252: Holistic Real Estate with Trish Arcaro - Betsy Pake

252: Holistic Real Estate with Trish Arcaro


Today Betsy interviews Trish Arcaro as they talk all about holistic real estate.

Trish is the owner of Holistic Real Estate Pro. She guides first-time home buyers and sellers in using LOA ✨ & Manifestation 💫 to purchase or sell their home. 

As a holistic realtor, she coaches buyers & sellers throughout the whole real estate process of manifesting their ideal home or ideal buyer. Her goal with holistic real estate pro is to take you through what can be a very demanding and stressful process with ease. She helps clients get aligned to their truest home vision and prepare them to be open to receive what is meant for them.


Welcome to The Art of Living big. I’m your host, Betsy Pake. I’m an author, speaker, a master hypnotherapist and NLP coach, and I help high achievers rewire for success. If you’re ready for the next level, you’re in the right place. Over the next 30 minutes, I hope to help you redefine what could be possible for your life. Now, let’s go live big. Hello, everybody. Welcome to the show today. All right, so I have a fun guest today. I have my friend Trish, our keroh Hi, Trish. Hi. So I’ve been practicing fish’s name. It’s not hard, but say it was if I was Italian. I knew you’re gonna put me on spelling. kado I’m just so bad at rolling the RS. I’m like, you know, I grew up in Vermont. So I’m like our care. Oh, yeah. No, I have no swagger. You know, even like in Vermont or like in like the New England area. They’re they have this weird tone when you say, I don’t know, it’s with the the accent up here since I moved from California is definitely distinguished when I talk to Yeah, well, Mainers right? Well, sometimes I say when I say worry. People are like why do you say worry like that? I’m like, I don’t know. It’s how you say it. But it’s not how you say it if you don’t live in New England? I think so. Like they say Karki. Like I say car keys, but they say car keys. Yeah. Car keys. Yeah. Like khakis like, what is that? mean? Okay. So I’m excited to have you on the show. So tell everybody a little bit about you and what you do, and really, why where you live is what we’re kind of going to talk about so. So I am a holistic real estate Pro. That’s my brand, actually. I’m a holistic realtor. And I work with buyers and sellers, using law of attraction and manifestation to buy and sell their homes. And so I use a lot of energy work, a lot of high positive vibrations and a lot of the woowoo practices that I use it for my personal life, but I infused it into my business. And yeah, I mean, it’s what I do it yeah, I love this. Yeah. So I love this because it you know, if somebody’s listening, you live in Maine, and you’re a real estate agent in Maine. But if I’m listening and I don’t live in Maine, it doesn’t matter, because we’re going to talk about how how you do this, and how if somebody is trying to sell their house and they live in Walla Walla, Washington, they can learn a little bit and infuse some of this into what they’re trying to do, too. And I just sold my house. Have we talked about this? Well, we sort of talked about this, but then I listened to your podcast. And I was like, Oh my gosh, she just sold her house and just moved. Yeah, yeah, totally. So I had been wanting to sell my house for a long, long, long time. I could not get my husband on board. Really? I wanted to move to the beach, but not totally, I didn’t really know where I wasn’t super clear. So. So I have so I have thoughts about this. So tell everybody tell, like, let’s dive into it a little bit. Yeah. Like, how do you do this? And like, what is the, what’s the difference? What is holistic realtor? Like? Is that your own term? Or is that like a thing? It’s, so I looked it up. And there are several people that practice the holistic real estate process, but I don’t really like I don’t see them showcase themselves, like how I showcase myself. So I’m, I just embody that and just tell me what that means to you what that is. So when I, when that means to me is that I use my own spiritual practice my own journey. And basically, like I said before, it’s like just infusing that because I truly feel if you really want something so bad, and you have that thought, you know, it’s gonna come to you. And if you really truly believe in that accomplishment, and that you could do it, you’ll get there to do that. I’m just there as a guide to use these little. I’m just myself as a tool, I use, you know, affirmations, tailoring to the home buying process, as tools to to get my buyers and sellers to kind of like be in that mindset to sell or be in that mindset to become a homeowner. And I just when I do that with my business, I just kind of tweak my words a little bit so for you can take my for example when I close on a house I’ll say manifested instead of saying sold. Yeah, yeah. Right. So I just just twist and like, create different spins on words and express them in a more spiritual way or more of the language of how people find me and attract to me so and what does that do? Um, it’s just something different. It stands, it makes me stand out a little bit more within the real estate game, as far as up here in my community, but you know, I just want to share that you can use manifestation to purchase them or sell a house anywhere, it doesn’t matter where you are, you can process the practice of it anywhere for anything, actually. But if it’s something that big, there it goes a lot, you know, it goes. I would say it would go in Word more, it’s more of the inner work, when more than anything, I would say. So I love words. And I believe that words are actually what creates our reality. And so as we shift our words and choose our words, deliberately, instead of just using the word that has been used all the time, right, bought sold, whatever, it doesn’t mean that that is the right word, it just means that’s the common word. And so I really like sort of investigating that and evaluating it and say, is that really the word I want to use? Right? How do I really, you know, we talk, I talk about problems, I talk about it in terms of contrast, contrast, it’s not a problem, right? contrast, opens the door for opportunity. So I really like that’s why I’m asking that question. Because I think that it changes and I’m curious if you see that change the the stress level that so often accompanies buying or selling house, but when you’re thinking of it, instead of buying or selling a house, it’s so stressful. You know, I remember years ago, I read a book. It was called buyers are liars and sellers are too. I was like, No, like, that is like a really negative shock to me right now, when you said that I was like, Oh, really? Yeah. Because words matter. Right. So what if that wasn’t true? And the realtor that wrote that book is brilliant. That that was when I lived in Nashville years and years and years ago. Um, but I’m. So that’s how I got my mask in that question. So like, what other kinds of words do you shift to be able to create a different experience for people? So I say attract a lot. So yeah, yeah, like, so I use attracting your home to you, yeah, attracting your buyer to you, if you’re selling on the site. So for you, if you were to sell your house, you want to attract your buyer. So I use those words. mindset, I throw in that word, mindset a lot. How does it attract a buyer? Do you have different things that you have them do? Um, I just I, I have them do a little homework a little when I first meet them, I have them do a little homework as to what’s your reason why you want to buy this house or your next house, whichever by house, right? their intentions. And so I have them write their intentions as to why they want to buy their house, you know, why do you want to become a homeowner? You know, what are your valid reasons. And then, if they are really true to your gut reasons, then you know, start embodying yourself, start seeing yourself maybe was it takes like, 45 days to close now 60 days now to close. So your future self, you know, handling those keys holding the sign that says manifested? signing the deed in your name, and a lot of my clients like really appreciate that just because they can like see it on paper? Like, why do I really want to do this? It’s, you know, and not that they’re gonna waste their time, but really, like check their themselves, if they can, if they really want to get into this process, because it is a physical, mental, emotional, stressful process. And I’m trying to do it with ease as their guide as their coach. You know, buying a home doesn’t have to be hard. selling a home doesn’t have to be hard. It’s just matter of you know, your steps. And what are you going to do to get there, your end goal is to become a homeowner or to become a seller of your home to go to the next level. So yeah, just as just taking those extra steps and just looking within helps my buyers and sellers kind of move forward. So if someone’s thinking about selling their house, so they’re listening, but they’re in Walla Walla, Washington, What kinds of things do you think that they should be thinking about or doing to sell their house with ease? So it’s it’s us to to do that. I’d say, you know, when you are trying to invite more positivity more invite in your house start decluttering. Yeah, and start just getting rid of things that doesn’t serve you anymore. like old clothes, right? old furniture that you don’t need anymore that stashed away in the garage or in the basement. Check them out. Like if they’re, if they’re just sitting there collecting this, give them to someone, you know, donate them, you don’t necessarily have to throw them away. But take that extra step to donate to someone that would like to repurpose it or reuse it. taking actions or giving I would say, helps a lot with sellers to attract the right buyer to them and get their house sold. Some people what I do is, I do like I, I’m not no expert on energy clearing, but I there’s this some sense of just Palo Santo doing or staging their house just to clear out, you know, just leftover resonance of not unwanted energy or just like just to clear things out. So I can be prepped for photos, be prepped for photos. And just really just like inviting an envision, like, envisioning yourself like, you know, leaving this home. And kind of like imagining yourself giving me the keys to the next owner who will take care of your home. And just kind of like, see that happen, see it through and I told my seller one time she she’d bought this house, and she had to write down what type of person she wants to buy her house and she wanted someone that is loving and caring. And she wanted someone that would take care of it. It does. It would it didn’t matter who it was, it could be a single guys single mom, it could be a family, it could be a couple, but she wanted that person or couple to really love it, because she took a loving care and upgraded a lot of things at that house. And she took a lot of her time to making this happen. So we manifested something together as a person that, you know, wanted to buy their house right away within 24 hours, even though the markets hot but still, she wanted a specific person and she got it. Yeah. When I went to sell my house, I had wanted to sell my house for a long, long time. And I couldn’t really get my husband on board. And I was getting really, really frustrated. And I was getting to where I was I hated the house. Like it had probably been. I mean, well over a year that I just hated the house, I would think about how much I hated the house as I walked around. And honestly, the house was beautiful. And a lot of people would have loved to have that house, but I just hated it. Yeah. And I realized one day that I have to love this house or I won’t be able to get rid of it. And so I started walking around and really noticing everything that was great about it. You know, I pretended I was like looking at it if I were somebody just walking into this house. And I actually had some friends that had come up and they were driving through town. And they stopped and stayed with us overnight. Two nights. And they loved the house so much like they were like this is like a dream house. This is so beautiful. So nice. They went for walks in the neighborhood. They’re like their sidewalks. It’s so beautiful. The neighbors are so nice. It’s such and I was looking around like, no, this is a hellhole. All the sudden I could see it through their eyes, right? It really helped me to shift. And so I got this like intense appreciation. Now I did go around and I cleared out after they left, I got this huge appreciation. I cleared up the whole house with Palo Santo and walked all around the whole thing up all you know, in the basement, all three floors, open all the doors, everything. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you anything that’s not here to serve me can go Yeah, I’m just calling in that good energy. And I talked to the house. And I said You are so beautiful. And I haven’t appreciated you and I’m so sorry. And I just said I want someone else to come in that can really really love you, you know really appreciate you and I had like a moment. I mean, I was crying and I had this communion with the house has been decided very quickly. It was fine if we sold it, which was a little mystifying. And then we had 56 people look at the house in a weekend and 11 offers and it closed like three weeks later, there was not one hitch they didn’t ask for anything. There was no nothing they they were clear to close two days before we were scheduled to close. I mean everything perfect sale. Right there perfect sale. Perfect sale? Yeah, gosh, um, just to piggyback off what you just said, like, when your husband was didn’t want to sell like, it also has to do with with couples a fear of like if you’re married or within a couple or something like that, whether you’re buying or selling to people have to be aligned, because you are one, right. If one person doesn’t want to do it just yet, there’s something else that needs to it’s that needs to happen first. And that right there, you’re just saying, like, I need to show more appreciation to this house. And maybe that was a sign for your husband to to be like, okay, she loves this house. And she took appreciation of this beautiful house that we created and this home. Yeah, I’m on board with selling now. Like, yeah, just like something crazy. Well, the energy shifted, right. And he was working his butt off, like we all are, but he also was working his butt off to pay for that house. Well, I hated it. So if you can imagine having a job, and then you are working really hard, and then you pay for something and then every time you pay for it, somebody goes, I need this. Yeah. paid for. Right. Like, so. I think when I shifted, he was able to kind of let go along. Come along. Yeah, that that’s amazing. So then those are all really good tips. Because I do think when we shift, you know, I have I have a girlfriend named Trish who was on the show. Like Episode 208, or something like that. Yeah, got okay. Yeah, you listen to her? Yeah, my friend. Trish tells me that if you want to move the energy in a room, then you have to move 27 things. I don’t know why she says 27. I don’t know if like spirit told her 27 things. But I’ll tell you what, it’s hard to move 27 things in a room. If you’re not like totally revamping the whole room, like 27 things is a lot of freaking things. So when you start if you want to shift the energy, and then you are like clearing stuff out, you’re absolutely going to move 27 things, right. So the whole place is going to shift. And if you’re doing that with the intention of someone else coming in and loving the space, and and you know being on board, there is a thing sometimes people bury in their yard. Do you know what I’m talking about? Yeah, like a time capsule or something? Or no, it’s like, it’s a saint. It’s like the it’s like a saint of moving and you bury it. Have you ever heard this? Oh, what is this movement? Yeah, yeah, you need to look it up. years ago, I had a boyfriend that sold was going to sell his house. And that’s what he did. He had this patron saint of moving or whatever the heck it was. And you buy him specifically to bury them like in your front yard. And then after you sell you take it with you, I guess. Oh, really? We can look that up. Whoo. Whoo thing. Yeah. Another thing, which I hadn’t remembered that I probably would have done it when I sold my house, but I hadn’t remembered it till just now. Oh, wow. I blocked out that boyfriend. So cool. So okay, so then let’s talk about, um, if I’m going to buy a house, and what if it’s like my first house? Are there things that I need to be like thinking like, from an energy standpoint to be able to do this? Okay, so, um, I think when you you can’t be negative Nancy, right? Yeah, the words that you say is like, Oh, I can’t afford this house. I won’t be approved for this loan, or just like, the thoughts in your head will speak into existence. You know, when you’re thinking about buying a house or you’re just looking at houses and just scrolling through Zillow, whatever, and you’re like, Oh, I can’t afford that house. I go, Why can’t you? Like, I’ll have some girlfriends go look through. I was like, Oh, that’s too much when I go Really? Is it too much money? Or is it you can’t? Or do you not want to? Or you can’t want to? You know what I mean? Like damn sure people’s money stories come out, right, as you go to get approved or you go? Yeah, like your money, fears and money hack all of those stories. Yeah, yeah. So the money mindset plays a lot into the home buying process when it comes to getting pre approved and getting your gift, down payment, whatever it is. Yeah. So the negative self talk needs to cut out that’s one thing that I tell my buyers who are working with me just stop the negative self talk. Think about positive. You know, I know it sounds so cliche, but it’s the truth because the word Your words are powerful, and they mean something. And so when you think about your money, you know, start you know, start looking at it like it’s your relationship with you, like, you start to start doing money dates, I’ll suggest that if you see a penny on the floor, pick it up. Because it’s how you treat money. If you see something on the floor like $1 put it in your pocket and Say Hey, thanks, universe, you know, start feeling the abundance and start feeling prosperous of what you do have. I will pick up any change anywhere people are embarrassed like my daughter, probably my husband too, but he doesn’t say it as much. I will stop and pick up money anywhere a penny. I don’t care. Like I will pick up money because I, because I like it. Yeah, I think lots of times people I was at an event once where they put dollars on the table in front of everybody’s place setting. Yeah. And then they, it was a it was a conference like a coaching event, you know. And they were talking about how to build your coaching business. Well, after it was done, everybody left, I noticed there was a lot of dollars left on the table, like people just left them. So I was like picking them up. And the the husband of the woman who was talking was like, Yes, thank you. Like how many people just leave money on the table? It was such a great metaphor. I was like picking up everybody. I was like, I got no shame because people think that it means you don’t have money. But I say the people that pick up the money are the ones that have it. Yeah, for sure. I like that. I’m like, Yes, I did. Yeah, oh my gosh, that I tried to tell that instill that in my, in my kids, especially my son, who you know, is learning about value of money and what money does and you know, I I tried to tell him, you know, I say to him, money is just energy. You know, you just need to move it in the direction where you want to go. And really think about the value of the product versus how much money you have all of those things. And whenever he sees, you know, I say whenever you see something on the floor, pick it up, because that’s how you That’s how you know that you’re treating money with respect. And you’d pick up something out, you know what I mean? you’d pick up something else that was a value on the ground. Yeah. And I always say, and I’ve said this to my daughter before, like money, and now we’re getting off on a money thing. But money has so much to do with buying your house, right? Yeah, yeah. Um, but you know, we used to trade goats, like the money means nothing. It’s just a piece of paper. Yeah, it’s nothing. It’s just like, the meaning of it in the event and meaning in the, I guess, intensity that you’re getting it? Yes. Yeah, sure. Um, one thing too, with when it comes to credit, you know, if you know, you have like, somewhat of a lower credit score or not, not so average credit score, I start looking through your credit report and taking, you know, sometimes those little collection things can you know, if it’s like 50 bucks, pay it, just Oh, right. Yeah, Yeah, me too. Yeah. Get yourself ready to be pre approved. I mean, you know, look through your credit score and not be afraid of looking at it. Like, don’t be scared to look at your credit score, because you won’t know what if you can, what if you’re a 770? You didn’t even know it? Right? Yeah, a lot of it’s just, it’s just that’s such a spiritual lesson, right? of not being afraid to look at your stuff, because you can’t fix something that you can’t look at that you don’t see. Yeah. So when it comes to that, so dealing with the money mindset, as a buyer is a huge thing. And then when you start when you’re ready for that, once you start you, when you feel good about it, you feel good about like, Okay, I’m ready to take that next step, you’re inspired. Step two, get pre approved, you got that you got that pre approval letter. And then you’re like, then I say, get aligned. Find a realtor that’s aligned with you as a person. If you’re not going to jive with one person, don’t work with them, like really figure out who is aligned with you as a person who is going to listen to you on what you want. Because if you’re very specific on what kind of house you want to buy, or what area you want to be in, and be with a person that is going to, you know, be your coach and your sounding board, when it comes to showing houses. And then then you can sometimes get into the masculine and feminine energy. So when it comes to showing houses, that’s the fun part. That’s the feminine part. That’s the like, Oh my gosh, you can visualize and create a vision board and see what kind of colors you want. Just kind of like have fun with the process of actually seeing the house. And, you know, you can you’ll know and i’ll tell them I go you will know whether or not this is the house you want. Like you’ll feel the energy inside of it. And you’ll say up not not this and literally that has happened so many times. We’re like nope, like not even two seconds in the doorway. We’ve got one round. Okay. That’s Yeah. And so, it’s a lot of people that have been working with me, you know, I initiated the manifestation of me attracting that particular client to myself and then down the line. they’ll realize oh my god, that’s who that’s who I’ve been manifesting to help me by This house. So yeah, I’ve done that like this past year, I’ve done that like three or four times. Lately, they’ve been single women. And they are just like, I’ve been trying to manifest a realtor. And that was you. I didn’t realize it until you said something. I was like, Oh, yeah. You know, it just reciprocate, it goes full circle. So back to being aligned with your realtor, that’s another piece to just being really aligned with that. If they’re with a partner being aligned with them, and to making sure that this house is the one that you guys are in this together, because if one is not off, then it’s like, you know, it’s not going to work, the friction, there’s friction already there, then there’s something it’s this or something better. Right? Yeah. So I would say those are the things that I’d say your money mindset, just get that straight. be aligned with a realtor that is meant for you. And who is meant and who is meant for them to vice versa. And being aligned with your truest desire, especially if, if they are specifically looking into the one house, you have to be aligned with that house? Yeah, so I have had times before because like, right now, it’s it’s a seller’s market, right. I mean, people are putting multiple offers on the same house. And it’s, I’m sure kind of heartbreaking for people I know we had offers on our house before it even went on, it was able to be shown. So it was like Thanksgiving when we put it on the market. So we were like no showings till the day after Thanksgiving. And we got offers on Thanksgiving. And I’m like, how are we getting an offer? They didn’t even see the house. So that’s like the sort of, like, panicky I feel like that’s a panicky energy. You know, coming at you very anxious, like everybody’s ready to jump the gun. Yes. So how do you have How do you help your buyer settle? settle into that? Do you know what I mean? where you’re like, I’m not going to be anxious. I’m not going to be worried. I know what’s gonna be mine is gonna be mine. Like the people that bought our house. We had lots of offers, we had offers that were, like, offering us more money, but it wasn’t as good of an offer. Do you mean like these people so easy. And I just had a feeling? Yeah, when we got to closing they were like, we’ve been looking for over a year for a house and nothing ever felt right. And then your house felt right. And I knew it was because they were looking for my house. And I wasn’t I was trying to sell it. But I couldn’t get my husband to sell it. You know what I’m saying? Like, right, I had to be ready, so they could find me. Mm hmm. How do you get people to where they like, settle? And not and I don’t mean settle? I mean, like, settle down. Yeah. They’re not Yes. So that they’re not so angry. Yes. So rounded and centered. Oh, man, like, I had recently I just had one. She’s just like, Bumble Bumble home. And we put an offer on one house, she they really like this, how safe. They felt a lot of they love the space level. Well, they visually did the head, the whole thing, right? Like the whole manifestation process everything. And I said, You know what, you got to be open to receiving, it’s this or something better. And those words that those phrases have really stuck with them because they didn’t get that house because another offer came in. And what just went under contract as I was submitting the offer, and I’m like, okay, knowing that I knew that in my my gut feeling like, I knew that was gonna happen. And that in a way, because of the how the market I was already going through. Right, right. So I’ve already kind of like prepared them that this may not go through because, you know, of how the market is. But you know, you just really got to center yourself and just say, hey, it’s okay. We didn’t we didn’t if we didn’t get this out. It’s okay. Right. Yeah. The next time we were looking, and I said, well just keep looking. So how I get them grounded is just being really their positive sounding board. And just really just like, Listen, this is this wasn’t meant for you. It’s already if it if it came back on the market, and you were able to catch it right then and there then it’s meant for you. But right now, it’s not meant for you right? This second is not meant for you. The universe is telling you this, wait, just wait. There’s something else there’s something better way better. And we have an offer. We went into a house that came on the market the weekend after they were the fourth person seeing the house late in the day. That night, we put that offer in and we had to wait till like over the weekend because she wanted to wait that seller wanted to wait to decide anything. There was like four offers and their offer got picked. Because they you know, I was like you got to be really aligned with it. Like really hone in on it, visualize and do the steps and process. I know it sounds so, so redundant, but you really have to truly, like get in it, and really feel it and feel yourself being there and visualize yourself owning that house like do you see yourself? You know, is it in the location you want to beat? Yes, it is. Does it check off your list? Yes, it does. And the house was like, perfect condition. Nothing came on the market, like nothing and then inspection. We’re like, we’re good with it. Like what you don’t want to ask? Right? No, we’re good. Yeah, yeah. So when it’s, and I think that’s like, a lot of like, resting in the truth that the universe is always working for you. So even when things go wrong, it’s still working for you know, which can be really difficult when you’re in like that thirsty space of I want this, you know, I have to tell you that when we sold our house, we decided not to buy something else right off because we didn’t really know where we wanted to go or what we wanted to do. And it was so pleasant to not have to be stressed about having to buy something else like that, having that release. And and so it was interesting, because I was able to sell my house but not have any restriction. were usually I would have been carrying the stress of moving into the next house. Yeah, it would have been carrying that into my closing of my current home. Yeah. Right. And I was saying, to somebody, I don’t remember who I was talking to about this, but I have owned a home almost exclusively since I was 24 years old. Like I was so ready to not own a home, like I just didn’t want to have to own a home. Like I didn’t want to have to have all the all the Oh my God, I don’t want a yard, I don’t want any of that stuff. I know that there’s a time in my life where I will again, and I know a lot of people, that’s something that they really do want. Yeah, but it made me recognize how much the energy of one thing impacts another thing, and that it’s not a vacuum. And I think that that is the way it is for everything in our life. It’s not a vacuum, we’re not going into the closing and only dealing with the closing, we’re also dealing with another purchase, we’re also dealing with work, we’re also dealing with all of the other things. So I love when you talk about being holistic realtor, because it’s not just about the house, about everything in your life has impact you are Yeah, it’s about how you how you handle it as a person, like, you know, if you are very open to receiving then very open to listening, and you know, hearing and just like even if it’s in hindsight, you don’t mean like being being aware of what’s around you. And I always and I tell them, you know, my clients, you know, the life is happening for you and not to you. Like, yeah, hands down, like this is happening for you and just go with flow and just, you know, we I my job is to make sure that you going through this process with ease, right? Yeah, no, I’m trying to take on maintain my own energy and being high vibe for you, as well as for myself. Because all you have a lot of moving pieces and ultimate goal is to get that house. But it basically once you get that house not just only you It helps uplift everybody else that’s in the process for like, for all the highest good. So you have the blender, you have the title company, you have the seller, you have your realtor, you have yourself that is getting this goal, you know, a lot of working pieces have to be aligned together in order for you to obtain this house, when the reward is payment, obviously, in in purchasing and selling this house, you know, so it’s, I has to all be aligned for all that, like I say all the highest good. You know, everything has to be in sync. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. I love it. so fascinating. I love fit. This is the approach, right? So I think that as people are listening, and they’re like all over the country, right or the world, yeah. And they think about if they’re going to buy or sell something to just reevaluate, to just pause and just re evaluate the intention that you’re going into it with. And see if you can shift it, use some of these different words. Try it and think about the energy. Notice where you’re thinking about other areas of your life and pulling that into this home buying experience. And see if you can upgrade any of that. So I love all of this. Thank you so much for being here. Tell everybody how they can find you and what’s the best way to connect with you. So the best way is to connect with me on On Instagram at holistic real estate Pro, you can find me on club has every once in a while at holistic art e Pro, pretty much those are the two platforms that I normally am on. And where are you like if somebody lives in me and they want to get in touch with you? Oh, yeah. So I’m a realtor with next home experience Bangor, Maine. And so if you all want to come up here and live on Woods here Yeah, um, you know it’s it’s it’s a it’s a good it’s a good company I work on my own and, um, and I can help you manifest your or sell your house for sure. I love it. I love I love Bangor You know, I’ve been there. You have my cousin lives there. Oh, what if I know your husband? I don’t know. I can tell you after. Gosh, yeah. Yeah, maybe I know your cousin. Well, this was awesome. Thank you so much for coming on the show. I love it. Thank you so much for having me. Betsy. Thank you so much. Thank you so much for being here and for listening to today’s episode. If you liked it and got something out of it, please be sure to share with me by leaving a review over on iTunes. And if you’re not following on social media, I am everywhere at Betsy Pake but most of the time over on Instagram, so follow and comment on my latest post so that we can connect there. I’ll see you next week. And until then, keep living big


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