288: Is Joy Enough for You? - Betsy Pake

288: Is Joy Enough for You?


Do you find yourself looking for the greater meaning in all experiences? Maybe you want to learn something new but you aren’t sure what the purpose would be.

Betsy talks about her recent journey learning about joy. On her journey she experienced that other countries leave room for joy, and they recognize that to have joy is enough. All you need to do is experience it, appreciate it, and keep moving through life with it.

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Hello and welcome. Welcome to the Art of Living big. Hello fellow adventurers. I am recording, I have to tell you, I’m here in Iceland. And I’m with like my group, you’ve heard me talk about this on the show. And if you follow me on Instagram, you’ve seen way too much of my trip in Iceland. But I’ve been here a couple of weeks that we are staying in Airbnb, which feel like, I don’t know, like cabins maybe like, like summer houses, right. I mean, they’re winterized, but the walls feel very thin. So I keep like having these ideas of things to record. And then I’m like, Oh, my gosh, I don’t want to be like, in the room, and everyone can hear everything I say. And this goes out to 1000s of people. So I don’t know why I’m worried about the people in the House hearing me like they could just listen later. So I finally decided I’m just gonna sit, I’m going to sit in the corner, and record the show, because I have things to say. And I have things that I want to share with you. And just ideas that I’ve had that I hope will kind of help you on your journey. So I’ve been here about two weeks, I have a couple more weeks to go here in Iceland. And honestly, it’s been really such an interesting experience, like on multiple levels. First of all, just traveling to a totally different place. And I’m going to do an episode where I break down the places I went and give you my itinerary to download and all that stuff. After I have been through the experience, but I’m noticing, you know, when I when I came here, I had to travel through Heathrow Airport through London, you know, change planes and airlines, and getting here was a long experience. It took me like 30 hours of traveling. And I think in that there was a lot to grow through. Right, I hadn’t traveled by myself in a long time, like other than to the beach, right. And so that whole experience was was like a growth period. And then I got here. And I stayed in Iceland for a couple days by myself and I went to the Blue Lagoon and did those kinds of things. Again, like a growth experience, like I’m in a different country, people speak English, for the most part, but also, you know, a lot of informations and not in English. And not everyone speaks English and not all menus are in English. And so that has been another level of like growth and experience. And then coming together with my group. There’s nine of us here. And that, you know, a group transforms as they spend time together. You know, in the beginning, we were strangers all getting together and having this experience. And then we got to know each other. And, you know, we all, we all go through things when we get in a group, right? We’re, like more guarded. And then we begin to show ourselves who we really are. And then we become comfortable. And then we become friends. And then we become like where you’re joking around and you feel like free to be yourself. And so going through that experience. Honestly, other than my NLP classes. I haven’t been in a group like that in a long time. I haven’t worked in an office in oh my gosh, 10 years, more than that, probably close to 15 years. So there’s been a lot, a lot of growth and change. And I can already feel my reaction to things like in my everyday life becoming different, right? Because as we go through things, and you’ve been through things like this to see you know what I mean? But as you have growth experiences, you change, and then your reaction to everyday things change. And then the way you experience things change and the things you’re inspired by change the things you’re willing to put up with change. And so I still have a few more weeks to go so I know that there is a lot to uncover. And what I wanted to talk to you about today is really about when we have advanced chairs. Now, I realize this is kind of a big adventure, right, like a month in Iceland is kind of a big adventure. But you’ve probably I mean, a lot of you have probably done adventures like this or even bigger. I have some friends that took a whole year, they did remote years, the company that they used, and they traveled around the whole world for a year, I’ve listened to podcasts where people have traveled around for years for several years, like doing this kind of thing. And so I know that my experience isn’t necessarily unique, although it was unique to me.

But I know that even without this, we have times in our life, where we are going through something or we’re experiencing something. And for me, I think because I’ve had the podcast for the past almost six years, five and a half years now. I’m always thinking about how to share or what’s the lessons in it? And I think I think that way anyway, what’s the lesson in it? And that’s welcome. The podcast kind of morphed into that kind of experience in those kinds of lessons. But as I’ve been traveling, I’ve realized that I’m going through all of these changes, and I’m experiencing all this new stuff. I’m seeing all of these new things, and I’m getting an appreciation for things in my life and things that are new. And I keep trying to figure out the what’s the overarching message? What’s the meaning? With what is what should I do with this? I think that’s the thing, what do I do with this? And I wanted to bring that to you. Because you may have things in your life like that to where you’re like, Okay, I really want to learn how to use a camera, but then what am I going to do with it? Or I really want to learn how to speak French. But then what do I do with it? Do I go on a trip to France, like what, and I’m beginning to understand. And I’m beginning to get an appreciation for the fact that sometimes we don’t have to do anything with it, in order for it to have value. I think as Americans, as people in the United States, I’m guessing that as Americans, we’re a very hustle culture. And that if we do something that it has to be for some other reason, like a reason that makes money or impacts something, or has some greater meaning. And, you know, as I’m traveling around with people from all different countries, I’m starting to notice it brings into your awareness, some of the things about yourself that are probably unique to the country that you’re from, and the environment you grew up in. And one of the things that I’m noticing is that most of the people here I think they just want to have experiences for joy, like they to have joy is enough. And with me, I’m thinking like, well, what does it mean? How do I how does this? How does this reflect on my life story, like I’m trying to make a meaning of it. So if you’re not on my text list, I text out messages that I get when I do my deep streaming. And my deep streaming is where I talk to my inner knower, whether that’s a higher self, or my the universe or guides or whatever you want to call that. My deep streaming is where I hear a voice of truth. And I teach people how to do deep streaming on themselves and how to facilitate deep streaming in my in my certification program. But when I was doing it the other day and I texted this out what I heard was never once have we said figure it out. All we said was enjoy it always said was experience it always said was appreciate it. Never have we said you must do something with the experience. Let go of doing and step into being. When I wrote that when it came out. I was like oh my gosh, like, who told me that every experience had to have some kind of greater meaning that I had to figure something out or create something from it or make money from it or have it serve some greater purpose. What if I just do the thing and I experience it and it’s joyful? And that’s it. And I’ll go one step forward. What if I never think about it again? Like what if I experience something that’s joyful? And I want you to think about how your body feels right? Right now when I’m saying that you experience something that’s joyful, and then you never think about it again. Is it enough? Like, did that? Is that enough? And the more that I’m here, and the more that I’m experiencing things, I’m beginning to shift to think that that’s just enough. Last night, we did, one of the people we’re traveling with, is a light painter. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of that. But it’s so cool. He sets up his camera, and he uses a variety of different lights to basically paint

on the picture. So nothing that’s not lit shows up in the photograph. And so you may have seen, it almost looks like a ribbons of light all around. You know what I mean? And it was so fascinating. He’s one of the best light painters in the world. And so he did a class on how to do it, and we all got to try. And it’s so funny because we all tried, and then he did it. And it was like amazing. Like he drew like a picture. It was incredible. And mine looked like just like a kindergartener with a crayon. Are you looking for a speaker for your next event? Are you part of an organization or a company that holds annual sales conferences or leadership events, I’d love to talk about the path to possibility and how to use your pain as fuel for your breakthrough. I leave guests feeling expanded, inspired and ready to break through personal barriers so that they can live big. Reach out to my team at support at Betsy pake.com. or head to my website. Betsy pake calm for all the details. It was so fun. And it was so interesting. And it was joyful. I was laughing and we were being silly and doing all kinds of creative things. And I don’t know that I’ll ever do that again. And I started to think like, How can I do that? Like, could I learn the energy behind it was do I need to figure this out so that I can bring this forward? Like, do I need to figure this out? So I’m now doing light painting? I know that sounds kind of ridiculous. But I think you’ve probably experienced something like that before, right? Where you’re like, I’m learning this thing. What do I do with it? And last night, when I lay down in bed, I was so tired last night. And I thought, it’s enough to not have to do anything with it. It’s enough to just have had that experience. And then I went one step further. And I was like, Is it enough? To never think about it again. Now, I have thought about it, and I have shared it. So I guess I’ve done something with it in the end, but not out of obligation. I’m curious about the things that happen in your life. Do you shove out? Do you close the door? For moments of joy, from moments of just being silly, if they don’t mean anything? And I’m assigning meaning by saying if they only have meaning in the moment, but outside of that moment, there’s not a meaning. Because here’s what I think. I think that for me, and maybe for you too, is that I shove out room for joy, if it doesn’t belong, or expand into something else. I know sometimes people have reached out to me to do my certification. And they’re like, I really want to do it. But I don’t know that I want to be a coach. And what I’m realizing is that that’s the same exact thing as me last night thinking, I want to learn this light painting, but then what do I do with it? It’s enough to have learned it because it changed me. It might not be like this profound, like, huge shift in my life. But absolutely, it had an impact. You know, I’ve talked before about how we’re all playdough and every hand that touches us, makes a thumbprint on our playdough and what are the thumb prints that you want? And sometimes the thumbprints don’t have to have a greater meaning for them to be

joyful, and for them to be important. And for them to shift who you are. I could never think about light painting again. But that part of my brain has expanded and I’ve had that experience and just the more joy that I have it is leading to better and better and better things. It’s almost like I feel like practicing Joy allows more joy to come. Right? Because I get better at allowing joy. I have the belief that all the joy, all the happiness, all of that is coming at us. This is the weird image that’s coming to me. So bear with me that this will seems very strange. Let’s say we are laying at the bottom of a sink. So we’re tiny, we’re laying at the bottom of the sink and up faucet is being turned on and the faucet is just coming down on us, right? It’s splashing all over us almost so much that it’s like painful, right? Like the worry are a little TinkerToy. All of the all of the water’s coming down fast and furious. I believe that that’s joy and happiness coming at us. And what we’ve done is we’ve built we’ve put our hands up to stop the water, we’ve taken like pain, and we’ve made a bridge, so the water doesn’t hit us. We’ve done all kinds of things to create shields, to keep us safe from all that water. Because for whatever reason, we think we don’t deserve it. And so our job is not to find joy and find happiness, it’s already trying to come at us like a giant waterfall out of the faucet, all we need to do is remove the barriers to it. All we have to do is stop restricting it. And I think for me, and maybe for you too, one of the ways that I restrict it is by thinking it’s not enough to just have it. I don’t deserve it unless I do something with it. And so I want to challenge you, as you go about your day, you know, do you not pause and experience like a little bit of joy? Maybe it’s a funny conversation with somebody, because you’re like, I gotta get to work. Right? Maybe it’s playing a game with your kids, you’re like, I don’t know, I’m tired. What’s the purpose? Like, we got so much to do? I don’t know, can you can we remove some of those layers that keep us from just allowing the joy and happiness to come in. I noticed this about myself. And so I’m wondering if you have it too. And as I have had this awareness and spent some time, especially the last few days of just allowing it to be fun, and just allowing it to be joyful. You know, I’ve learned a lot from the people that are here. Like so much more. It like makes me emotional. Like more than they would know. And I could do an episode on each of them and how much I’ve learned and love them.

But one of the things that I noticed is that they have a lot of joy. You know Andreas, who organized the event. He just does silly, fun things just because it’s fun. He comes up with like the most fun ways to do things. Just by being in the experience. You know, last night, I mentioned we were doing the light painting. And towards the end, he was like we could play Pictionary with this, this would be the most fun Pictionary. And so all the lights were off and everybody played Pictionary. He could find the joy just in by being present in the moment. Like if you’re thinking, what am I going to do this? How do I create something out of this? What do I do? How do I share like, but he was just being present in the moment and found joy. I noticed there’s a lot of singing here. Like having fun. And part of me has wondered. I’m older than a lot of the people here, you know, 20 years older, and like have I had something shifted as I’ve gotten older. But I’m not sure that that’s it. I don’t know that that has to be it. I think it’s something else. I think it’s a lens in which you view life and it’s a lens in which you you view joy. I think that they are under the water faucet and they allow the water faucet to come down and may not have as many guards or shields to keep it from them. It’s okay to just have the joy for no reason. So, I offer you this thought because maybe there’s times in your life where you’re doing that to where you’re keeping yourself from joy and you’re thinking it’s frivolous or you’ve got to do something with it. And never once as the universe said figure it out. All they said was enjoy it. All they said was experience it. And all they said to do was appreciate it. Never once have they said that you must do something with it. And I think when we get to that point, that’s how we live a big life. Thanks so much for listening. I will see you all next week.


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