096: Using Ho'oponopono to Forgive & Release Negative Thoughts - Betsy Pake

096: Using Ho’oponopono to Forgive & Release Negative Thoughts


This week on the show we talk about the ancient Hawaiian art of Ho’oponopono. Ho’oponopono is a mental cleansing and forgiveness practice that I have had some experience with over this past year.

Ho’oponopono is practice as follows:

I’m sorry

Please Forgive me

Thank you

I love you

It can be a powerful practice and in today’s show, I explain where Ho’oponopono originated, how it’s been used to drastically change circumstances that seemed out of control and how you can use it in your life to heal, relax and gain clarity.  I hope that it serves you.

This episode is great for anyone interested in hearing about a healing practice, anyone interested in learning about other cultures or anyone who has past experiences with others weighing heavily on their heart.

Thanks for listening, being open to something new and sharing with your friends!




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