258: Mini-hiatus update! - Betsy Pake

258: Mini-hiatus update!


My list of things to figure out and where I’m going this month!


Welcome to The Art of Living big. I’m your host, Betsy Pake. I’m an author, speaker, a master hypnotherapist and NLP coach, and I help high achievers rewire for success. If you’re ready for the next level, you’re in the right place. Over the next 30 minutes, I hope to help you redefine what could be possible for your life. Now, let’s go live big. Hello fellow adventurers. Welcome to Episode 258.

All right, so it’s it, we’re heading into Memorial Day in the United States. So if you are here, I hope you have some fun plans. I made a list. And this morning, I pulled out my list of things, like things to do, you know, but my list actually set at the top things to figure out. It’s a lot of stuff, y’all. It’s not just like the to do list. It’s like real things to figure out. Remember, a couple episodes back, I was talking about like new problems, and figuring out new problems. And the one that I talked about was my Oracle cards. Right? So I had a new problem is that I had to figure out, like the shipping and the overseas shipping and all that stuff. I did it figured it out. You can get them on my website.

But in all of that, I realized I’m like, I can figure stuff out, you know, the hard stuff sometimes like earlier on in my business that used to, like confuse me, that’s how I would describe it, I would get confused. Like, I wouldn’t know how to do it. And so I would miss kind of put it off, put it off, put it off to a point where then I was just putting things off for a long time, which really meant I was choosing not to do things. And it always felt bad because it went against like, who I felt I was right, like I’m gonna do or for the most part, and maybe you are too. So anyway, back to my list list of things to figure out. It’s some really fun things. It’s really awesome things.

It’s cool things that I feel like I have been working my whole, my entire entrepreneurial, entrepreneurial life towards. Also some things where I feel like I like this is the thing that I had been trying to get to this point where I would have this list of things to figure out, right. Anyway, all of that to say, I’m taking a hiatus from the show, just for a month, I’ll be back after Fourth of July. Here’s why I have this list of things to figure out. And I’m creating deep already in creation mode for our certification.

And this is our alchemy Institute, it is the six certifications. I am deep in recording mode all throughout June, we have scheduled recordings of these trainings so that if you want to take them online, you can do that. So all of that to say I have been, I have this list of things that needs to be done in in June. So that the other things that are being figured out, we’ll be ready to be launched in July. So a lot of changes a lot of really big cool things for me, um, fun things that I’m excited to talk about when I get back. But I really need to be deep in creation mode, you know, for the whole chunk of June. So I didn’t want to just leave you hanging because I feel like I’ve been so busy the last month or so. And with everything that happened with my dog and being sick, and all the things, just life life, and then these new business challenges.

So I want you to have an amazing June, please keep up on Instagram, let me know what you guys are up to, you know, follow along, I’m sure I’ll be sharing more of the journey of the filming in the creating. And I’m just really, really excited for June. I feel like this has been a baby that I have been thinking about birthing, you know, for many, many years. So I’m excited that the time is here. And I just really want to focus in and make this really, really incredible.

So if you are interested in the certification, we’ll be rolling out more there’s one spot left for this pre, the pre the first cohort. There’s a lot of cool stuff you get by being in the first cohort plus it’s way, way cheaper than it’s going to be. So there’s one spot left if you want it, grab it otherwise I’m going to close the doors on June 1 just so I can get to work so

anyway, I love you guys so much. I hope you have an incredible month. set some intentions what are the personal like one intention or two intentions personal you want to do One or two professional or career based things you want to do, and one or two adventure, what could you do this month that would give you a little bit of adventure. We’re starting to open up we can get out. If you’ve been vaccinated you can get out even more and maybe use the opportunity to like really dive in and see what you can come up with and what you can intend for the month of June.

So Alright, thank you so much for being here with me. I will see you guys in a month. Thank you so much for being here and for listening to today’s episode. If you liked it and got something out of it, please be sure to share with me by leaving a review over on iTunes. And if you’re not following on social media, I am everywhere at Betsy Pake but most of the time over on Instagram, so follow and comment on my latest post so that we can connect there. I will see you next week. And until then, keep living big


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