094: Talking To Your Inner Being: Mini-Edition


In my final episode of this weeks mini-episodes, I share a practice I use to understand more about what is right for me. Not just right for the part of me that ‘thinks’ it’s me (you know, my ego) but the part of me that I believe is connected with divine energy and knowledge. The part of me that is peaceful and unhurried and content at all times.

Because there are times I need to be reminded of what is the next right thing! I teach my clients how to use this practice to understand what is specifically right for them and also how to listen to the nudges from the universe to understand what actions they should take instead of being on that hustle all the time.

I shared some videos on this topic (and demonstration) on my youtube channel (Link on my website) a year ago with lots of great feedback and interest. So, I hope that this serves you and becomes a practice you can use in your life to find peace and calm and joy.


Welcome to the art of living day. I’m your host, Betsy Pake, and this podcast is designed to share interviews and new ideas to help you redefine what could be possible for your life. Now, let’s go live big. Hey, everyone, welcome to the show. All week long, we have been doing many additions. So I hope that you’ve listened all week and that you’ve liked these short little episodes. But what I wanted to share this week was different themes that come up as I work with my one on one clients. So I find that we all have specific challenges. But there’s an underlying theme. And I wanted to share some of the processes or new thought processes that might help as you start to work on some of the things that are coming up in your life. So today, I wanted to talk to you about talking to your inner being. Now it’s and you sometimes you’ll hear me talk about this on Instagram as talking to your intuition or listening to my intuition. Sometimes over the past year, I’ve talked to it about what I heard in meditation. And so I wanted to explain what that is. You know, this past week, I got my hair done. And I was talking with my hairdresser. And you know how you chit chat. And I said something about? Well, I heard in a meditation last year that I was supposed to be having more fun. And so I’ve been trying to work on having more fun. And she kind of looked at me funny. And she said, You know, every time you come in, I hear you say something about like something you heard and what is it you’re talking about? And I realized that this is like something that seems so you usual and normal to me. And I’ve probably said it over the past couple years on the podcast, but perhaps I never really defined it. And maybe you’ve heard me talk about it. And you wonder how you could do it too. So I want to share with you my personal experience with this and how I actually do this. So a few years ago, I set out on a quest really, to forgive. And this was a big deal for me and something that I had really been struggling with. And I’ve talked before about how my mom died when I was in high school. And my father never did what I thought he should have done. It was a story that I had about how a father should act when their mother dies. And he didn’t do what I thought he should do. And so I always blamed him. And I always carried like a lot of anger and disappointment. And I realized that even though it wasn’t like, it’s not like we didn’t speak or it wasn’t like that. But it was this underlying feeling that I had. And I decided that I was going to let that go. But it had been like 28 years at that point since my mom had died. And so this had sort of festered, and almost become a habit and a way of life of my thinking. And so one day, and I had a series of things, and I’ve shared a lot of these things on the podcast I shared, you know, when I had Reiki done, and I did I mean I’ve done every process possible. And and I did it I have forgiven and that’s a whole other story. But when this first started for me was several years ago, and I have been meditating for four years now. But I sat in meditation, and I was really, I really had the desire to let this go. But I really didn’t know how I mean, I was really just starting this journey of how do I do this? And I, I heard I sat in meditation, I was in meditation, I was crying in meditation. How do I let this go? How am I supposed to let this go? And I heard and I felt something totally different than I’d ever felt in meditation before. I almost felt like, there were arms around me. That’s the only way to describe it. It felt very warm. And I felt like there was somebody right there. And then I heard in my ear like audible almost, you know, I’m saying like, how do I? How do I let this go? And I heard understand that you are enough. Now, this might not sound very profound to you know what I’m saying it but when I heard that, I knew that it wasn’t me. I knew that it was something else. And so I got really curious about it because I wanted to hear more. It sounded so peaceful. And it sounded so true and right in the moment, you know, it didn’t say you have to go to Reiki and you have to go get EFT and you have to like think about this everyday. It just said, just understand that you are enough. And so I I thought about what just happened, what did I do? And I realized that all I did was quiet myself. You know, I was at a place of complete surrender, what is it I’m supposed to do. And then I was quiet. And then I heard it. And so I started this practice. I mean, every day, I got sort of obsessed with it. And I did some videos for a while where I would get immediately after I was done my meditation, I would jump on YouTube, on my YouTube channel, and our Facebook Live. And I would say what I just heard was sort of magical and amazing. And I just got really good at it, where I could quiet my mind enough where I could hear a voice. That didn’t sound like me. It was always really calming. And it was always bringing me back to this moment, not telling me something about the past, not sharing anything about the future is right in this moment. And when I was at the hairdresser this week, and I was talking about an issue that I was dealing with, and I was saying, I need to ask my intuition. And she said, Well, how do you do that, and I did it right in front of her it was, it took me just a minute. But all I did was I got really, really quiet. And again, I’ve been doing this for many years now. So when you start to do it, you could try to get in a meditative state, you could just listen to soothing music and have the question before you sit down, have the question you want to ask. And then just be really quiet. And you’ll hear something, you may hear it audibly, you may just hear it inside your head, it may be a feeling. And it will be something that feels much different than you. It’ll be something that feels very calming. And it’ll also give you clarity that maybe you didn’t have on your own. That’s one of the most profound things I think about when I talk to my inner being is that it always says, some wise and magical stuff that I couldn’t have come up with. And if you want to hear some of those, you can go to my YouTube channel. In fact, if you go to Betsy Pake calm all the way up in the right hand, right hand corner is like the links for all my social media, and my YouTube channels there. And it’ll say thoughts from the meditation cushion, there’s like seven or eight of them. And I look disheveled, because I did them, like the moment I got done with my meditation. And you know, many times when I would hear this would be emotional, like, I would be like, Holy smokes, like that’s so good, and so calming, and just what I needed to hear. And so now I use this all the time. You know, if I’m trying to make a decision, I use it like I get really quiet. What does my intuition say? And I use it all the time with my coaching clients, because I don’t have the answers, I can help guide you to the answers and being able to ask those questions, so that you can find out what specifically is right for you, and your inner being and your intuition. And what that really says, because your intuition is going to say something different than my intuition. Right? It’s if you’re living it, you’re going to have the insight and the knowledge of what exactly you really need at any given moment. Now, many times I can be quiet and I can hear things too, I can kind of pick up on what your intuition may be thinking or feeling or, or what might be, you know, coming just from our conversations we’ve already had, you know, as coaches, I think, we have that ability to be able to see things a little bit different are sort of like a bird’s eye view. And so I can help guide my clients to be able to locate this voice and really listen to it and then take the action on it. In you know, in a previous episode, I’ve talked about the alignment over hustle, and about listening to the signs for what’s the next right thing to do. And that is so clued in to what your inner being is saying and what your inner your intuition is telling you to do. So this week, try that See if you can just settle down if you can just be quiet, have a question ready, something that you want clarity on. And now in the beginning, it’s it’s generally easier to ask something simple, right to ask something that’s maybe a yes or no or something that’s not really complex. And then you can ask follow up questions keep going. I mean, with my clients, I’ll say intuition. What is it you’re working on? Like, what is this? What about this, and I don’t want to hear from the person I want to hear from their inner being. And it always takes things fast forward. It always gives things a whole new level of clarity. It always gives things a new way to look at things And that, my friends is what I call a miracle. So I hope that this served you today. Remember today I am opening up my invitations for one on one clients. If you’d like to apply you can go to my website. If you’re so inclined. Listen to your inner being and seeing if see if it says it’s the right time for For you to have one on one coaching, you can go there and apply. I would love to be able to learn more about what you’re working on and see if I can help you. So thanks so much for listening. Don’t forget you deserve to live big. Thanks so much for listening. Remember, you can find me all over social media at Betsy Pake and, as always, here’s a little message from my husband.

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