In my final episode of this weeks mini-episodes, I share a practice I use to understand more about what is right for me. Not just right for the part of me that ‘thinks’ it’s me (you know, my ego) but the part of me that I believe is connected with divine energy and knowledge. The part of me that is peaceful and unhurried and content at all times.

Because there are times I need to be reminded of what is the next right thing! I teach my clients how to use this practice to understand what is specifically right for them and also how to listen to the nudges from the universe to understand what actions they should take instead of being on that hustle all the time.

I shared some videos on this topic (and demonstration) on my youtube channel (Link on my website) a year ago with lots of great feedback and interest. So, I hope that this serves you and becomes a practice you can use in your life to find peace and calm and joy.

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