliefs don’t seem right these narratives, these mythologies we’re being told to doesn’t fear right?

So I was, it was both an online learning but also an affirming of something that I knew in my core, knowing when I did discover these, these other sort of maps of, you know, unified wholeness. For instance, we’re all one thing I was like, Okay, this makes sense. This, this has logical consistency to it. Yes. Yeah. The world that we we, you know, sort of find ourselves in.

Yeah, it was both there was there was quite a bit of cultural programming sort of social programming that I had to undo. Yeah. to uncover sort of the more resonant you know, stories of our nature and the world we live in, and and what were you searching for? Or was it just an understanding of something that you Felt like you didn’t have a full, like realization of.

I don’t think I knew at the time if there was something specific I was searching for, but ultimately, like, the search was the surface of the search, Enter. And I didn’t realize that’s what I was looking for.

I didn’t realize that I was I was looking for a resonant explanation of my true nature, our true nature of, of existence itself. But there was there was something missing from it. There’s just the sense of this isn’t the whole story. For me, I just went through sort of my education and day to day.

It sounds to me that it was sort of just at like, you were just born being curious, curious about things and so you weren’t necessarily accepting what was being given to you.

Then I recall, I think I was 15 or 16 and just having this definitive sense that the information I was being given the the narratives that I was learning, both sort of in school and you know, sort of at church just weren’t it? Yes. It seemed like a faulty narrative to me.

And I stopped. I remember I stopped going to church when I was 16. Because I’m like, No, this Yeah, resonate with me. Yeah, there was that. Yeah, there is that friction of something about this stream of consciousness coming toward me, isn’t that right?

Yeah. So okay, so your whole thing really is and correct me if I’m wrong, but that there’s nothing in the way that we are completely limitless. And so the only thing that’s stopping us from like, have living our hopes and dreams and creating the world that we really want is what would you say is our programming it’s are those beliefs that we’ve been here?

inherited from the environment, those sort of culture, cultural programming that tell us that we’re small that we’re not enough, and that you know, the universe is hostile. Yeah, just the whole horrible beliefs that we’ve taken on that we’ve we’ve accepted that we’ve unquestioningly unquestioningly integrated into your personal May our matrix of beliefs.

Yeah. the mindset that we carry is where the limitation lives. It’s not in the field, the unified field in which we have our existence. It’s not in the universe in which we have our existence.

How would you describe the unified field?


I would describe it as an intricate web of oneness that spans galaxies.

Hi, yes, I love that. So we can tap into that or we are always part of that.

We’re always part of that we’re never not a part of that it’s impossible for us to be apart from that.

And so our problem then lies in us thinking that we’re separate from that and then acting according to that belief that

we are acting within the beliefs of separation. Yeah. What would

somebody be doing if they believed they were part of the Unified Field fully and there was

like, How do you do? Are you able to identify that person, like, believes in this infinity? Like, what are they doing that makes you notice that they have that belief.

So, usually, when you’re in a state of in that integrated awareness that you are part of the whole that you are an integrated integral part of the whole universe, you are in a state of perpetual trust you,

your needs will be met in the next moment you trust that whatever is unfolding is unfolding from a greater system’s intelligence you and you rest in a place of surrender and acceptance but you’re also participating in that universal flow you know, you have a part to play, you know, you have something creative to contribute to the whole because you exist you exist in that creative oneness.

So, you live in a, in a state that that’s able to both flow and rest as the rhythm of sort of the universal field does.

So it’s like a back and forth between the hustle and the flow and knowing when to hustle and knowing when to flow.

Yeah, that rhythm that rhythm of you know, inhalation and exhalation right there’s yeah Time to take in information and learn and meditate and be still and just sort of be in that space of receiving and there’s a time in the exhale, there’s a time to create and express and let go and all of that. Yeah,

yeah. And so with the kinds of thoughts that somebody would have, when they’re in that flow would be basically like thoughts that made them feel good, even when things were hard.


Absolutely, absolutely. You know, there’s a purpose behind whatever challenges you’re observing, right, yeah. You know, there’s a greater order that’s orchestrating your experiences and that greater order is leading you into greater order. So you don’t resist the circumstances of your life. And you also participate in creating your life.

Okay, so you don’t resist the circumstances of your life. So if you are experiencing something unwanted How, how do you not resist the fact that that is unwanted? Do you have any thoughts?

And I have thoughts, but do you have thoughts on how you would get into the flow of being okay that you’re having this experience that that you really wish you weren’t?

Yeah, you recognize that a challenge is an opportunity to create something new. Right? So you recognize that that challenge, and whatever that challenge is bringing up for you, is igniting you to create something new to both create yourself in a new way, and to create sort of your external world to organize your external world in a new way.

seems almost like a like a pivot, like where you’re on your path to somewhere and you’re trying to get somewhere and then the universe says, This is going to take you longer if you keep going on this path.

So we’re going to disrupt things and then you’re going to have to pivot and kind of get on another path. Is that right? Would you say yes or no? Opportunity to redefine it to rebirth yourself. It’s an opportunity to reform yourself.

Anytime a challenge comes, is igniting you into a new level of expression into a new level of being. It’s, it comes from love. You know whether you call it pray comes from love. It comes from the loving impulse of the universe to become. Yeah.

So do you, do you think that everything then that happens is for our good. And so even even So while we’re resisting it while we’re having something that’s happening that we don’t like we are in resistance to it.

But if we could just release the resistance and be coming at it from a place of acceptance and love, we would flow through it faster or we would get something different from it or what’s the purpose of that?

It’s both. So when we encounter a challenge when we encounter an obstacle when we face Some sort of external apparent obstacle, it’s an opportunity a to sort of revisit our intention, revisit our goal, revisit our focus and sort of clarify where it is what we want it.

We want to go who want to be. So it’s it’s an opportunity to reflect it’s an opportunity to refine, it’s an opportunity to grow. Because like we exist in a growing universe, right?

Yeah, no, we exist in an expanding universe and being woven in the fabric of that universe. we ourselves have to grow and expand. Simply right? That Yeah, I love that.

Oh, yeah. Oh, it never stops. Yeah. And, and that, that’s one of the things we have to recognize is that, you know, you may have grown in the last eight, nine months, tremendously.

You have to recognize that in the upcoming months. months you’re gonna grow again, in some way, shape, if you are aligned to that natural rhythm of flow, you’re going to grow, you’re going to grow mindset, you’re going to grow in your capacity to self regulate, you’re going to grow in your ability to intend you’re going to grow in it in a variety of ways.

And and that gross if we’re, if we’re not fully conscious of the rhythm of our own sort of lifeforce will sometimes feel like crisis will sometimes feel like challenge or sometimes feel like obstacles.

And if we sort of let go of the resistance, let go of defining that event, that circumstance that catalyzing thing as a negative and we go, Okay, this is here to catalyze me into a new level of awareness. This is here to catalyze me into a new level of self reference, or understanding the world in some way.

It’s here to catalyze me into more I want to know what that means. is if you start recognizing that, that chaos, that sort of flux is an invitation to become new be become more expand. Then how you flow through how you integrate the information that that brings up for you is different. Whereas if you try to fight it if you fight it, it’s painful. It’s really painful. Yeah,

yeah. Yeah, I know that there are things like in my life like goals that I have. And there are everybody that’s listening. That’s a longtime listener goes I know what about these goals because I talk about it incessantly is that someday I want to move to the beach.

Now there have been real reasons in my life. Why I have not done that. My husband has a career here. It’s dependent on the state that we live in, which is Georgia so I’m not by the beach. You know, my daughter lived here. He lives here and her dad was here, and just Recently she went off to school.

So there were like real tangible things in my environment of why I had a dream and a goal to go, but I wasn’t actively pursuing it, because it just wasn’t right. So my question then is, there gets to be a point, at least for me with the ocean where it becomes painful that I cannot go.

So how can I relieve the pain of not being able to go based on decisions that I’m making, like real reasons that I have to not go? Does that make sense? And do you have thoughts on that? Because I think there’s a lot of people listening, you know, there’s people that are listening.

They’re like, I have things I want, but I’m not. I can’t get there yet. Like, how do I relieve my suffering in the meantime?

Yeah, I think it’s a number of things. So for one, recognizing that the goal you have is you know, it’s not just you, right? It’s it’s your family. Yeah. Yeah. So creating space in that in that narrative you formed about what the ideal outcome is like the perfect scenario would be if somehow your husband, your husband’s career and your daughter’s education all of it sort of aligned to support you and having that beach or that home by the beach yeah great so there’s there’s an opportunity to refine the vision there where where you have a full a full narrative of everything working out

Oh, yeah, so it’s it’s almost like my reasons are putting up the roadblocks but those reasons might not even be real.

Yeah, I mean, like the universe’s is quite magical.

In how it orchestrates and event. One of the things that I do in my coaching is I ask my clients to do a brain dump of everything that they want and everything they think is in the way and the whole exercise of that is to put in in front of yourself what your sort of overall narrative is and where the contradictions are.

So if your narrative is my family and I have a beach home, and there are no but there are no like, this has to happen and then this like there’s there’s no Can you have a clear narrative, a coherent narrative, how that that unfolds and is much easier to navigate through then, if your narrative has those contradictory buts and more What if sin sort of concern vibrations woven into it?

So the first thing to do would be to look at your goal and to look at the story you’ve created around your goal. Right, the story you say, what you say has to happen for you to have that dream, right? Yeah.

Yeah. Yeah. Cuz I think that’s what I do is I say it has to be in this certain way. And until it is in that certain way, then I don’t want it. So yeah, even as you were talking, I can see some of the extra layers of things that I’ll throw up in the, in the, in my path, right.

Yeah, it’s, it’s, again, it’s that opportunity to refine on when you see your, your desire, your goal, your intention unfolding in a way that doesn’t line up with the picture you have.

You want to look at what those buts and what ifs are telling you about your story. You know, what beliefs are, are there is your belief that the universe can’t orchestrate.

Alright, so I’m recording. Yeah. So we could just kill off I will slice and dice and make it amazing

to what I was saying was the the universe is capable of orchestrating the experience that that we want in magnificent way. It’s evil to coordinate the rate meetings, the right connections, the right situations so that your dream unfolds the way that you you want.

Yeah. So the opportunity and in any in any effort where you’re intentionally creating something or you’re setting goals to achieve, you want to look at the narrative that you’re creating. You want to look at the resonance And the sort of level of coherence there is in the story you’re telling about what you want to create.

So if what you want to create is, is that experience of having a home on the beach in a different state, where your husband has an amazing job that lets you move there, you know, whatever that good feeling story is, that’s what you want to resonate with.

And, and and you want to stay in that resonance and see what feedback comes back to you from the field based on that coherent resonance that you’re, you’re radiating.

Okay, so I really like this. So based on the feedback, so I get into the feeling, right, and I get super aligned with the feeling and I bring the feeling back and back and back so that I’m mainly living in that feeling. Yeah.

And then I start to see what’s being shown to me what opportunities what setbacks what all of that stuff. Am I right so far? Yeah. And so that’s Oh, come when stuff goes wrong. I can go Oh, this is really good because it’s feedback based on me being in the resonance of what I want, and now I can make an adjustment.

Exactly, exactly. And the stuff that appears to go wrong. You want to recognize this just feedback. There’s no rightness or wrongness to it. It’s just the current that sort of being reflected to you on what you’re putting out.

And the other thing is, is it takes time, it takes cycles for us to move from from intention to manifestation. So this was the part I think that cut out was, you have to exercise a level of self love and nurturance and in the process, you have to recognize that you are a powerful creator.

No matter what that you are being heard that your your request your vision, your intention is landing in the field. So you want to compassionately nurture yourself through the process. You want to nourish yourself through the creative process.

Instead of Creating any sort of dialogue of beating yourself up? What am I doing wrong wise in this work? Like you don’t want to go into the currents that sort of diminish and squash You’re late.

Mm hmm. This is gold. So this is the thing. I think that a lot of people me screw up is that I set and I’m very goal oriented. I grew up like very Hustle, Hustle, Hustle, right?

So I set a goal, I get into the intention, I do the meditations, I get into the feeling. And then I’m like, why isn’t it happening? And then I’m like, I must have to adjust and must have to do something different. I must have to. And then I tend to go back to hustle because that’s my home.

Right? That’s what I was taught. And so you’re saying in this process of being in the cycle of manifesting, I need to relax and I need to give myself extra right to be able to work myself for where I am in the cycle.

Yeah, so the the power of flow the power of our creative flow goes through phases of activity and rest so the activity phase is that hustle that do the go the get the take massive action that run the, you know, the sprint, that is the sort of active current, you know, we call it the masculine flow.

But there’s also the the passive current there was deceptive current, which is when you receive the sort of reflection of what you’ve put out. Right. So you have to go into receptive mode, you have to go into surrender and enjoyment and, and sort of savoring, and which are the sort of we call them the feminine.


Yes. So how do you know to to see the actual guy go ahead, think? Well, I was just gonna say how do you know which one To be in, to be in the hustle or to be in the flow.

Well, when you when you run out of things to do, which is when people try to like, pivot back into more hustle. And yeah is when you relax when you surrender when you get into that trust them, you know what the universe has this the universe has heard me and now I can go relax, I can go you know, bake a cake or whatever raise you Yeah, yeah.

And and get into that, that, you know, do as nature does, right, like, pay attention to the ocean. That Yeah, don’t miss that step that sort of quietness and or go out into the forest and notice that stillness, that, that restful energy to it.

And, and bring a lot of that into especially if your propensity is to hustle, especially if your propensity is to be in that activity, mode predominantly, you want to rehearse your ability to be in the passive mode, and you want to bring those those aspects of your being to balance. Yeah,

yeah. And that’s really just like, like, you don’t pausing and having fun. Yeah.

Like in a conversation.

Yeah. So and we’ll use communication as an example. So healthy communication is one where and there’s both talking and listening. And and what a lot of people do in the West is they do a lot of the talking and not a lot of the listening.

Hmm, great. So they do a lot of the active phase they do a lot of the masculine go do act, take action, take action take action, but they don’t do a lot of the rest. Receive savor enjoy.Relish.

Yeah, do a lot of the listening. They don’t do a lot of the receiving the taking in you have to let them energies of the universe act on you as much as you’re acting on the universe, right? When you take not, that’s good press, you are acting on the universe and you have to let the returning Energy Act on you, you have to get into that receptive mode.

Okay, so how do I get into receptive mode?

Start with taking note of what gives you pleasure, what gives you enjoyment, what allows you to enter that state of receptivity? Right. So for me, it’s drawing or going for a walk, or doodling again, yeah, learning, anything playful playing with my animals, those are all states wherein I just in a receptive state of enjoyment, I’m just in the state of taking in my environment and just enjoying it.

digesting metabolizing it in an enjoyable way. So think about the things that you enjoy. Maybe it’s a Roma therapy and lighting candles or going for a bike ride, and whatever it may be, make a list.

Yes, yeah. Make a list of the things that give give you pleasure that, you know, what are the things that really moved me into that state of savoring the taking pictures is it you know, what is it and get to know what that is and start incorporating those activities in your day to day, you know, 20 minutes every day to start maybe just to get yourself accustomed to moving into that receptive state where you do nothing but enjoy.

I love that, you know, just recently I changed my calendar so that I didn’t take any appointments or nothing before 10:30am because I found in the morning, I liked to take my time I wanted to take extra time to meditate or go for a walk or to read my book.

And I was hustling to try to get to work started right at nine o’clock. Right? And making that shift where I was starting at 1030 it the energy around my whole day feels different.

Yeah, that’s what balance feels like. That’s a balance between the two phases feels like Yeah,

yeah. Yeah, it’s really good. Awesome. So I love all your books and I want everybody to go buy them all, but I want them to especially by nothing in the way just because that’s my favorite. But the others might become my favorite as I get sick of reading this one over and over.

So I feel like you can’t go wrong with any of them. Also, the reality reality is a buffet of frequencies you get to sample I like that book a lot too. So, I do want to ask you about your mind.

Yeah, that is that one takes a little like I have to stop and think I have a friend who said To me, he said, Betsy, you’re like out on a raft in the ocean, and most of us are on the shore.

And so sometimes when you say things, it feels like you’re really way out in the ocean. And to that, I would say, to that, I would say you are out, like on a barge in the middle of the ocean, and I am just right out by the shore, you know, comparatively, so, I love it. I love your books so much, because it really is hard to find, like people to have these kinds of conversations that kind of, you know, get deep into the nature of reality and who we are and why we’re here and what we’re doing and how we can create our own experiences.

And so I am so appreciative of your books because it allowed me to have that friend that I could have those deep conversations with. So thank you for that.

I’m so glad I’m so so glad to hear that. We have like a, I feel like it’s news that we’re scooping here is that you’ve got a new book coming out in the fall. Yes.

Yes. I’m gonna have a new book.

Same topic, deliberate creation. Yeah, that’s my jam, as well. And then in the fall, so, so keep an eye out for that. It’s called anything you want. And the the core premise really is to help people integrate the construct that they can have anything they want, and then it goes deep into different

areas to help incorporate that construct.

Oh, I love that. Well, good. Well, and I’ll be sure to share that all over social media when you get it out. So I’ll be the first one to get a copy. So I will be right in line for that one. So I love it. Now if people want to find you, where can they find you?

Just on my website, it’s infinite dash life.com and they can navigate to my YouTube videos, my Instagram, my Facebook from there, I post daily so

I love your Instagram, everybody should follow you on Instagram because you always have really good videos and just like thought provoking things and they’re short enough, you know that you can listen to them while you’re making lunch or whatever. I love it.

Yeah, I just I want to remind people that you know, every day is an opportunity to connect to their power. And, and there’s it’s never a bad time to do that. to sort of get centered get connected. Get in flow.

Yep. I love that. Now when I get my beach house, will you come and visit and have deep conversations with me by the ocean?

You know, but at the very least I will zoom you

guys I’m on an island.

Oh, you are

Where are you? I am I’m surrounded by ocean. I’m on Vancouver Island.

Oh, okay. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I think I knew that I think I didn’t know that. Yeah, well, we will zoom and you will be there when I when I get my beach house because it will be in part because of your books.

So no thank you so much it

Thank you. Thanks for being here so much.

Thank you. Thanks so much for having me.

Thanks so much for listening today. If you want to take a moment to leave us a review on iTunes. Take a quick screenshot before you hit submit and email it over to us at support at Betsy Pake calm, and we will send you a special audio hypnosis to help you overcome a limiting belief. Thanks so much and I’ll see you next week.


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