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101: Releasing Resistance & Manifestation Ease


In order to receive anything, you must be willing to receive everything.

On today’s episode, I break down what your resisting in your life and why you aren’t manifesting the things that you consciously want to manifest in your life. Releasing resistance can be tricky work but on today’s show we break down how to do this process and give you some tools you can start to use today!

This episode is great for anyone who has been working with the law of attraction and wants more information on how to move toward their designed life.

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Welcome to the art of living day. I’m your host, Betsy Pake, and this podcast is designed to share interviews and new ideas to help you redefine what could be possible for your life. Now, let’s go live big. Hello, sweet friends. All right, welcome to the show. Today, we are going to get into resistance. I’m going to explain to you what I mean. We’ve talked on this show about the law of attraction, we went through it if you’re not familiar with the law of attraction, we broke it down in Episode 70, and 71, sort of how it came into, like popular vernacular and really how it works and what it is. In Episode 98. I talked about manifesting. And then in our last episode, Episode 100, we talked about NLP. Okay, wait, hang on a second. Because Episode 100, I recorded, and I didn’t even realize it was Episode 100. But Yay, we’ve made it to 100 episodes, I need to celebrate that. Yay, for 100 episodes. So all right, we got that out of the way. So if you’ve listened to those episodes, this may be your next step. But if you haven’t listened to those episodes, it’s okay, you can still listen to this one. And then you might want to go back and get a better understanding or get a more clear whole picture of how this all comes together. Okay, so what we’re talking about is resistance. And what I really mean by that is resistance to the things you want. So you have an idea of something you’d really like to have in your life, you have an idea of a relationship you’d like to have or a career you’d like to have. Or maybe you just want money in your bank account, and you’re like, why don’t I have the money in my bank account? And so what you have, why that isn’t coming to you is, at its simplest form just a resistance. Have you actually receiving it? I know that seems counterintuitive, doesn’t it? But you’re actually resisting receiving the things you want. Now, why would that be Why? Why would you, you’re not like you’re in your head, you’re like, I really want money in my bank account. Like there’s no resistance to that I really want it. But here’s the thing, in order to receive anything, you must be willing to receive everything. And so when we have resistance to getting the thing we want, it’s most likely because you also have resistance to other things that may be that you perceive maybe attached to that. So maybe you really need some money in your bank account, but you’re unconscious on level beliefs are that people that have money are bad. Right? So we talked about NLP and about in the last episode, Episode 100. So I want you to just be recalling that as I’m talking, okay, so we have some resistance to it, because we have uncovered beliefs, like programming that is running underneath the surface, which is what we really think. So I want money in my bank account. But maybe I think people that have money are bad. Or maybe I think I have to work really, really hard in order to, to get that money, and that I have a resistance to let’s go to, I’ll use an example of for myself, I really, I really want this show to do really well. Like I want people to share this show, because I want the information to be really helpful to people where they go, Oh my god, you have to listen to this because this was so helpful. But in my mind, I am resistant to that I’m resistant to people following me on social media, I’m resistant. Now I know you’re like what do you mean, you’re resistant. I’m on Instagram, I love Instagram, I want people to follow and connect, I want people to engage with me. They’re like, talk to me there. That’s what I want. But in the back of my head, I also have a fear. And my fear is that if I become too noticeable, then someone will misunderstand something I say, and take it the wrong way. And use social media to make me look like a bad person. Like, do you hear what I’m saying to get it. So I have a resistance. I want people to recognize my work and be helped and improved by it and engage with me. But I’m also super fearful of that. And so I have a resistance to it. And so I’ll make a little bit of progress and it’ll back off a little. I’m hovering, right so I’m hovering and there’s, it’s because I’m resistant. Now maybe you’re resistant to love. So you really want love you really want to have a relationship in your life. But maybe on the back end, you’re resistant to having to date guys that are jerks, and you fear that when you’re dating, you’re going to get guys that are jerks, and so you can’t find the person you want because you really have a resistance to dating because you think the guys are going to be jerks. So you never find the love so you’re actually resistant to the love. Because in order to receive anything, you must be willing to receive everything. And so I found, and I’ll use the example from Episode 98, where I manifested that JJ Frazier bobblehead doll, you might remember that episode, I went to a basketball game with my husband. They were giving away bobblehead dolls and he wanted one desperately. We did not get there in time and he didn’t get it. I decided someone could just hand it to us. I had the thought I set the intention. I let it go. At the end of the event. Somebody handed us a JJ Frazier, bobblehead doll. Why would that have happened? Like why did that happen when I also want to manifest a beach house. But I can manifest a JJ Frazier bobblehead doll in two and a half hours. Right. So what’s the deal? I have resistance. I have resistance to the beach house. I had no resistance to the JJ bobblehead. I had no emotional attachment to it. I wanted my husband to have it, but I knew he’d be fine and was not worried about it. And I was also okay, with however, it came to us. I had no resistance. I was okay with somebody giving it to me. And now that’s something that people can really struggle with too. is can you accept? So let me ask you this. When was the last time maybe you recall this? So someone said I Really? Oh, you look really pretty today? Oh god, no, I don’t I’m God, my wrinkles or your dresses, it looks so pretty. Oh my god, this is like five years old, I got it at Target. Right? You’re not I want you to start to notice how you’re not accepting many, many, many things in your life, something as simple as a compliment. You may be pushing away. And in order to receive anything, you must be willing to receive everything. And so how can you start to shift this? How can you start? Well, first is to be aware, right? So start to just get really aligned with that, like, What is it? What what is it that I really want get super clear on the vision of what you want, I don’t want you to worry about how you’re going to get it, I just want you to be super clear on what you want. Okay, so now you have the vision of what it is you really want. And now I want you to just really ask yourself, how is not having it? benefiting me?

How is not having it benefiting me? Because that’s where you’re gonna find your resistance. That’s where you’re gonna find the way that you’re actually pushing it away. So I don’t have a beach house, and I really want a beach house. But and I can feel it right now. As soon as I said, I really want to be challenged, I felt I wouldn’t be able to what if I’m not there all the time? And then what if then what if then I have to, it’s empty a lot. So I rent it out. But then there’s like a whole other level of taxes to do because I’ve got rental income. I mean, this is honestly how I’m the the feeling that I’m getting, I’m just identifying it as I’m doing this. Also, I worry about if I rented it, then would people there’s gonna be people in and out. So then I can’t really have my stuff there, then it’s not really my beach house. So for some reason, I think if I have a beach house, I have to, I have to rent it out. So that’s something I have to release, right? Because in my head, I’m thinking I probably couldn’t afford that’s what it is. Okay, so now it’s coming clear. I couldn’t really afford it if I’m not renting it out. That’s something I have to release. So do you see how this process is done? So how is this benefiting me by not having the beach house that I don’t have to worry with crazy taxes? I don’t have to get complicated. I don’t have to be following up with everything. I don’t have to worry about any of my stuff getting stolen or broken. I don’t have to worry about anybody trashing my property. Like, wow, there’s a lot of benefits to me not having a beach house. Plus that I’m not driving back and forth. What if my husband was working like do you see? So I want you to identify the thing you really want. And then I want you to ask yourself, how is this benefiting me that I’m not getting it? Now, if you think back to the NLP episode, which was Episode 100, I want you to notice that when we talked about when you have an idea of something, you create the meaning of it. And that’s when you get the emotion. Okay, right. So you get the idea, you create the meaning. So, two people could have totally different meanings attached to that same idea, right? So you’re attaching the meaning and then you’re getting the feeling. What does the universe What does law of attraction run on? It runs on the feeling. So if I’m saying I want to JJ Frazier, bobblehead doll and I got no resist. My feeling is neutral. My feeling was totally neutral. If we get it Yay. If we don’t get it. Yay. I’d be excited. If we got it. That’d be really cool. But I didn’t I wasn’t like oh my God, if we don’t get it. What will happen my husband will be crying like I wasn’t like that at all. And so my feeling about it was neutral. It was grateful if we did it was excited thinking about that could happen. So what does my emotion do? It gives out my vibration. Okay, you following me? So my vibration is actually what is attracting things because like attracts like, and it’s everything is a vibration, right? We’re all created the tip my table, my body might the beach house that I’m gonna get like all of that is a vibration. But if I’m on the vibration of I have this vision, I want a beach house. Now I have a vision of doing taxes and how stressed out I am. My vibration is my emotion, which is this is really stressful. And so what is law of attraction going to do? Oh, no, no, you don’t want that. That’s not what we want. So I want you to remember that in order to receive anything, you must be willing to receive everything. And I want you to start accepting things that you may have pushed away before I want you to accept compliments. I want you to accept help. I want you to be open to new ideas, I just want you to start remaining open and ask yourself, when you say no to somebody, this is something I really struggle with. If somebody wants, I think I have to do everything by myself. And that has hurt me so badly. And it’s hurt people that I love, because they want to be able to help me they want to be able to give to me.

I it’s easy for me to do stuff myself. So I’m not teaching my kid everything maybe she could be doing it’s just easier for me to do it. Right. So. So I want you to be watching that process. Okay? Once you do that, and you start opening up and you start allowing yourself to receive, you’ll notice it’ll feel a little funny. Like even when someone compliments you would feel a little funny. All you have to do is say thank you. That’s it. That’s all you got to do. So that and then when I want you to think about the thing you want and then I want you to ask yourself, how is this benefiting me by me not having it. All right. Let down your resistance. Be willing to receive everything and you will get the big life you deserve. See all next week. Thanks so much for listening. Remember you can find me all over social media at Betsy Pake and, as always, here’s a little message from my husband.

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