348: Your self growth archetype - Betsy Pake

348: Your self growth archetype


In todays episode Betsy talks about your self growth archetype, describing the four archetypes as The Awakening Explorer, The Mindful Voyager, The Insightful Transformer, and The Enlightened Healer.

She talks about how to identify which archetype you are (go to the quiz www.betsypake.com/quiz) and what the next steps are on your journey.

What is your archetype? How does her different archetypes play out in your personal journey? Let us know!


Welcome to the Art of Living big podcast. My name is Betsy pake. I’m an author, a speaker, and a trainer of NLP and hypnotherapy. And I’m focused on helping you understand and design your life with the power of the subconscious. This podcast is designed to help you think differently about what could be possible for your life. Now, let’s go live big hello, hi, hello fellow adventurers. This is take 574 of The Art of Living big, I swear to God, sometimes I will start and I’m like, I have got to get in like the groove and the groove doesn’t happen. And I just think like, oh my gosh, whatever it is I’m talking about, I just know that you don’t care. Okay, start talking about something completely unrelated to anything else just telling you a story. And I’m gonna bring it in. We’re bringing it in. Alright, so today on the show, I am going to be talking about self growth archetypes. Now. This is I’m going to explain to you what it is. I’m going to explain to you what happens in each of the levels that I’m going to describe with each of the archetypes. And I’m going to offer this idea to you, if you want to find out what your archetype is. Maybe before you listen or right after you listen, so that you get the next steps right in your inbox, then I would just encourage you to go to my website, just go to Betsy pake.com/quiz. So just go to my website slash quiz. In fact, I think we moved it. So if you go to Betsy pake.com, it will be like the big button right on that main page. Go to the quiz and take the quiz. It’ll tell you what your archetype is. And then you’ll get an automated email that will tell you like more about where you are and what your next steps would be. Okay, so either do that after or before, I know you might be driving or walking or something and you can’t stop and take the quiz. But it might be fun and interesting for you to get like a different perspective on your journey through this process of the archetype. Okay, so we’re gonna dive into this. And, you know, I was thinking about this, because I was over the last couple of weeks, I have been reading Dr. Hawkins book on the levels of consciousness, you may have heard me talk about that. And it made so much sense to me because I teach spiral dynamics inside our Master Practitioner class inside the alchemy Institute. So as I was like reading through the levels of consciousness, I was thinking about the levels of self growth, and how people move through that process of self growth. And then I started thinking about how so many people talk about. And I hear this all the time you might do is I hear people talk about their awakening, right? Like they have this awakening, or like an epiphany. And whenever I hear that, I always think like, Oh, I wish I had, I wish I had an awakening. Am I awake? I don’t know. I didn’t have like some big it was more of like an unfolding than it was of like a sledgehammer that came down on me one day where when I was sitting on a bench in the middle of the forest or something, do you know what I mean? It was more of like an unfolding of a heightened awareness of me and my relation to the world, and a feeling of discontent of where I was and wanting to move from that space into something new. So as I was thinking about that, I was like, you know, every time I hear about somebody’s like awakening, I don’t, I wouldn’t say that I feel jealous. But I also don’t resonate with that at all. And I don’t know if that’s you where you’re just like, I don’t know that I really resonate with that. And so I started thinking through the changes and the time periods where I would notice something different in terms of myself growth, and what were the like, I want to say like guideposts, that said, Oh, I’ve left that version of me. And I’ve moved into this new version of me. And I wanted to create a quiz that gave people this guidepost this, this path so that they could see where they were, and I’m sharing the things that helped me move from one place to another. Now, before we even dive into all this, I want to say that one isn’t better than the other There’s no like, I’m not trying to move up some hierarchy. There’s not like, I’m, I’m better on the path or anything like that, I want you to think of this more of like a, I’m getting an awareness of where I am. And that awareness is going to help me grow. And the whole intent is just to grow. It’s not to move, it’s not to uplevel. It’s not like there’s no upper level, there’s just difference in growth. Okay, so let me explain this one other way, because this might be a little bit confusing. And when I teach spiral dynamics, it’s also a little confusing, because spiral dynamics is similar, in that it feels like there’s a better or a worse, right, or you’re, you’re reaching towards enlightenment. And that’s just not how it really works. So let me explain it this way. If I was going to have a really big party, I would need a lot of different parts to that party, I would need to have flowers or balloons, I would need to have music. And I would need to have maybe giveaway like swag bags, right? I would need to have like all of these different components, somebody that helped with food, right, so somebody that was really good at food. But none of those components are better than the other, they’re just different. So like the food person isn’t any more or less talented than the flower person, they just are serving a different position in the event itself. So if you could think of our entire existence and our world and our conscious community as the event itself. And then this archetype is really just sharing with you, this is where you are, you are up. And I’ll explain what I call them. But just for the sake of this example, you are the flower, the florist for the event. And this is how you can get to be the greatest florist. And there may be things that happen where you are the greatest florist, and then you start bringing in like

the fruit bouquets. So now you’re a little bit of a little bit of a food person, right? Because you’re bringing in the you know, those fruit bouquets, you know what I’m talking about. So you’re bringing in an aspect of that into what you do. And then you might really like the fruit bouquet. And then you might do more of those, or you might add different chitin. Now all of a sudden, you’re adding Chartreux to the boards, right? So you’re sort of moving into the food part. But but you still have all the knowledge of the flower part. And now you’re just expanding to learn something new. It’s just an area of growth, where you begin to understand how the whole event works. But one isn’t necessarily better, or, or higher, there’s no hierarchy, it’s just in terms of where you are. And I think of life as like this giant tapestry. And if we are all threads in that tapestry, then every single thread is important. And where you are in that thread is important where you are in that tapestry matters. And that it is a need to have somebody that is the florist It’s a need to have somebody that is the the food caterer it is a need to have somebody that’s like the greeter. And so all of the parts really matter to create this event, or this amazing tapestry of our collective consciousness. And so this archetype project was really about, like identifying where you are simply for the sake of your own growth. So you could say how can I become like the biggest version of me in this space that I’m in? And you know, I talk a lot about like living big, I’m using air quotes, right? I mean, the name of the show is the art of living big. And that intention of that was that I might not be the billionaire throwing the big events. I may be the maybe the florist, but I’m going to be the best florist that I can possibly be. Right. So I have this podcast and I try to do the best that I can with this podcast until I there is another until I get invited to TV or radio like it. I’m going to live in the most abundant way that I can right where I am. And I think that that’s so important. And you know, you guys may have heard me talk about this before, but years ago, I mean, it was before I started the podcast, and I’ve had the podcast, almost seven years now. But before I started the podcast, I really wanted to speak. And my daughter was sick, and I couldn’t go out and get speaking gigs. My life was too hectic, I never knew what was going on. And I couldn’t commit myself to something that I didn’t know if I would be able to follow through. And so the feeling of really wanting to speak and having something to share wasn’t going away. So I couldn’t go get speaking gigs. But I still had the desire. And so for me, living big as big as I could, in that moment meant that I went to Panera Bread. And I asked the manager, if I could run a monthly event. They had like a little area at Panera Bread where like the doors shut, you know. And I asked if I could have a motivational speaker come every month, and people could come and get coffee or whatever, and listen to the speaker for free. And they were like, yeah, absolutely. I just, I didn’t tell him that I was the speaker. Every month, I’m going to be the speaker. And then I went on to meetup, which is a website where you can create events, and I created an event and made it free and said, people could come and listen to me, and I put topics and that was that filled the need that I had. And actually, because I took those steps, because I got as big as I could in the space that I was in, I ended up getting the idea of doing the podcast. And that’s how the podcast started. And then, you know, few years later, that’s when I started speaking. And so the idea of this isn’t, again, I’m gonna say it again, not that one is better than the other, but it is just moving through like this giant tapestry of how we all fit in together and how you can be as big as you can in the space that you have. So with that said, if you go to Betsy pake.com/quiz, you will find the self growth archetype quiz and see an answer just a few questions and it’ll give you like the outcome. So these are the four

archetypes that I broke it down to. So the first is the awakening Explorer, and I’m going to explain all of these. The next one is the mindful Voyageur. The third one is the insightful transformer. And then the fourth one is the Enlightened healer. Now, I don’t know how I feel about the name of the light and healer totally, because it is like enlightened, but there is an illumination on your life and your progress in terms of being able to share your light with somebody else. So I’m going to talk about each of these and kind of break it down. So all right, so the awakened explorer, let’s kind of talk about that one. So this is really when you’re at the beginning of what I call your healing journey. Right? So I know for me, I was we are all on the journey. We’re born on the journey, but we don’t have an awareness of it. Right. So for me, I didn’t have an awareness I was always interested in. I mean, I remember in college, I read Tony Robbins book. You know, I have my degree in psychology, I was always interested in people and how they think. But I would never have said that I was like on some sort of journey or personal growth journey or having any kind of awakening, like that’s not how I would have described it. And then there became a day where I would have said that. So it doesn’t mean I wasn’t on the journey before. It just means I wouldn’t have had that level of awareness to label it in that way. So the awakened Explorer is really somebody who is at the beginning of that, like awareness to their healing journey. It is such a fun time because everything is new, right? Everything is a discovery and everything is curious. And even at times of uncertainty. You’re always able to learn new things because everything feels new. I mean, I remember there was a time in my journey where I was learning about Emotional Freedom Technique. I was learning about Reiki I was learning about like, every day I was like, oh my god, I’m learning this really cool thing. And at that time, there was a desire for change. There was like this need for growth and and really a feeling of like I don’t even know Where to begin? Once I had an awareness, I started, like just being exposed to so much stuff that it felt almost difficult to know, like, what do I do? First? You know, what, where do I go. And, you know, at this point in my journey, I was really, really intrigued by all the different methods and techniques, and I wanted to explore them all. And that is so good. And that is so necessary at that phase of your growth. And I think that this stage is also kind of characterized by having an openness and like, like, I was just willing to, to learn anything. And I was also really willing, and I think this is really key, I was really willing to step outside of my comfort zone. Like so much of the stuff that I was thinking and learning was outside of my comfort zone, because it was so new. And for me, that was really like that first step to a path, you know, a path of healing and of transformation. I will say that that path is created by everything single awakened explorer that’s, that’s on that takes that first step on the path. The path is not like a generic laid out path. It is created by whomever is on the path. And so at this stage, being an awakening explorer, you’re starting to question stuff, you’re starting to question your old patterns, like habits or beliefs, and you’re starting to seek out new ways of seeing and experiencing the world. And I think that part is so important, because there is a seeking that’s going on. It’s it’s powerful, and really exciting. And you’re starting to shift, really that internal landscape, your potential for growth, and transformation is like, catapulted, because you’re so open to everything, you’re starting to question, like the status quo, and you’re just open to learning things and to just being exposed. I remember at that time in my journey, like people could have told me anything, and I would have been like, oh, wow, that’s like, I like I would have believed anything, I’m gonna say it in that way, I would have believed anything, I was so open. And I don’t think that’s a bad thing. I don’t say I would have believed anything, like a bad thing. It was a great thing. Because it exposed me to so many new things. That then I got to have contrast of like, that feels really real to me. And that feels like not as real or that feels funky to me, I want to stay on this path, that path doesn’t feel aligned. And as I grew and changed, sometimes, ideas and techniques came back to me, years later, and then they felt more aligned. I just wasn’t ready for everything, right. But at this stage, you’re open to everything. So at this stage, I think it’s really important to remember that it is okay to not have all the answers right to do that exploring in that learning, in that that is really like the heart of the journey, but that you don’t have to rush or force anything. But you do have to. You do have to nurture, like that curiosity that you have. And you have to be super kind to yourself, because I think this is a stage where you start to go like Oh, like oh my god, I can’t believe I thought this or I can’t believe I did this. And I think that this part of the journey, it’s so important to be really patient and kind to yourself. And like I said, this is like it’s so individual, this journey and this path and the timeline for growth, and healing. And all of that is really about starting to discern like what works for you. What resonates with you, like what are your unique needs based on where you want to go and what you’ve already experienced. So at this stage, you’re going to be doing like a lot of self study, right? Reflection may be experimentation. You’re going to be seeking out like a ton of books, podcasts, guidance on Instagram, like all of that stuff, because you’re trying to soak up. It’s almost like

I think of it like you’ve been living your life. And if you are like a big sponge, the part of your sponge that included this journey was just dried up, right it was just like the desert like just cracked and parched. And then when you start to add water, it just sucks it all up and you are just constantly just scanning for water. All right, just tell me something new, give me more, give me more, give me more. And I think that that is such an important place to be. And also to be able to reflect on and say, This is where I am right now. Like, I don’t have to make big decisions about where I’m going, I’m just learning as much as I can about myself, and starting to understand that. So that so that I can move to something that where I’m not where I’m, I’m not as parched. And now I can start to cultivate ideas and go deeper with things. So if I think of like the awakening explorer, it’s like this vast landscape where I’m like, everything is new and exciting. And then I’m moving into the mindful Voyager. So this is where you have already embarked on this journey. And you’re actively navigating a path for improvement. So this step here is where you really like you’ve taken all the initial steps, you’ve, you’ve seen the landscape. And now you’re like, I want to explore my inner world, like, I know all the different things out there. But now I really want to know me. And this stage, I think, is really characterized by a self awareness, and a commitment. I think something happens in this stage where you’re like, Okay, I’m not that person anymore. Like, I can never ever go back to how I was, because now like, my eyes are open, and I see everything different. So even if I don’t move from this place, I will never go back to that place. So you’re not new to this process of self improvement. But you’re still in this process of self discovering, what are the methods and practices that really, really resonate the most with you? You know, I remember, at this time, in my whole experience, I was really starting to be exposed to NLP to neuro linguistic programming. And if you’ve been here for a while, you know, that I teach this I, I, I teach you how to be how to how to learn these tools and how to use them with other people. But this was when I was starting to be exposed to that, right. So I was starting to get this better understanding of my feelings, my emotions and my thought patterns. And I was, I was really getting like, I want to learn every single thing that I can about this. Because I feel like this is like, a shift in my exploration. And, again, I think this is a place where you really have to be mindful, you have to have a lot of self acceptance, and a ton of compassion for yourself. If you guys have heard episodes, 341, where I talk about how, how I how I found NLP and why I think every single person should learn it, and I will stand by that. I will say that until, until I die. It is so so important, it is the missing manual for your brain. And at this stage, when I was really learning about the subconscious mind, and how all of that plays into my experience, and how I had experienced so much of my past. And that I had a choice moving forward like this was like pure Mike, my brain exploded, right. And what was most important in this that I started to trust my intuition that I that I knew how to get in touch with my inner guidance. This is why I teach deep streaming, deep streaming helps you talk to that inner knower to move the version of you outside of your brain right outside of your head. Like I say, I’m going to just put Betsy in another room and kind of shut the door. And then I’m just going to talk to my to my inner knower to this deep version of me. So in this phase, I think this is where it’s super, super essential that you start to trust your intuition and that inner guidance, that you’re listening to it, that you’re allowing it to guide you. So it’s not even that you’re like, Okay, well, I sat in meditation and I, I know there’s something else here besides this chattery brain. But it’s where you’re like, I’m going to start to trust this enough that I’m going to do what it says. Even when there’s moments of doubt or uncertainty, even when I’m like, I’m not so sure. But something deep inside me says yes. I’m going to follow that. Yes. At this point, you’re also going to start to understand like consistency, because I think consistency in your growth journey is so important. So have, you know this could show up like a metaphor of a meditative? Well, a regular meditation practice Absolutely, or a deep streaming practice, or journaling, or like any kind of self care routine that helps you grow over time with regular practice, I think that’s really important to establish, because it’s something that you can carry with you. It’s something that’s like, solid in this like vastness of where you’re expanding to. So I think it helps to ground you and to bring you into a lot of consistency. So with that mindful Voyager, when you’re there, I think that’s going to be like one of the key things is to get like a practice that you feel really great about, that you feel like you can connect into. Now, I have been deep streaming for, I don’t know, maybe like 1013 years. And I teach you how to do that inside the alchemy Institute. But this is really a process of automatic writing, and self hypnosis, and moving yourself out of the way so that you can touch deep down with who you really are right with that inner knower and get guidance, and figure out where to go and what steps to take. I think one of the things that’s that slows people down so much, or throws people off, is this like, this filter, and I’m including myself in this because I do this too, I have to, I have to deep stream in order to avoid this. But this filter of fear, making a decision from a place of fear and not out of desire. So you might say like, I really want to do this thing. I really want to do that. But what if, right, it might even be the institute, right? I really want to join the alchemy Institute, I want to learn all the tools or whatever your thing is, maybe it’s somebody else’s program, whatever that is, what is it that’s actually stopping you? Is it fear? Is it fear because? Because getting in the mindful Voyageur level area is where it’s so important to get that commonality with yourself. Because then you can start to make decisions from what you want and what you desire and what delights you instead of. But, yeah, but what if it doesn’t? What if it’s what if that doesn’t work? Or what if it doesn’t work for me? Or what if it costs too much? Or what if I don’t get anything out of it, or whatever your fear is, making a decision, from someplace different is going to make all of the difference. I remember and I’ve talked about this before. But it was like last year, maybe maybe two years ago, I was talking with a girlfriend about running a live NLP class. And I was like, I don’t know, should I do that? Should I not do it? And she said, why wouldn’t you? And I was like, what if I don’t get enough people in it? What if I, what if it’s really expensive to have the Airbnb? What if it’s what if, what if, what if what if she was like, that’s all fear? Like give yourself a chance to expand into the kind of person who can. And I felt that was so powerful. And I’ve thought of that so many times, that was a life changing thing for me to have my friends say that to me. Because then I could make decisions on it would feel really fun to do this. It would feel really expansive, I want to teach this stuff live, I want to then all of a sudden, I was like making different choices. Right? Then all of a sudden, people were like, Oh my God, you’re doing so many things. And I was like, Yeah, cuz I’m only going based on what delights me.

All right, so the next, the next archetype is the insightful transformer. So this is where you’ve kind of surpassed exploratory stages. And you’ve moved right into an active phase of changing and transformation. So you already have this solid understanding of probably like patterns and emotions or triggers that you have. And now you’re starting to apply tools and techniques that you’ve learned. So that you’re starting to like navigate this in a different way. You’re, you’re really creating meaningful change in your life. And by meaningful, I mean, you’re not just learning everything and just doing everything you’re really zoning in. You’re saying I don’t want to do this anymore. I don’t want to have this experience anymore. I don’t want to filter everything through fear anymore. I want to use other things that I want to experience. These are the things this is how I want to frame my life. And then with that you are starting to apply different tools and techniques so that it is very targeted. This stage is really characterized by a lot of self awareness. Right? So you’ve got like a lot of awareness. I mean, even now with me, I will know, I’ll be like, Oh, I’m totally doing that out of fear. I’m gonna, I’m gonna choose that, because that’s where I am right now. But I have an awareness. So it’s like, even when we do the old pattern, we have an awareness of it, which, you know, is good and bad. I was talking about my friend Trish not long ago, at Trish from Episode 208, if you listen to that episode, and I said something to her, Oh, it was about my husband. Oh, sorry, Craig, if you’re listening, but I said something to her about Craig. And then like, two minutes later, I was like, Oh, I think that about him. Because I think this about me, that’s not about him at all. That’s about me. And she started laughing. And she’s like, Oh, my God, I’ve never met somebody like so self aware, I was like, I’m not gonna do anything about it, I’m still gonna be mad at him. But at least now I know where it’s coming from, we kind of laughed about it. But that is really such an insightful transformer space. So characterized by this, like real big increase in self awareness. At this stage, you also have a lot of deeper connections with your inner self. And you know more about what your needs are, you know, what it is that you really want, what your emotions are around things, you’re starting to connect emotions to specific things, instead of having just like really big emotions, about lots of things, you’ve probably started to notice how different situations are starting to affect you. And then how your reactions are different, right, your reactions and your actions are, are creating your experience, and you’re starting to have this awareness about that. You’re also probably starting to really do like various self improvement techniques. So you might be adding things in, you’ve gotten really good at some things, and now you’re starting to expand. And it’s more than I think, like at this stage, it’s more than just exploring, but it’s really integrating, I would say that’s the difference is that it’s really like you’re integrating these into your daily life. So even though you’ve made a lot of progress at this place, and you understand this is like a lifelong journey, you also are like acknowledging how much room you really have to grow in the right now. I think we’re at this point, we’re starting to notice like, Okay, I’m, I’ve grown this big, but there’s a lot of space to grow into. And so you’re starting to start to adapt those regular practices that you have, and, and maybe developing and learning some new tools that help you go faster. So this is where I think NLP comes in a lot for people, because now they’re like, I’m so hyper aware. And I don’t want to waste a lot of time. I want to move through this really fast. And I think that having that insight, which you’re at this point is where a lot of people start coming. This is where this is a level where I see a lot of people start coming to me in the alchemy Institute, right. So there is this like, up level kind of feeling like I’m ready, I’m ready to go, I’m ready to go. A lot of people at this stage have read like the Untethered Soul, like that’s the book that they’re like, Oh, my God, this made such a big impact. And I think that’s like you’re continuing to evolve and grow. And then we come to the Enlightened healer archetype. So this is somebody who’s really far along in their healing journey. They have a deep, deep self awareness. At this age, or this stage, they are actively, like applying tools and techniques that they’ve learned with the intent to transform. I think the intention here makes this a little bit different. So the intent is to transform. And at this stage, they are so good at managing thought patterns, and understanding or noticing thought, thought patterns, that they are experiencing a higher level of resilience. So I think something I noticed that this stage is where people go, like, oh, this thing used to bother me, but now that doesn’t bother me anymore. Or that would have really triggered me or ticked me off. But now I actually see how this is something built for my growth. Right? You might have regular practices that resonate with you, you might have a whole bunch of practices that you know about that don’t resonate, and although you’re like open to connect renewed self improvement, you are going deep. At this stage also people have a really, I want to say like, well established sense of who they are and what they need to maintain that. So like I see this a lot with people that are like I get up and have a regular self care routine, it’s one of the most important things in my life, right. So whether that’s like deep streaming or NLP every morning, or journaling every morning, like whatever that is, they totally have an understanding that the self growth isn’t a destination. So it’s not someplace they’re trying to get to. There’s no like hierarchy in the levels, and they understand that. But they also understand that it is a continuous process that requires their commitment. I also noticed that this phase, this is where people are starting to get inspired. And they’re like, I am so different. And my life has so changed. And I feel so much better, that I want to help other people cross over into this experience. And I think that’s where I start to see people that say like, I want to bring this into my corporation, I want to bring this into the school, I want to bring this into my family, right, I want to bring this into clients, I want to add this to my already established practice. So I’m starting to see this enlightened healer archetype, as someone that’s naturally gravitated, gravitating towards helping and supporting other people in their own journey, whether they whatever level of the archetype that they are, and what whatever awareness they have of it, like people that are an enlightened healer, don’t mind if you don’t know you’re on the path, because they know everybody’s on the path. And so it may be bringing that into my corporation, and learning NLP skills, so that I can be a really amazing communicator, right? So that I can increase my confidence. And I can start to talk to people with an awareness of where they are, and really notice things that other people don’t notice. Because I’m picking up on all of these unconscious cues that people share in their communication. So enlightened healers are starting to be like, I need to pull people in on this journey. They’re starting to feel like a deep sense, almost, I would describe it like, like, it’s like a knowing that they are meant for this other purpose. And one of the things I hear them say a lot is I always knew there was something more for me, but I didn’t know what it was. And then when they get to this archetype level, then they’re like, Oh, this is how I apply it. It looks different for everybody, but they are applying it in a specific way. This is where people are starting to notice like things in the political landscape and, and not necessarily feeling super triggered by things, but feeling and awareness of things and almost their own perception of

yin and yang, right of like, how things are flowing and why things are moving in the way that they are. There’s a level of calmness about it and deliberateness. So enlightened healers, the alchemy Institute is full of them for whatever reason that they have. It’s not always to be a coach or to be a trainer or you know what I mean, or a therapist or anything like that. It is this need to fulfill what I would almost call a calling right to bring other people in on the journey and to be a helper and to fulfill this like souls journey sort of feeling. So those are my four archetypes to growth. I’m Kiso curious if you see yourself in one of those. I would love to know if you took the test the quiz, I keep calling it a test, but it’s not a test. It’s a quiz. If you take the quiz, I would love to know what you got like go to my Instagram please post under I’m going to post about this show post about it. There’s a real that’s on there about the different archetypes go to that and post and let me know what you are. I’m just dying to know I’m dying to know what you the listeners of the show are kind of where you end up right where are you? Where are you see yourself and I’d love to know if that feel if that resonates right if you’re like oh yeah, and when you when you take the quiz it will email you with like next steps and things to look for different podcasts episodes that might interest you and books and all kinds of things. So um Let me know, how you feel, where you end up what your archetype is. And I would love to know, if you’re feeling like, I feel like the institute is coming, you know, is the alchemy Institute something that’s starting to be on your radar? And what do you need to follow that? Delight? Right? What do you need to be able to step over the threshold and say, I’m going to do this thing? Like, I would really love to know, is it something that you aren’t? You know, sometimes people are like, I would do that if I knew you had like a small group. I’m like, Well, I do have a small group, right? What is it that you need? Shoot me an email and let me know am I already have it. And if I don’t, maybe it’s something that we implement, we are always growing and changing in there, and creating things that people need, so that they get what they need on their journey, because I want everybody to be exposing themselves and people around them into something more, we are all built to live as big as we can in the space where we’re at. And I believe that we do that best when we are on a journey, and we have community and guidance. I think that I know, for me, I need that so much. And I think that I see that with other people too. And I think when all of those things are in place, I think that is how you live a big life. So let me know what your archetype is. I would love to hear and I will see you guys next week. Thank you so much for being here with me. I love you guys so much. I’ll see you soon. Hey, thanks so much for listening to today’s show. And thank you for sharing the show with your friends. I love when you guys do that. I appreciate it so much. And thank you for leaving me a review on iTunes. I know that it matters because when I go to find a podcast, I always look to see what the reviews are. So it really means a lot to me that you take a minute to like figure out how to even make that happen. Now, if you want to find me find me on social media, I’m usually on Instagram, starting out on Tik Tok. It’s just my name. Betsy pake, and that’s my website to Betsy pake.com. And you can find out all about the work that I do. having me speak for an event that you might be hoping to plan or getting trained inside my alchemy Institute. But to make it really easy, if you want me just shoot me a DM, shoot me a direct message on Instagram and I will be at your service. Thanks again for listening. And I will see you all next week.


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