Optimize Your Brain With Both Science & Spirit!



119: Install Success Into Your Future With Time Travel
118: Setting Goals Your Subconscious Likes
117: Directing Your Subconscious
116: Accessing Your Limiting Beliefs:  Power of subconscious series
115: Human Design with Lynda Bunnell
114: The Hidden Messages in Food with Teri Mosey
113: Holding Space For Someone
112: This is the real reason you're not manifesting quickly
111: Consciously Creating Self Confidence
110: Understanding Our Shadow with Donna Lipman and Kathy Hertz
109: How to keep alignment in a turbulent political climate with Donna Lipman & Kathy Hertz
108: Creating an Aligned Life with Rachel Thompson
107: Lessons From Navy Seals
106: Faith and Magic
105: The Power of Water
104: New Moon Rituals, Escaping Negative Self Talk and Manifestation Issues
103: Changing Forward
102: Are You 'Shoulding' All Over Yourself
101: Releasing Resistance & Manifestation Ease
100:  Understanding How Your Mind Works With NLP
099: Beyond the Law of Attraction: The 12 laws of the universe
098: The Five Steps To Manifest Magic Now!
097:Q & A: Regaining Weight, Not knowing your path, Hating meditation & Limiting Beliefs
096: Using Ho'oponopono to Forgive & Release Negative Thoughts
095: Changing Your Energetic Relationship to Money
094: Talking To Your Inner Being: Mini-Edition
093: Becoming Impatient in Manifesting Your Big Life: Mini-Edition
092: Self Love VS. Self Care: Mini-Edition
091: Raising Your Emotional State: Mini-Edition
090: Getting Started When You Are Lost : Mini Edition
089: Controlling your frequency & Raising Your vibration
088: Upgrade Your Appreciation
087: Q & A: Handling disappointment, Career Blocks & Intuitive Eating
086: Why Alignment Before Hustle Is the Path To Your Dreams
085: A New Kind of 'To-do' List To Manifest Your Big Life
084: Squash Your Negative Self Talk
083: Transform your mindset workshop
082: Scripting To Design Your Big Life
081: Become A Nutrition Ninja
80: Conscious Communication with Mary Shores
079: Cutting Cords of Attachment
078: Things You Need to Know Before 2018
077: Leaving a Legacy with Beauty
076: How your brain creates your reality
075: Jump in My Bag! My Foot Zone Session with Alicia Marker.
074: How to live big when you are struggling and overwhelmed.
073 : Q & A: Feeling petty, being overwhelmed, Believe when you don't & more
072: Savouring Healthy Weight with Psychologist Deb Thompson
071: Understanding the Law of Attraction ( Part 2)
070: Understanding the Law of Attraction {Series Part 1}
069: Jump in My Bag!  My Reiki Session with Lane Gilreath
068 : Things I Need To Share With You
067  Clearing Physical Clutter to Clear Your Mind With Heather Clark
066 Taking Amazing Cell Phone Photos with Amy Jackson
065  Establishing Healthy Boundaries with Heather Gray
064 Business Growth & Mindset with International Coach Kelly Roach
063:  Building a Big Life when you're an introvert with Thea Orozco
062 Better understand yourself & others with Marci Toler
061: How to uplevel your parenting with Brian King
060: How to turn your good to great with Shelsey Jarvis
059: How to build your circle of influence with Erica Castner
058 Farming is a business with Michael Kilpatrick
057: Handwriting secrets with Kathi McKnight
056: Understanding Chakras with Elaina Conneely
055: My Failure and How It Leads To My Big Life
054: Morning (& evening rituals) that set you up for success!
053:  Shortcut to success - Mentorship!
052: Release the emergency brake in your life
051:  Clear out the clutter in your life & create more ease!
050:  Celebrating 50 Episodes & What's up for Season 2!
049:  Taking care of your WHOLE body with Dr. Michelle Robin
048:  The power of NLP with Mike Bundrant
047: Designing your website & your life with Kia Salter
046: Adventures in Life with Deborah Fingerlow
045: Mindset strategies with Briana Marie
044: The Pyramid of Success: Hollywood Power Lawyer, Neville Johnson
043:  A conversation on life & travel with Alex Ulmke  #AGirlAndHerVan
042: Writing Through Life with Amber Starfire
041 Unwrap Snap with Brock Johnson
040: Be inspired to travel the world with Dan Elson!
039: Understanding the law of attraction with Kelli Cooper
038 Starting a movement with Ashley Beaudin
037 Living Big with Raising Men Lawn Care and Rodney Smith Jr.
victoria moran
035 {series P2} Increasing Health & Vitality With The Juice Guru: Steve Prussack
034 {series P1} How to heal your body while living ethically: Dominica Roszko
033 Penny Pinchin' Mom Shares Everyday Money Advice
032: How to launch your own Power Play!
031 How to First Lead You : An Interview With Adair Cates
030:  Creating success & a business you love: Interview with business coach Jim Palmer
029 How to be motivated when you aren't motivated: Solo Round
028: Live in gratitude, manifest your dreams & create a life you love. Interview with Pam Grout.
027 How to create habits that serve you (and get rid of the ones that don't!) solo round
026: How to rock the podcast from both sides of the mic: An interview with Jessica Rhodes
025: Finding your joy in a world divided- Solo Round
024: The Real Raw You - An interview with Jeneth Blackert
023 Every body is a Yoga body: Interview with Donna Noble
022 How could your friends think so differently than you? Solo Round
021: A conversation with filmmaker, bookmaker & changemaker Betsy Chasse
020: Solo Round How to Identify Your Beliefs
019 : Investigating A Course In Miracles (ACIM): Interview with Mike Lemieux
018 Solo Round: Breathing for Stress Relief
017  Use EFT to control your emotions: An interview with Bill Dovel
016 Monday Morning Minute: How to keep your resolutions!
015 Living a Sensational Life - An interview with Duane Cummings
014 Dare to jump: An interview with Madison Black
013 How to stay true to yourself: Interview with Lyndsey Daigneault
012 How to listen to your soul & take leaps in life: An interview with Heather Filipowicz
011 How to heal ourselves with a mindset shift- Interview with Susan Adhikar
010 Rethinking our misuse of the bible on homosexuality: an interview with Colby Martin
09 How To Create The Life of Your Dreams - An Interview With Mary Jo Rakowski
08 Be A 'FREE AGENT' For YOUR Life - An interview with Rennie Curran
07 Taking Music From Passion To Profession
06 How Do You Define Success? An Interview with Heather Gray.
05 How To Go From FearFULL to FearLESS with Holly G
04 How To Create Better Relationships: Interview with Dr. Jennelle
03 How To Overcome Grief: Interview with Chelsea Dinsmore
02 How To Live A Healthier Life an interview with Dave Smith
01 The Art of Living Big Introduction & how I found my Big Life

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