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339: Waiting game


On todays show, I talk about a situation last week where the lights when out in my apartment. It was black as pitch, especially in the hallways where the emergency lights didn’t even come on. I was about to bring my dog out and what happened next caused me to rethink where I was forgetting what I desired and instead doing things the same old way. Listen in to hear more!


Welcome to the Art of Living big podcast. My name is Betsy pake. I’m an author, a speaker and a trainer of NLP and hypnotherapy. And I’m focused on helping you understand and design your life with the power of the subconscious. This podcast is designed to help you think differently about what could be possible for your life. Now, let’s go live big

hello fellow adventurers. Hi, welcome. Welcome to the Art of Living big. So um, alright, so today, I’m actually recording this a week ahead of time. Because I’ve been I have been better about recording days in advance, which is very exciting. But I have, I’m recording this early because as you’re listening on this Thursday, March 30, I’m getting my nose fixed. So I’ll be able to breathe. I cannot even tell you how excited I am. So

without like grossing you out with details, my I have a deviated septum basically. And it’s really hard for me to get air in, and it stops me from sleeping, right. I don’t snore. I don’t know why I feel it necessary to tell you that. But it’s been like this silent thing. Like if I was snoring, I think then somebody, somebody, my husband would have said, like you’re snoring, but I’m not. So anyway, it is a great day because I am getting this fixed. And I think it’s going to be five days of I’m going to have a splint in my nose for five days. And I think that may be uncomfortable. And that’s okay. I’m excited because I know that every day I will be healing every day I’m getting closer to being my best self. And everyday I’m moving out of this space what was happening? Actually, let me tell you this, because this is this is,

well, this might be kind of interesting. So what was happening was because I couldn’t breathe, right, I was very aware of most of my space that I was taking up in the world. So it was almost like I was dissociating. So instead of experiencing my body through my own body and my own seeing the world through my own eyes. I was almost like observing myself. And it made it kind of it made it pretty difficult to be present at times. And also, it led to me feeling really, like socially awkward and self conscious. And if you follow me on Instagram, I’m super curious if you’ve noticed, like over the past few months, I haven’t shown up live as much.

I have had a big shift, like in the last week. And I was trying to figure out why have I had this shift where now I’m feeling better. I think it’s the knowing this is going to be fixed. So I paid for it about a week ago for this surgery, which wasn’t, you know, go to Europe or breve decided to breathe. But I think that in that it made me like kind of recoil or like pull away from life in a lot of ways. So

anyway, that has been an interesting experience, because I never would have described my experience in this world as ever being socially awkward. When I was pregnant. I very much felt like that too. But you know, it’s interesting now that I say this, when I was pregnant, I could not breathe out my nose. It was like a weird thing that the doctor was like, I don’t know, maybe it’ll go away when you aren’t pregnant anymore. And it did for a large extent. But I had that same thing, like super socially awkward and felt really weird. I don’t know, I am super hopeful that every day I will start to feel more and more in my body without having to consciously pull myself there and be feeling good. So if you’re listening to this on Thursday, just mentally see me in golden light healing. That would be amazing. Thank you.

So the second thing is the other day, we had our live emotional alchemy workshop. Now I’m recording this. And that workshop is next week for me. But when you’re listening, it was two days ago and it was amazing. How do I know? Because I’m calling that in, because I decided it is going to be so amazing. So we are we will have we have released was so what we’re doing is releasing the top five negative emotions anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt. And people feel so good when they do that work. So if it all went well, which it will amazing, then we’re going to hold another one. So you can check out the website if you go to Betsy pake.com/emotion And that’ll have the next dates on there. I don’t know maybe we’ll do them every other month.

Um, or once a month or something, but there’s limited spots. So we’ll see how this one goes, I’m gonna have about 10 people in there, depending the people that are inside my group coaching the collective, they will get access if they want it. So there might be a few more. But they have already been going through so much transformation and learning and growing in exploring, it will be totally great if there are more of them in there. So.

So if you want to join us for the next one, make sure to check that out and get on the calendar and or just join us inside the collective. That’s probably the best place. All right. Okay, so now, now, I want to tell you a story. So this past weekend, my husband,

he went with some friends, too. This is going to sound so terrible, but I’m about to say maybe it’ll sound good to you. He went, and it’s freezing cold here in Atlanta. And they like camped, like in an RV in the middle of a NASCAR race like in the pit, like in the middle part. You know what I mean? outfield or whatever they call it. Anyway, it actually sounds really fun, but minus the cold, super cold. So he was gone for the whole weekend. And I was

April was here for a few days, if you remember me talking about that last week. And then I was taking care of Henry. I was babysitting Henry, because Henry is really Craig’s dog, even though we all live together. I’m just telling you, he loves Craig. I am. I’m what he gets if Craig’s not available. Okay. So I was taking care of Henry, which is a lot of work. He’s a big dog.

But also it was freezing, like freezing cold. And so when I would bring him out, like I would try to be like, I would try to wait, you know, till he was really ready. Because I wanted him to go. I did bring him to the park one day. And that was fun, because he like ran around and got a lot of the zoomies out. So Craig does a lot of outdoor outdoor activities with with Henry lots of walking and miles and miles and miles and miles every day. And so, in the cold, I just wasn’t up for that. So anyway, I live right now in an apartment. I just gave my notice to vacate. Where am I going? I’m not sure. I’m gonna let intuition guide me on that.

But at one point over the weekend, I went to go bring Henry out. And as soon as I opened the door to leave my apartment,

the power went out. And like, the way that my apartment is, is there’s apartments on the front side, like I pay I face, like all the restaurants in the park and stuff. And then there’s, there’s apartments on the backside, that face like some woods and like a back road. I say woods, it’s Atlanta, there’s like go some trees, and like a back road to get into the parking garage. Okay, so in the middle is a long corridor with no windows, because the apartments are on either side. So there’s no windows. So as soon as I opened the door, it was like pitch dark as pitch. And it was like two o’clock in the afternoon. I was like what’s going on? It’s so dark. And so typically we live on the fourth floor and I will go to the elevator. So Henry kind of knows if he’s with Craig with my husband, he’ll go down the staircase because Craig likes the stairs and I like the elevator. So I go to the elevator. But I’m like, I can’t take as I’m walking out into the hallway. I’m like it is so dark. You know how the emergency lights will come on? No emergency lights, those weren’t on either. And I thought this is really strange, because it’s black is pitch. I can’t use the elevator because there’s no electricity. And so let me just walk towards the door towards the stairs. And so I turned on the flashlight on my phone and I started walking towards the stairs. And then I opened up the staircase, which is like, you know, you can imagine like a cement staircase. And I mean, it is black. It’s black. And I immediately made me afraid I don’t live in like a sketchy area. But I was like, someone is gonna murder me and like I just was like, oh, so I like clamped up. So now here I am. What I always do is take the elevator, it’s totally dark, and I don’t know where to go. And there’s not another way down. That’s right, like at the top of my mind the stairs. Now, the way my building is, is like it’s a really huge building. And so there’s segments to it. So what I’ve noticed is that each segment I’m gonna say there’s like three segments, each segment if you want

From down the hallway from one segment to the next, you’ll almost notice there’s like a firewall like, it’s almost like when they built it, you can kind of see this seams around the doors, you know, and on the floor. And I’ve noticed that each of those segments has its own. Well, it has its own garbage chute and entrance to the parking, garage and lighting. So like the energy, the electricity is different, and their fire alarm is different. So sometimes I’ll notice that way down at the other end, the first segment is having a fire alarm go off, but my segment won’t be. Okay. So there’s, they’re really separate. So I got this idea, I was like, well, I could go down to like the next segment and just see if their lights are on. Because then I could take the elevator down, I don’t need to take the elevator I, many times I walk down the stairs, I like to take the elevator up. But my point is, I would there would be like, I could take the stairs, I could go go another way. And then I started thinking I could go into the parking garage, and I could just go down the parking garage. And then I thought, well, maybe the parking garage is totally black. Right? I started coming up with all these different things in like an instant. Now, the reason I’m telling you this is because it made me think about how creative we can get when we have to.

Now, if I had walked out into the hallway, and gone to the elevator, and the lights were on, I would have taken the elevator down. I would not have thought about it, I would not have had to get creative. And I started thinking about

how often we just stop. How often are you standing in the dark next to an elevator that’s no longer working, because that’s how you always do things.

And you’re like, this isn’t working, I’m stuck, I can’t get down.

And I started thinking, overthinking as one does, that so many times the big challenges that we have in our lives, the things that really stop us the things that cause us to like, totally re evaluate everything are the things that are really hard, right. But they are also the things that make us get really creative. What are all the other ways I could do this, there are an infinite number of ways for me to get out of this apartment, I know that this sounds kind of silly, but like, I could take the elevator, I could take the stairs, I could walk to a different segment, I could walk to the farthest segment, I could walk down the parking garage, I could tie my sheets to the balcony and shimmy down because I’m really only two floors on the front, right? Like I could do, there are a lot of things I could do infinite number. In fact, they could come and get a crane and get me out the fire department could get me out someone could probably put a ladder against the building and get me out, right. Like there’s an infinite number of things that could happen. That could get me out. But I wouldn’t have had to think about any of those if everything just worked great.

Right? If everything just worked, if the elevator worked, the power was on.

And sometimes when things go wrong, and we clamp up, we’ll stand there in front of a broken elevator, a dysfunctional elevator for months. And so yeah, but this is how I’ve always done it. Like this is what has worked for me.

I saw somebody post recently about adapt, or die, right, adapt or die. And I’ve said that a couple times since because it’s so true. Like life changes, things change, our world changes, our experiences change, other people change around us, and we can no longer interact with them in the same way. But if you stop at the elevator and you’re like, I can’t do it the way I’ve always done it now I’m mad,

then you’re only going to just cause yourself to stand still longer. So my thought for this week is where are you standing in front of a broken elevator when the truth is that this problem maybe happened to help you get creative. Because now I have all these different ways I can get down and God forbid something ever happens that I need to I’ve already thought of them.

I got a chance to do something different. And I think that in our end, it makes sense, right? Because our brains really love repetition. It loves things that are always the same because then it doesn’t have to think and it knows, I typically get down the elevator and I’m safe. Like my unconscious mind just wants to keep me alive and that has worked. And so if I don’t have the opportunity to do that, my brain doesn’t like it. And so it’s going to cause me to like so if you’ve been feeling like you’re totally normal your brain works great.

Your brain works great. And we have the opportunity to do things different, we have the opportunity to get aware, we have the opportunity to change and grow and decide we’re going to do something in a totally new way.

So think about where you are being stuck where you are standing, waiting for an elevator that’s just never going to come because the power’s out. And where are you avoiding the opportunity that’s being given to you to expand and grow. And honestly, I took, I took the path, I took the little thing and went to the next segment, and took the elevator down and realized how close I was to the pool and realized, like discovered all kinds of things. It made it kind of fun.

Doing something different gives you brain react, gives it variety, right? So I think when you can stop avoiding the thing that’s no longer working, and accept that change is moving you in a direction that gives you variety and something new. I think that is how you start to live a big life. All right. That’s my thought for this week. I love you guys so much. Thanks for being here. Thanks for listening. And I will. I will see you next week. I hope I hope that I can. I can record and be good. I don’t want to record too many in advance because I like to tell you what’s happening.

But yeah, wish me good vibes. I think I’m going to be totally fine. And you will get a new episode next week with some great

recovery story.

All right, I will see you all next week.

Hey, thanks so much for listening to today’s show. And thank you for sharing the show with your friends. I love when you guys do that. I appreciate it so much. And thank you for leaving me a review on iTunes. I know that it matters because when I go to find a podcast, I always look to see what the reviews are. So it really means a lot to me that you take a minute to like figure out how to even make that happen. Now, if you want to find me find me on social media, I’m usually on Instagram, starting out on Tik Tok. It’s just my name. Betsy pake, and that’s my website to Betsy pake.com. And you can find out all about the work that I do. having me speak for an event that you might be hoping to plan or getting trained inside my alchemy Institute. But to make it really easy, if you want me just shoot me a DM shoot me a direct message on Instagram and I will be at your service. Thanks again for listening. And I will see you all next week.


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