349: The quantum and our vibration - Betsy Pake

349: The quantum and our vibration


In this episode, Betsy shares a personal story of frustration with her apartment living situation and dives into a series of events involving a leaking ceiling, maintenance issues, and ruined clothes due to an air conditioning mishap.
Amidst the chaos, she can’t help but question if her negative energy somehow contributed to these unfortunate events. As she navigates the mess, she reflects on the law of attraction and her alignment with the situation, suggesting that her vibrations and emotions might have somehow influenced the course of events. She stresses that she isn’t implying she deserved the disaster, but rather, she’s intrigued by the potential connection between her state of mind and the reality that unfolded. In this episode Betsy shares some “spooky science” as a means of explaining this phenomenon, laying the groundwork for a deeper exploration of how we create our reality.


Welcome to the Art of Living big podcast. My name is Betsy pake. I’m an author, a speaker, and a trainer of NLP and hypnotherapy. And I’m focused on helping you understand and design your life with the power of the subconscious. This podcast is designed to help you think differently about what could be possible for your life. Now, let’s go live big. Hi, hello fellow adventurers. Welcome to today’s show, I’m excited to be here I have, I have a, I have what I think is going to be a really good show. Because it’s a really crazy story. And I have been thinking about this so much, that I’m going to share stuff today. And then later on, there may even be like refinements to it, or upgrades to it, I may look at it in a totally new way, later on. I am thinking so much about this and evaluating it and have been really having so much fun with this. When I tell you the story, you’re gonna be like, I don’t understand what part of that is fun, but just hang with me. So but before we get started, if you’re new here, hi, thanks for being here. And really give whoever sent you here. A big hug for me. You guys are so awesome in helping share the show. And you know, if you’ve been here for a while, you know, I don’t have any ads. And I really count on you guys to share the show, you know, to screenshot it, and put it on your social media or just screenshot it and send it to a friend and a text and say you should listen to this show. Or leave me a review. Like all of that stuff matters so much. Because I know, I know, for me, I won’t waste my time listening to something, for the most part unless someone says to me, this was worth my time. You know, I’m busy, you’re busy. So sharing, it is just so awesome. And I am so so grateful. Also, when you share the show, there is you’re going to in the In today’s show, you’re going to hear me talk about something and I want you to think about it. In regards to you sharing the show. I know this sounds a little weird right now. But I believe that you sharing the show makes you part of the show. And I’m going to explain what I mean as we get going. Okay, so let’s just get going into this. Okay, so if you’re new here, if you’ve been following along on Instagram, you may kind of know this story, but you don’t know the depth that I’m going to talk about this story today. And the meaning that I have placed on it. And I have had so much fun, which might sound really strange but so much fun diving into this. Thinking about this, like figuring this out. April, you know, that works with me and the magical unicorn. She’s been on the show before she and I have been messaging back and forth about it. Like this has been so much fun in terms of like, like, what does it mean? Okay, so let me tell you the story. So I’m going to tell the story, sort of recapping some stuff. And if you’ve been here a while then you might already know that stuff. But a few months ago, my husband and I started looking for a house. And in that whole experience, I live in Atlanta, and we really wanted to live like in Atlanta. So like in a little neighborhood in Atlanta, not a subdivision like I wanted to be like in Atlanta. And so in that whole experience, I was under the assumption that the fire under the real estate market had cooled off. But apparently for the part of Atlanta that we were looking in, it still existed, it was really crazy. We would go and look at something and it would be gone like within a few hours. And we actually put multiple bids on different places and bid a lot over the asking price like one place we bid $100,000 over what they were asking and we still didn’t get it. So the market was crazy. And so when we found this one particular house that we really loved my husband really loved it has a big front porch and had a garage which is super rare and like all the things and awesome street you could walk to tons of little restaurants and little community, coffee shops and all kinds of stuff. We were like we want that house. And so we made an offer. That was that was way above asking but also included time where the sellers could stay in the house after closing. So we said they could stay for up to 35 days after closing. And that is something that people are doing in this market. And if you’ve bought a house in the last couple of years, you might be familiar with that. But I have sold a house before and rented it back from the owners until my other house closed. But this isn’t a rent back situation, this is an occupancy situation. So as part of the offer, we gave them 35 days to just stay in the house rent free, I say rent free, it was it’s part of the offer. And it was part of a way to entice them to take our offer over other people’s offers, right. So when we made a bid on this house, there were five other people that bid, but we got the house. And I think it was probably in large part because of that. Now, I will say. And before I even say any of this stuff, I’m going to say these people are lovely, like they’re really nice, they’re super cool, and made all of this very easy. And I had bought a house and I’ve been living in an apartment and I wanted to move, you know, so even though they’re nice, even though that’s what we agreed to, even though all of those things are true. Also, what was true was that I’m so sick of living in an apartment, I’m sick of all of the sudden the things that like were, were sort of annoying me before became really big annoyances, like people talking in the hallway, or walking in the hallway. Or people slamming doors or sounds outside or I mean stuff that is just normal life and normal living in like a condominium type community. And where I live right now the apartment is. It’s really cool. It is huge. And there’s like a series of apartments, but on the ground floor, in this whole community is shops and restaurants and dentists office and do you don’t I mean, nail places like all of that stuff. So because of that there is a lot of traffic, and there’s a lot of Hunkin. And there’s a lot of, you know, parking spaces, people going in and out. And, you know, it’s right off of like a main road off of peach tree. And so you can hear police cars often and fire trucks and right across this, that road is the metro and on the other side of the metro is a train track. Okay, so all of the sudden, I’m like, Oh my God, there’s so many sounds here I was, it was like, everything got inflated or escalated. Now, that happened because I knew I owned a house down the street, and I’m so excited to get to move into the house. And it’s been a couple years since I’ve owned a house and I’m was just really ready. And I work from home. And all of a sudden I realized that, like I was so crowded, and so you get the idea. Okay. So if you’ve been here for a while, you know, like my, what I teach. And so I want you to think about what I’m saying in in that frame. Okay, so I’m putting out the vibration that I’m putting out into the world is, I’m so sick of this place. I can’t stand to be here anymore. I’ve got to get out of here. Right? That’s the That’s the essence of it. I’ve got to get out of here. And I shouldn’t be here because I own a home down the street that I’m paying for. So now I’m paying for an apartment and paying for the house. And even though we agreed and even though this has nothing to do with those people, okay, so I just want to say that again. That’s the vibration that’s going on with me. I don’t want to pay for this. I don’t want to be here. I want to move. I’m ready. Can we go? Can we go? Can we go? Can we go? So also there’s this low level. Separate from that there’s this low level, sort of, I don’t want to say anxiety because that’s not really what it is. But maybe apprehension is a really good word. So I’m moving into this house. It’s an old house. When we move in, we already know there’s about 15,000 $20,000 I think 20,000 was the estimate that we got from the

inspection report. So we know there’s about $20,000 to fix of things to fix, right when we get in. Okay. So moving is expensive anyway, and then you buy a house and that’s expensive and then you know, you move in and you’ve got to pay $20,000 expensive and so there is this low level like there’s a lot happening, right? Like there’s a lot going out. Okay, like there’s this, even though it all makes sense and even though like my brain can can’t comprehend it, even though I’ve owned. I think this is like my seventh house that I’ve owned in my life. Like I’ve owned houses in multiple different states, I’ve lived in Washington, DC, Northern Virginia, Charlotte, North Carolina, Nashville, here, like, so I’ve owned homes in lots of different places. I’m familiar with the idea that there’s upkeep and you have to be ready for things to happen. But I haven’t had to do that in a couple years, right, because I’ve been renting that was one of the things I loved when we first moved in here is like, it was the relief of like not having to be in charge of anything. It was really what I needed at the time. So I’m here in this space, the vibration I’m sending out is everything is loud, I hate it here. I’ve got to get out of here. This isn’t good. I want to go. And I’m so nervous about everything that’s about to transpire. Once we do go, right, like, I hope everything’s okay. I hope when they go to do that work, nothing goes wrong, right? Like, there’s energy I’m putting into stuff that I would, if you were talking to me telling me this story, I would be like, Why are you putting energy into that? Like, if that’s not what you want? Why are you putting energy into that? And I am a student of all of this. And I say that all the time, like I am with you like the sir. I’m a human and I’m moving through this experience. Okay. So all that’s happening. We move in two weeks. Now it’s a little less now. It’ll be it’ll be next weekend. But at the time where this story begins, we have two weeks left. So I have had two weeks, two and a half weeks of me running this vibration really heavily. Okay. So as I start to like move some stuff out of my closet, I thought, I know I can’t start packing yet, because our apartments not very big and I don’t I wouldn’t have stuff. I wouldn’t have any place to put boxes. But let me take the winter clothes out of my closet because at least I could start that process. And I bought these really big, like Ikea bags. Yeah, how IKEA has those great big huge blue bags? Well, there’s a version of those that has zippers. Okay, so I was like, I’m gonna put all my clothes in those zippered bags. And that’ll be easy. And, you know, you can kind of push on them and stuff them into areas. And I was like this would be good. So I take those sweaters down. And then I noticed that there is like an active leak in my closet. So I noticed that there’s in the corner, it looks like old water and new water, like you know how it’s like one stain and then another stain on top of that stain. And it’s going from the ceiling, all the way down the seam, like to the floor. And I was like, Oh my God, that’s an active water stain. So I immediately went and put in a maintenance request online. So I set that up, I set high priority, I actually called the number and they said if there’s not water, like rolling out on the floor, then just wait. And Monday, somebody will deal with you. So I put in the request, like it told me to do. And then I noticed like, along this like going sideways, almost like if a pipe was going across, I could see that it was wet. Right? And so I put my sweaters away and did whatever went about my life. And then that night, I was like, I think that’s getting bigger. Like it definitely looked bigger. Okay, so now by now it’s Sunday night. I’m definitely feeling like it’s bigger. And then I look in my bedroom. So just outside the closet. And I was like, I think that that’s looking wet. Like I think that that there’s like a my ceilings are really high. But I was like I think way up there that looks wet. So I like stood on the bed and was trying to reach up. I’m very short. So I was like trying to reach up and see if I could feel it. And I was like it is I think that’s wet. So a couple days go by no maintenance come, nothing’s happening. So Thursday, I went into the office. And I said to the young man that works at the office. This is happening. And I’m now I noticed it’s like coming like it’s right above my bed. And that night, Wednesday night. I was laying in bed and I could hear it dripping. Like drip, drip, drip all night, both in the closet, and right next to my bed. So I was like there is water dripping in between the walls. And that was the first time he was like, Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, so he was like, let me look. And he said let me find your maintenance request and he looks and he said okay, well they will be there tomorrow. So I was like, okay, like, like okay, it still seems kind of weird because I’m like it is like there’s what like I can’t get Hear it. You know what I mean? Like, I’m thinking like, this is not like a small thing, but okay, come tomorrow. Now, I have a dog. And he’s a big dog. He’s the sweetest, most mild mannered dog. But he has a big bark. And I ran out to run a couple errands on Friday. And honestly, I didn’t even really think anything about it. I should have put him in one of the other bedrooms and shut the door. But I didn’t. And so anyway, I came home and I went about my life. And on Saturday, I was like, they never came. And this leak is like, now the paint is starting to bulge. Like there’s a water bubble. Okay. So I’m like, Alright, the paints bulging, like, let me look what the maintenance request was. And I saw that they had closed it. They couldn’t get into the apartment because of the dogs. So they just closed it. Which makes no sense to me, because call me or leave a note on the door that you tried to come by. So then I know because I was literally, you know, I wasn’t gone very long at all. And I’m home all along all all the time because I work from home. So I had been home for, you know, a week since I put the maintenance request in. Okay. So now, I’m like, What the heck. So I tried to put in a new maintenance request. But the software had been updated. Like they had changed the website a little bit and it wouldn’t accept my request, nothing would happen. So I was like, Well, by that point, it was like Saturday night and the office was closed. The offices closed on Sunday. So I was like Monday morning, I’m just gonna go in. Well, by Sunday morning, all night, long. Saturday night, good to hear this dripping. And I like the Bulge was getting bigger, like right above my head. And I said to my husband, I don’t want to sleep there because the ceilings gonna give weight like, like, this isn’t like the, the sky is falling like this is bad. So in the morning, on Sunday morning, I brought Henry for a walk out front, around the building. And I saw one of the maintenance guys. And I said, Hey, you know, this is what’s happening. And they close the maintenance request. But the it’s like it’s gonna blow you know? And he was like, Well, what’s your apartment number I’ll come up. I’m on call this weekend. So I’ll come up. I was like, Okay, I told him the number and waited. And when I went into the bedroom, the water had broken. So I had put towels down just in case it broke. So the towels were literally like dripping wet, like so much water came out, right. So like dripping wet all over my bed. I had luckily moved to like my end table and all that stuff because I just was like this is not gonna go well. And we had I had moved like the TV and like just tried to move everything as that I could out of the room. Like I knew it wasn’t good. Anyway, he got there come to find out to make the rest of this story short. And then I’m going to get into really what this is really about. You know, the upstairs people had a air conditioning unit that was frozen that they had put a work order in for I believe and hadn’t been attended to. And so it froze and it was leaking through the floor, and then all the way across, you know, into what was my ceiling. And because the buildings like at a teeny tiny slight angle, it all just like rushed towards that one wall, which was my closet in the back wall of my bedroom. So they had to like cut huge holes in the wall and they got dehumidifiers in here. And I mean it was crazy. It was just crazy. And I ended up having asleep on the couch and have been sleeping on the couch ever since this has happened.

And so when they finally finished it, like I don’t know 930 at night or something. And I’m like walking through the apartment like there’s stuff everywhere now like just piles of stuff which remember I was like I can’t start packing because there’s no place to put boxes. But now there’s stuff everywhere. So it’s like I’m living in a hoarder situation, which I am very much like I like add clutter confuses me if that’s the best way to explain it. So I get like confused and unhappy. But there’s like stuff everywhere right? I can’t find anything. I don’t know where my pajamas are like there’s nothing that’s going to be easy. And the as I’m walking through I hear this giant goodish and upstairs when he was working on the upstairs a piece of ice fell and hit a pipe and busted the pipe and all the water started coming down. Now I immediately ran up there and got him and they came down and they took care of that water. So totally separate yet related water. The other piece of this is that when they were here, there was a mold that had started. Oh my god, this is a long story. I’m sorry, there was mold that had started in the closet. So he started spraying that with like a mildew bleach thing. I could smell the bleach like I was like, Oh my God. And then I was like, Oh my God, he’s spraying that in my closet. My clothes. So I went running in all my clothes were wet from the bleach and stained. So like, I don’t have crazy expensive stuff. But stuff from J Crew and maidwell and farm Rio and, you know, all this bleach. I mean, it ruined my clothes. So I had taken all my clothes and put those in my bathtub. So like even in my bathroom, like there’s just piles of stuff everywhere. Okay, so finally they clean up this secondary leak, and I can finally go to bed. And then over the next few days, I mean, every day they’ve been here yesterday, they popped a new hole in the wall because they found more water. So like, I can’t sleep in the bedroom. Like it’s complete chaos. So did I create this? Or did this is this just something that happened? Now what I want to do is I want to tell you about want to here’s how I think this book goes the easiest from for me to explain what I’m thinking. So let me just tell you, first of all, let me say it this way. I was sending out a vibration. I don’t want to be here. Well, okay, well, you can’t be here. If there’s tons of molten pool and the sky is falling, right? I need to get out of here. Right now. I definitely need to get out here. I want to pack. Right I want to pack but I can’t really pack? No. Now you can pack go ahead and pack. If that’s what you want. Go ahead and pack. I I’m getting nervous about flow, right? Like if we move to this new house, and I know we have to spend all this money to get all this stuff fixed. Like the responsibility of that. We’ll look at how much there the water was never ending. Never Ending even after we thought it had ended, it hadn’t ended even yesterday, when I thought it was gone, they found more. So how could I have possibly created this? And absolutely, this is not something I would want. Obviously, I didn’t go up and freeze the upstairs neighbor’s AC unit. Like obviously I didn’t do it physically. And yet, there was something that I was aligned to in it. Now, if you are right now thinking about something in your life, and you’re like I had nothing to do with that, I want to just say, I’m not saying that we deserve I didn’t deserve to have my clothes ruined. I didn’t deserve to have this chaos. I didn’t deserve any of that. Right? I’m not saying that we deserve the hard things. But I am saying I was aligned to it. I had put out a vibration into the world that said, this is how I’m feeling and that feeling was matched. So let me so now I want you to just like use a big whiteboard and just wipe everything that I just said, Okay, I want you to just wipe, wipe your mind clear. And I want to share with you something that Einstein called spooky science. You guys may have heard of this. But Einstein said that this was this kind of science made him so uncomfortable. He didn’t know if he wanted to do science. And that’s the science of quantum. Right, so. So there’s an experiment called the double slit experiment. And I’m gonna do my very best to make this as as simple as I can. Obviously, it’s a lot more complex than I understand. And the example that I’m going to give you will give you an overview of the intention of it and kind of how it works and why I’m was saying the things I was saying before you wiped the slate clean. Okay, so the double slit experiment is where they took a metal sheet and put a really long skinny slit in it. And what they did was they shot electrons through that slit onto a board on the other side. So just like you would think if you shot like darts through a slit, you would get like a really long, straight set of darts on the board behind you. Right. So they shot electrons through and that’s exactly what happened. So the particles went through and created us lit on the on the other side, because that’s what particles do right? straight through, create a spot on the board straight through, create another spot, create another spot, create another spot. And then they added two slits. And they were like, well, let’s see what happens when we do two slits. And then we’ll put electrons through, and then you would think that on the board, there would be two rows. Right? So if I’m throwing darts through two different slits, I’m gonna get two rows of darts on the board behind me. And when they did that, they realized that they were getting more of a shotgun effect on the board. And they were like, why would that be that is the behavior of a wave pattern, like a sound wave, where there are things that are that are interacting with each other and creating a wave pattern. But but an electron, a particle shouldn’t do that. So they were like, Let’s just send one electron through, like, Let’s shoot one through. And then we’ll just see what which one it goes, which slit it goes through, and how that shows up. And so when they shot one through the wave pattern still existed. And so they were like, Well, wait a minute, why would there be a wave pattern, an interference pattern, where it looked like a shotgun, if we only shot one electron, like, if you shoot one dart, you should just get one mark on the other side. And so they decided they were going to put a little camera just after the slits so that they could see what slit the electron went through. Because it was acting like it went through both at the same time. And that’s not how electrons act. That’s how wave patterns act. So they put this little camera there. And when they put the camera there, and they shot the electron, the electron created that straight pattern, just like if you shot a Dart. And they were like, wait a minute, why would that happen? They took the camera away, there was an interference pattern, the wave pattern, they put the camera back, it shot straight through, it behaved differently, when it knew it was being watched. Matter behaved differently when it knew it was being watched a particle be behaved differently. This is why we talk about intention, and why it’s so important to focus on something and say, This is what I want you to do. This is what I want to experience. There are reasons for that, from a subconscious perspective, I want to have awareness and I want to let my reticular activating system in my brain, I know what I’m scanning for. There’s reasons for that. But there’s also quantum physics in play. Right? There’s also this quantum idea of that when I when I look at changes, and when I’m not looking at it, it behaves differently. I think the stretch that you could make is to say like my couch is behind me. And right now, it might be a wave pattern. But as soon as I look at it, it will turn into matter. Is it there? If I’m not looking at it, I don’t know. Even if I put a camera, that still is something looking at it. Okay, so then

bring it back to the the vibration that I’m sending out that I want. I’m done with this apartment, everything’s driving me crazy. I gotta get out of here. I’m looking at it. I’m looking at it so much more than I was before. So did I create that experience for myself in order to enable myself now it’s not how I would have chosen things to go. But is it possible that it happened because of that? Which is why I say share the podcast, because what could happen? Right when you’re looking at it when you’re focused on it needs to be shared. I want other people to hear this. Okay, so now I’m going to take it one step further. Okay. This there’s an idea of quantum entanglement, which means that there are particles that become entangled when they are close together. Again, Einstein 90 In 35 ish, I think is when they were working on this, he said this was he called it spooky action at a distance. That’s what he called it, and he didn’t like it. And what it basically says is that two particles can get entangled, when they’re close together, they can become entangled. So what’s entangled, so I’m going to give you this example, okay? In the summertime, my husband goes to Subway, and picks up subs for us before we go to the pool. And that’s like something that we have done a lot over the years, he’ll go pick up and he knows exactly what I like, I like tomatoes, and he doesn’t like tomatoes. And so even if we get the same thing, when he brings the two different subs to the pool, I have to, all I have to do is open one. And if it doesn’t have the tomatoes, then I know that one is his. And I also know, the other one is mine, and it has tomatoes. So because I know one has tomatoes, and one doesn’t have tomatoes, there is an entanglement that’s happened, that’s just a simple way to describe it, one thing is doing one thing, and the other thing is doing another thing. So what happens when these particles are close together and they become entangled, they if you could think of a particle as like a sphere, right, just for the sake of this conversation, it will be vibrating, it will be moving. If you think of a sphere as rotating down, or rotating up. So the spin state is rotating down and rotating up they call it a superposition. So it’s it’s doing both, which I know is doesn’t make sense to us in our regular life. Okay, that’s not how we see things. It’s either going up or it’s going down, but a superposition, it’s doing both. But when a particle becomes entangled there, if one is going if you stop one of those superpositions, and you say, I’m going to look at that, and see which direction it’s going, and it’s going up the other one that is entangled with it, if you look at that one at that very at that same exact instant, like nano seconds, that one will be going down. And the opposite is true. If you look at the first one, and it’s going down, and you immediately check in the second one, it’s going up because they’re entangled. Now you could have one of those, one of those particles here in the lab. And you could have another one like licking the moon. And if you notice one was spinning, you look at it, right, it’s in a superposition, it’s going up and down. You look at it and get it going down. The other one immediately will be going up without any pause. They are the same. So if you think about the double slit, the electron going through, it’s going through both slits at the same time doesn’t make any sense to us. Because that’s not how our reality or our world works. But it’s going through both at the same time. This entanglement, they’re doing the same thing at the same time. They’re entangled, one does one thing, the other does another thing, okay? They are they are intertwined, entangled. Okay, so now, you know that I’m like putting out this vibration that I want to get out of here. So the world is I’m looking at that the world is giving me an opportunity to get out of here, right? But I’m really entangled with people. And you might be too when I say it’s when I tell you this story, these stories. I remember when my mom died, and I was in high school, I was at school, and I knew that something had happened. I didn’t know how. But I knew I was actually in a student council meeting and I walked out. And I said, I don’t know. I don’t feel bad. But I don’t ever want to feel this again. That’s what I said. I knew I didn’t know consciously, but something had happened. Okay. I think it makes tons of sense that we are entangled with people in our lives. Right? That makes sense to me that we are all connected. And I think that so many spiritual texts would support that that we are part of included, right and other people. And so I’m also very entangled with my daughter Everything that we’ve been through together and, and you’re probably like that with your kids too, right? Something happens you have a feeling. So I wasn’t surprised. On Monday, when she called and told me her apartment was flooding. Her apartment was flooding not to the extent that mine was because her people came right over and took care of it. But a pipe had broken upstairs and water was rushing out on the floor through her closet. So are we creating these experiences? Is everything just random? Are we just having experiences? The other thing that I really noticed in this whole thing, like this week, I have had so much fun thinking about this. The spooky I like, I like the spooky. But I realized that there was a time when the people were here. And they were working on stuff where I kept trying to get mad. And I noticed I actually realized, why am I trying to be mad, because I’m not mad. Like I wasn’t mad, I kept trying to be because I thought that was an appropriate response. But the truth was, I wasn’t mad at all. I set up a fort on my couch. And like meet it cozy and like it’s chaos here. I don’t like piles of stuff. But I’m not mad. I’m having an experience that I have found is is eerily enjoyable. I like thinking about it. I like trying to figure this out, which only leads me to more think that it’s because this was on my vibration. So I’m like, Oh, I created this thing. Again, I don’t want my apartment to flood. I didn’t do anything physically, like there’s nothing. But I was at the level of wanting to get out. And then something happens to help me get that now, if any of this is like, oh, that kind of makes sense. Because it kind of makes sense to me. Then why would I spend any energy at all? On something I didn’t want? Why would I worry? Why would I focus on something? Why would I let my brain use something as a chew toy that wasn’t heading me in the direction that I wanted to go? Like, why would I like,

like, perhaps there is way more happening for us than we notice things that are materializing for us. But because we aren’t intentional, we’re not looking as closely at it. We are not choosing it in the way that it could be chosen. And if we could stop and say, I’m going to be hyper present. And I’m going to notice and observe everything around me, and how that is interacting with my experience, and what direction I want things to go, and how things could be moving me forward and how excited I could be to be able to shift and move forward, then I could start to bring in more experiences that moved me in the direction that I want to go. You know, inside. Inside the alchemy Institute, which is my training program, where I train people in NLP and hypnosis, one of the things that I teach in there is something called time techniques. And that is quantum jumping, that is moving in and out of that dimension of time. And readjusting and changing things like the quantum leaping that can happen. When you are familiar, familiar with this, and know how to do that kind of work with yourself, then all of the sudden things that typically might make people mad, become like fascinating. Like how, if, if I created any of this, I want to learn as much as I can. So that I can be even better at this rate so that I could so that I can really get intentional about creating. And I feel like that’s where I am right now. Like really, I’ve gotten my emotions so sorted, so sorted out by all of the work that I’ve done. And I will say I’m going to plug the our emotional alchemy event that we do once a month that is going to open so let me say this Once a month, or every other month, we’re not doing one in June. But we are doing one in July, an emotional alchemy workshop, which is an 90 minute workshop, which is really an experience, you come, I teach you for about 20 to 30 minutes about the unconscious mind in about this, this leaping, this quantum change and moving in on our experience on our on the level of time. And we release negative emotions that have been holding you back. Okay, so come to that it’s so cheap, it’s like 22 bucks come to that the doors open to it on June 10. So they always open 30 days before the event. But they’ll go in the day, like there’s not very many spots, because like I do it in a group and I don’t want too many people. So get read it on your calendar, like get on that so that you can get one of those spots, okay. But I have done that work on myself so much releasing emotion moving through things, like every day, because I know how to do it. That when I was having an experience that I think typically would have made somebody or made me mad or angry. I didn’t have that experience, because I wasn’t pulling a whole bunch of crap from my past, I was just having that experience. And that experience felt more interesting to me. Because of everything that I’ve been reading and learning about quantum, and about spooky science, about entanglement and superpositions of things and my intention and how important that is. Now, inside the alchemy Institute, where I teach this stuff we do, we have a personal development group, that group is so fun, by the way we met last night. And it’s so fun. So if you want to learn this stuff, for yourself, for your family, maybe you want maybe there’s something else for you where you want to help other people, check it out, go to my website, just go to Betsy pake.com. And at the top, it’ll say learn NLP and just go there and you can learn a little bit more, I’m going to have a training. At the end of the month, I’ll have it ready probably, that just explains to you kind of what we do and how it works. But I’m happy to jump on the phone with anybody and kind of explain this. I feel like I have been feeling like this is so like, everybody needs to know this. Which brings me to the whole idea to that I think we need to have teachers know this April and I have been working on some stuff for teachers. And I would love to go into schools and do like a full day workshop with teachers for professional development. If that is your thing, and you have any poll with that. I have an amazing workshop setup. So reach out to me about that, please. Because imagine if we are all being intentional, if we’re not carrying the past with us everywhere. If we’re saying I’m going to create my life, and I’m going to be I’m using air quotes at cause. Right, so I didn’t cause the leak. But I can be at cause saying, where’s my intention? Where am I focused? What’s the vibration? What’s the energy that I’m bringing into the room? Right? How is that impacting things around me? The particles around me? How is that energy? Bringing that around me? I have been thinking this week about myself. And if if you’re standing there, I want you to imagine like a giant energetic bubble around you. Like if you are in a big bubble. Like we’re interacting with stuff all the time to think that we have no, our energy has no impact on matter. Just seems that seems silly, right? When we know when we begin to learn these things, then all of a sudden, we’re like, wait a minute, I can be like a really powerful creator of my life. And I can design something totally new. So there’s a lot there. I’d love to know what you think it please share this episode with a friend if you found it interesting. Book time on my calendar, just shoot us a message if you want to talk about either the teacher program or you want to talk about getting into the Institute and join our professional development group or you want to be a coach, all of that stuff. There’s so much impact we can have on the world together. So I just invite you to join me. All right. All right. Big week. I’m gonna I’m actually going to start packing and we’ll be moving next weekend. So I have one more episode before we actually make the move. So I’ll keep you posted on how everything is going and if I have any new revelations or ideas about what is actually going down and how I am impacting my reality. Alright, thanks for listening. I love you guys so much for being open and just thinking and listening and being here with me on the journey. So I will talk with you all next week. Bye. Hey, thanks so much for listening to today’s show. And thank you for sharing the show with your friends. I love when you guys do that, I appreciate it so much. And thank you for leaving me a review on iTunes. I know that it matters because when I go to find a podcast, I always look to see what the reviews are. So it really means a lot to me that you take a minute to like figure out how to even make that happen. Now, if you want to find me find me on social media. I’m usually on Instagram, starting out on Tik Tok. It’s just my name. Betsy pake, and that’s my website to Betsy pake.com. And you can find out all about the work that I do. having me speak for an event that you might be helping to plan or getting trained inside my alchemy Institute. But to make it really easy, if you want me just shoot me a DM, shoot me a direct message on Instagram and I will be at your service. Thanks again for listening. And I will see you all next week.


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